**********(Taylor’s POV)**********

I yawned as the ray of morning light awoke my slumber. Tasha had fallen asleep in my lap with my chin on her shoulder. I smiled as I saw that she was still asleep. She looked so precious like that; I just wanted to hold her in my arms forever. I bent my head down and kissed her cheek.

"Tasha, honey, it's time to get up," I spoke while shaking her. Her eyes opened and she let out a yawn. She turned and smiled.

"Morning," I greeted.

"Morning," she returned.

I leaned in and kissed her.

"Yummy," she said after we pulled apart.

I laughed and she stood up to stretch. I stood behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist, kissing her neck. She leaned her head back in content and let out a sigh. I smiled and kissed her smooth skin more passionately. I loved her so much, I don't know how to describe it. She's so perfect. Her brown eyes always glow when she flashes that gorgeous smile. I ran my fingers through her beautiful, silky hair and inhaled it's sweetness. She turned and kissed me. My heart started to beat harder and faster; she was really turning me on. After about a minute she pulled apart form my lips. I gave her a sad puppy face, saying I didn't wanna stop.

"I gotta get dressed and stuff Taybear. I'll see ya later," she informed.

"Alright. Buh bye," I returned.

We kissed once more and then I exited out of her dorm room. I walked down the hall, my thoughts focusing on her beauty and my love for her.

**********(Lindsay’s POV)**********

I woke up gradually from my peaceful sleep and let out a yawn, taking in the smell of a man in my presence. I realized I was sitting on Zac's lap. I smiled as I saw that his arms were wrapped around my waist and he was asleep, his chin resting on my shoulder.

"Hi sweetie pie," I whispered as I kissed his nose.

Every detail about him was incrediably amazing. His eyes, his hair, his skin, his good looks, his personatlity, his sense of humor and adventure, his talents, perfect. Just perfect. It was a miracle that this angel would go for me. I didn't think my features or personality was anything special. I'm not usually the type of girl who gets the man's attention. I guess I just lucky this time.

I'm a very affectionate person, I hug my family like all the time. I don't know why, I guess I just need to feel loved and secure. So nuzzled my cheek against his and kissed him all over the side of his face. After a few minutes, he opened his eyes and let out a yawn. Zac smiled when he noticed I was kissing him all over his face.

"Good morning," I greeted.

"Morning," he returned and kissed my nose.

"Want some breakfast?" I asked. Surely they had to have something to make French toast or something in here.

"Sure," he agreed, then kissed me.

"Good breakfast," he commented through the kiss.

I laughed slightly and put my arms around his neck to make the moment more enjoyable. I heard the door open then and then the incoming footsteps stop dead in their tracks.

"Oh my, kissy kissy!" Taylor ranted immaturaly.

My boyfriend and I broke apart and Zac shot his brother a dirty look. I just cocked my eyebrow at Taylor, which said how retarted he was.

"Oh, sorry to disturb your moment of romance, I'll just be in the bathroom showering, don't mind me." Taylor apologized, giving Zac a sly look. Zac just rolled his eyes as Taylor walked into the bathroom and shut the door behind him.

"I'd better go," I announced.

Zac gave me a sad puppy look and asked, " Do ya have to? I don't want you to leave,"

"I gotta get ready for the day, I look like shit," I returned.

"Alright. But just so ya know, you look beautiful so don't put yourself down," he informed.

"Thanks," I spoke and slid off his lap and onto my feet to stand on the floor.

Zac slid off the bed also and wrapped me in his arms. I rested my head on his shoulder, enjoying his warmth.

"Buh bye. I love you Lindsay," he whispered in my ear. It send me chills.

"I love you too Zaccy. I'll see you soon," I whispered back into his ear.

We leaned in and kissed.

"Awwwwwwwwe," Taylor ranted, his head sticking out of the door. We broke apart and this time, both of us shot him a look that would freeze Hell. He just laughed and hid himself back in the closed door. We both rolled our eyes at butthead.

Zac turned to me and asked, "Do you have a class today? I don't,"

"Just drama at 6 tonight," I answered.

"Alrighty, let's do something today and I'll take you out for dinner tonight after class," he informed.

"Kewel beans dude," I replied.

He smiled then kissed me again. Zac and I kept kissing over and over until Taylor called from inside the bathroom, "Didn't you say you were leaving Lindsay?"

"I'm getting to that!" I yelled at him.

"Bye bye," Zac said.

"Bye bye," I returned.

We had a quick hug and then I walked out the door. People gave me weird looks as I strolled happily down the hall. But it didn't matter, I was too in love to care.

