**********(Tash's point of view)**********

      I sat my suitcases down on the floor softly, looking around me insurprise. Old pictures of Ewan McGregor, Jake Lloyd, and countless created creatures lined the walls and closet doors of half the room.

      There was clearly a line going on the walls and ceiling that marked 2sidesof the room.

      The line of course, was created by the edges of SEVERAL starwars pin-ups. Everything from Episode 1 to the newly released 2nd episode.And even some of the oldie stuff. "Great. I'm living with Anakin's biggest fan."I had to refrain from rolling my brown green-flecked eyes as I spoke to myself, continuosly looking around in awe.

      "Obi-Wan actually." a voice from the direction of one of the pullout beds corrected me.

      "Excuse me?" I finally saw who had spoken to me. A girl about my age with fiery red hair and blue eyes.

      "Obi-Wan. I am Obi-Wan's biggest fan." She repeated.

      "Ah..I see...well, I am Martha Stewarts biggest fan, so if you don'tmindtoo terribly, I am going to put my stuff away right now." I pulled my brown hair back into a low ponytail with one of the several scruncis that lined my wrist. The blonde highlights and small streaks in my hair glinted in the small amount of sunlight that was coming through the blind-drawn windows.

      "Martha Stewart does kitchens." The girl was obviously making a habit out of correcting me. I rolled my eyes in annoyance and addressed her.

      "Gee, nice to meet you too. I'm Tasha. How am I doing? Fine actually. Glad you asked." I turned back to one of my suitcases and opened it up in the middle of the floor. "And Martha Stewart does houses" I added, before going back to what I was doing.

      The girl on the bunk gave an exasperated sigh and went back to reading a book.

      I looked for a place to put my stuff and realised that I would have to ask her where my bureau was before I would be able to put my clothes away.

      I sighed and looked up.

      Her face showed a bit of irritation. 'oh that is NOT even worth it' I said to myself.

      I looked around and realised that there was only one closet.

      I couldn't go wrong in putting my stuff in there.

      I reached over and grabbed two giant suitcases, obviously stuffed and packed in as tightly as the zipper would allow.

      I struggled with one of the zippers and finally managed to pull it open.

      The girl must have been watching me because she gasped at the sight of the contents of the suitcase.

      It was filled with shoes. And not just any shoes. Doc Martens of all colors and shades thought possible. There were 15 pairs in that one and 10 in the other one that I had just opened. The other 5 in that suitcase were my adidas, k-swiss, nikes, sandals,and fuzzy yellow bunny slippers.

      I walked over to the closet and opened it. I almost passed out at the sight. Lining the inside was a GIANT and I do mean GIANT Hanson poster, from the Albertane tour several years back to be exact. Still a bit startled, I started setting my shoes in there.

      After managing to get them all in, I turned to the girl.

      "So, you like Hanson?" I couldn't help but ask.

      "Well, that was kinda obvious when a giant poster was in my closet don'tyou think?" She only looked up from her book for a second before going right back to it.

      "Not really. My old roommate used to use mine for a dart board." I admitted.

      "So I take it you are a Hanson fan?" she asked, finally putting her book down after bookmarking the page.

      "Yeah. One of the few in an almost extinct species." I laughed.

      "Hmm...and I always thought that my friends and I were the only stragglers left behind. We used to have a web page but...well, we lost that a long time ago."

      She looked down at her hands.

      "Yeah me too. Look, I think we kinda started off on the wrong foot. I'm Tasha. And you are?"I stuck out my hand for her to shake, still kinda looking around the room at all the posters.

      "Lindsay." She stuck her hand out and shook mine.

      I grinned at her and then looked around. "So, no Chewbacca?" I hadn't been able to spot him yet.

      "Um, I can't really find one." She mentioned.

      "Problem solved." I reached into my red backpack that I was still wearing and whipped out a chewbacca poster.

      I stood up on my bed and taped it to the ceiling.

      She smiled in admiration before I took out my Snowed In Hanson posterandtaped it to my wall above my bed.

      "So where is my drawers?" I asked her.

      "Well, I was hoping that you were already wearing them but..." Lindsay started.

      "Oh hush up!" I said while still laughing. " I AM wearing underwear thank you very much. Hanes if you must ask."

      She laughed too before pointing to a rosewood chest of drawers and said"there ya go."

      I walked over and started putting all my crap in. Then I headed to the sink and pulled my caboodle out of my backpack. It was silver with yellow swirls and glitter all in it. I sat it on the counter and threw myself on the bed to rest.

**********(Linz's point of view)**********

      Tasha was a lot like me, I could tell already tell. I was suprised that she was still a Hanson fan, since there were few left. That I couldn't believe.

      Hanson is the greatest thing since the Beatles and Aerosmith in my opinion, and the critics just LOVE making making their lives a living Hell, and the rest of the world goes along with it!

