Just For Lindsay (hehehe)
Hey Everyone!! And especially Lindsay, cuz I know you are reading this.
This page is a joke and is meant to be taken as so.
your picture here
Lindsay is convinced that this is her.
Surprised? I thought so! But I can do this so I figured I would. This is my little laugh. I am a simple person. This humors me. Laugh. And Lindsay will probably kick my ass for this so laugh hard and ask her politely and nicely not to kill me by sending a message to dariagirl@juno.com
You have to say " I know you have seen the page but it is just a joke. Please do not kill Tasha cuz we like her. She is kewl. She rules the world." The last sentence is optional but you can be my best buddy if you put it in there. *bats her eyelashes at you* PLEASE??

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