      That's one of the reason's why I'm basically a world rebel. I hate this damn planet, and I hate the fact that none of the assholes who live on it don't do shit to change anything. And the people who actually try to do things, the others blow them off the face of the Earth.

      Oh well, at least Tasha could help me make a difference.

      I decided to get to know her better.

      "So, Tasha, do you play any instruments?" I asked her, hoping she'd say yes.

      "Yes actually. I play bass. You?" she returned.

      "I've been playing the drums since I was thirteen. I used to be in a band, but we decided to call it quits since we had to go to different colleges. My older sister used to be in it too until-" I was about tofinish when the memory chocked my voice. I could feel the tears welling up from rembering that horrible day summonded from Satan.

      Tasha turned on her side so she was facing me closer. She had a look of sympathy on her face, along with curiosity.

      "Until...?" she encouraged.

      "My other sister Shelly was driving us to one of our gigs when a drunk driver hit us. Shelly was lucky and only broke her arm, and I just broke my leg. Jen wasn't so lucky. She had our seatbelt on, but the speed must have broken it or something since it was wearing away, and she got killed. The ambulence took an hour to get to us since it was during a storm; Shelly had got knocked out so she couldn't help and I couldn't do anything for her, so I watched my sister die. After that had happened, I've volunteered for alcoholic rehab, hoping I could make a difference. Shelly and I wrote a song dedicated to our former bass player, but before we could do anything with it, our band broke up and I had to go to Tulsa University." I explained,realizing that a tear was falling from my blue eye.

      I hadn't cried over this in a few months, and I didn't want to break my record.

      "I'm very sorry about your loss," Tasha regarded with sympathy.

      "It's alright. It's the past, and in times like these you have to put the past away. I know she's still living in my heart, and that's what matters." I spoke, wiping my tear away.

      "I'm glad you've moved on, it's kinda freaky to live with a Star Wars obsessed rebel," Tasha returned, smiling.

      I laughed slightly and said, "I'm afraid you ARE living with a Star Wars obsessed rebel dear, sorry to dissapoint you."

      "Uh oh," she joked.

      We both laughed and then she asked, "So what are you majoring in?"

      "Journalism." I answered.

      "You're an author?"

      "Yep. I started writing Hanfic when I was 12,"

      "Really? So did I. How old are you?"

      "19, you?"

      "18. Do you still have your Hanfic stories?"

      "Yeah, they're on the lap top over there."

      "Cool. I deleted some of mine, but I saved one called Scottish Shakespear."

      "That sounds interesting. I'll show you my stories later, I'd like to know what you think of them."

      "Alrighty, I'll show mine later too. But I have to warn you, it sucks!"

      "Somehow, I doubt that. But if you write about running over cows on Christmas Eve in Scotland, leave me out of it."

      "Why the hell would I write about that?"

      "I don't know, somehow you look like the original type."

      "And you look like the FREAK type."

      I smiled, stood up, ran over to her bed as fast as I could, grabbed her by the shirt and exclaimed, "REALLY! COOL! THANKS MAN! I'M A FREAK!WAHOOOOOO! MMMBOP! WHITE SNAKE FOREVER DUDES, YEAH! TO INFINITY AND BEYOND, LONG LIVE COWS! WOOH!"

      She looked at me, scared for her life that I had just escaped from the funny farm.

      I gave her a reassuring smile that I was still somewhat sane and started cracking up.

      In a few seconds, we both were rolling around laughing.

      "Ya know, if I didn't know better, I'd say you were Zac Hanson's clone!"Tasha complimented, still laughing.

      "You're probably the 60th person to tell me that," I admitted.

      She cocked an eyebrow at me and asked, "So is this why you decided to go to TULSA University, so you'd be reunited with your long lost evil twin?"

      "Actually, in a way, yes. How bout you?"

      "I'm more of the Taylor type, he's a little more SANE than some other people,"

      We both laughed then started talking about school, music, boys (duh),movies, clothes, and Hanson.

      After all that, there was a knock on the door and in came my boyfriend, Ewan.

      He was really hot and had green eyes,and dirty blond hair that fell between his chin and shoulders, and was tall, built, and sweet.

      "Hey baby," I greeted him, then stood up and kissed his lips.

      "Hi sweetie, just checkin in to see how you were doing. Looks like it's just dandy. Hey, how bout dinner with me tonight at Don Paublo's?"

      He suggested, caressing my back.

      Tasha was giving me the 'wooh! Gettin iton!' looks."Sure, what time?" I inquired.

      "I'll pick you up at 8," he answered.

      "Alrighty, see ya there." I agreed.

      "Okay baby, later," he spoke, then gave me a five minute long french.

      After which, he went back to his dorm.

      I turned around to look at Tasha.

      "Wooooooh! Kissy kissy Lindsay, you go girl!" she teased.

      I rolled my eyes and sat back down on the bed, facing her to continue talking.

**********(Tash' pov)**********

      I swear that I could have jumped up and danced around the room if I hadn't been so tired.

      I was really wired from all the caffeine.

      I must have had at least 8 cups of straight black coffee after 3 with 2 sugars and French Vanilla Creamer.

      I had flown from Europe into Tulsa non-stop.

      My parents had been over there and I was visiting them during my summer break but in the office back at Tulsa, my application for the University had been approved.

      My brother had been sent notice and he immediatly called me, forgetting about the time change.

      So I was left dancing by myself in the middle of my apartment room in my Old Navy boxers, baggy gray sweatshirt, and fuzzy yellow bunny slippers at 2 in the morning.

      I packed in 2 days and headed back to the good old US of A.

      I breathed in deeply before coughing and hacking at the smog filled air.

      I guess I had forgotten that I was in the US, and not in the clean European countries.

      But the coughing soon subsided and I stood in front of the airport, waiting for my boyfriend to pick me up.

      Exactly 5 minutes later, Jared pulled up in his black Toyota 4Runner.

      After 2 minutes, we were headed down a Tulsa street into the one of the University parking lots.

      Soon I was at my dorm and you know where it goes from there.

      But the caffeine was still circulating heavy-duty through my system.

      Lindsay and I just sat there talking and laughing, sometimes at absolutely nothing, least a ways, not anything that made sense.

      Soon though, we had kind of run out of interesting topics to talk about.

      I reached in my red book back that was covered with assorted patches.

      Everything from a "Peace" to a "Keep the Earth clean, its not Uranus."

      I felt around and finally grabbed what I had been looking for.

      I pulled out my black cell phone excitedly and dialed my brothers number.

      "Drew? Hey dude! You wanna do me a major huge favor? No? Tough shit! Did you send my bass guitar up here? Really? Then where is it? Oh. Okay. I'll go get it then. Whatever. Luv ya too. By butthead." with that I hung up the phone and looked at Lindsay.

      "Uh, Lindsay? Where is the Campus Post Office?"

      She opened her mouth as if she was going to tell me them and then visually sided against it.

      She stood up.

      "C'mon. Lemme show ya. I have to check my mail anyway."

      I followed her out the door of the room and down out of the dorm hall to a cement path.

      We ended up in a small building that would have HAD to been the post office.

      I headed up to the counter and got the woman's attention.

      "Um, I'm expecting a package. Do you have it?" I asked her.

      "Name please." The woman demanded.

      "Tasha Blake." I said, drumming my fingers softly on the counter top.

      The woman checked her computer.

      "Ah yes. Here we go. An instrument I believe." She went into the back and emerged with a HUGE man following behind her, carrying a large brown cardboard box.

      "Can you please sign for this?" She showed me a reciept thingy. I signed it quickly and reached for my package.

      He handed it to me and I picked it up with ease.

      Lindsay checked her mail quickly and came up to me with about 7 letters in her hand.

      I talked to the P.O. woman for a bit more and found out that I had an address after all.

      I checked it, even though I knew that there probably wouldn't be anything in there.

      To my surprise, there were 2 letters.

      I slipped them into my back pocket and walked outside of the air conditioned building.

      As soon as I got out there, I walked to a nearby bench and ripped the card board box apart so that I could get the case.

      Lindsay watched me and cocked an eyebrow.

      "Excited are we?"

      I laughed at her and said, " You bet your MMMBopping ass! This is my guitar. Nothing and no one comes before it with the exception of myself."

      She just laughed at me as I got up to throw the shredded parts of the box away.

      I came back and immediatly opened up the case.

      I sat there and played a couple riffs before breaking into "Iris" by the GooGoo Dolls.

      Soon I put the guitar away and we headed back up to the dorm.

      I plugged in my phone and called Jared.

      He answered immediatly and said he was just about to call me.

      I asked him what about and he asked me to go out to eat with him that night at Don Paublo's.

      "Thats cool. I think my friend and her boyfriend are going there tonight anyway. WHat time are ya gonna pick me up?" I asked.

      "How does 7 sound?" He asked.

      "7 is good." I approved. We talked a bit longer and then hung up the phone.

      I looked in my drawers and then screamed "OH SHIT!!"

      I looked at my watch.

      It was 2:30.

      "C'mon Linz!" I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her to her feet.

      "What? Where are we going?" She asked in confusion.

      "My dear new best buddy, we are going shopping." I announced.

      "Kewl, but uh...for what?"

      "Well, two things. One a dress and 2, groceries." I explained.

      "Alright. Come on. I know some good shops." She headed out the door and I folloewd after her, making sure that I had my wallet in my pocket on the way out. (AN: I know that most girls probably carry a purse, but i feel uncomfortable carrying one. There, now ya know.)

      We walked towards what I assumed was her car, a red mustang convertable.

      "Kool wheels." I admired.

      "Thanks It was a birthday present for my Sweet Sixteen a few years ago." She told me.

      I nodded and we got in before starting off down towards a local shopping mall.

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