I reached my dorm and unlocked it, then walked in. Tasha was standing in front of the mirror, holding up a shirt to see how she liked the way she looked in it. I picked up my brush and ran it through my thick red hair. Yes that's right people. Another scary thing we have in common: REALLY THICK HAIR!

Tasha noticed my presence and then turned to talk to me.

**********(Tasha’s POV)**********

I looked at Lindsay and immediatly noticed the dreamy love-sick look on her face.

"Ahh...in love are we?" I asked, grinning at her.

"Yes. And its...wonderful."She breathed.

I just smiled and looked back at the shirt.

A Fitted spaggetti strap that was Navy at the top then had white and peace stars all the way around the middle of it and then it faded down to baby blue at the bottom.

I turned to Lindsay. "What do you think?" I asked. I waited a bit and didn't get a response.


"Huh? Oh. What?" SHe asked, as if she had just woke up.

"I said, what do you think of this shirt?" I repeated.

"Oh. Its nice." She said, not even looking at the shirt.

"Oo-kay. I will leave you to your dream world now..." I gave her a weird look and went back to contemplating the shirt. I decided to wear it with my black leather pants.

I turned back to Lindsay who was absently sitting there brushing her hair. I decided to wake her up. I walked over to the stereo and put in my Smashing Pumpkins CD before blasting "Ava Adore".

She jumped, startled before narrowing her eyes at me. I just grinned and started singing along as I grabbed my black leather pants out of the closet so that I could go change. I walked into the bathroom, still singing along and changed. Right before I came out, the music changed. 'Oh I know she just did NOT.' I said to myself.

I opened it only to get blasted with "No Scrubs" by TLC.

Instead of getting angry like I knew she wanted me too, I sang along as I searched my closet for some matching Docs.

I finally found some silver sparkle ones and sat on the bed to lace them up.

Lindsay was now singing into her hairbrush and dancing like a looney around the small room. I would have joined her but I was too busy trying to find my caboodle under all that mess at the sink. I found it and set it aside while I brushed my teeth and fixed my hair. I pulled it up into a ponytail and put one of the silver cones that I had bought at Deb around the base of it. It looked pretty kewl.

Then I dug through my caboodle and pulled out a clear glitter gel and put it on my shoulders and cheek bones and over the exposed area of my chest, right at the base of my neck. The top wasn't too low and I was glad of that. I put the stuff back up and searched through the mass of scruncies and hair accessories to find my Jane Butterscotch Burst lipstick. I finally found it and put it on before contemplating whether or not to do eyeshadow and the whole nine yards. I decided against it.

I walked over to my backback and picked it up. I almost dropped it at the weight. I peered inside it and nearly had a heart attack. There were papers and books filling it. I NEVER let myself get this messy.

I took the papers and books out and made sure that my camera and stuff was in there before walking over to my desk and grabing my wallet and keys. I put my wallet in the front pocket of my backpack and kept my keys in my hand.

I slung my backpack on my shoulder and was about to head out the door when

Lindsay called out, "Where ya going, Tash?"

"I have no idea. Me and Taylor will probably go out and get breakfast." I answered.

"Oh. Okay. Just checking."

I opened the door and smiled. I stepped out and before I shut it said, "Okay Mom. I'll be back before dark. Brownie Scouts honor!" I held up three fingers together and was able to shut the door just fast enough to avoid the brush that had been sent hurdling towards me head.

I grinned and walked over to the Hanson bros. dorm room and knocked.

I could hear Zac hollering "Just a minute."

He opened the door a couple of seconds later barefoot and shirtless in fitted Levis. I have to admit that Lindsay's boyfriend was built. Not to say I liked him. Far from it. But still. He was easy on the eyes.

I smiled at him and walked inside the door. "Where's Taylor?"I asked, turning to look at Lindsay's man. (AN:*EVIL GRIN*)

"In here!!" I heard Taylor call from inside the bathroom.

"Okay. Hurry up, slow-ass!" I called and sat down on the edge of his unmade bed.

The whole room was a mess. There were clothes and shoes and various things all over the floor and neither bed was made or anything. I shook my head. Men.

Soon Taylor emerged with just a towel around his waist with his his hair wet and down. I refrained from whistling or just plain old jumping up and running over there to them. I simply smiled and then looked at my shoes with a sudden new interest. I could hear Zac laughing in the corner of the room like he found it suddenly amusing that Taylor had walked in their half naked and I was trying not to say anything. Then he looked at my arm.

"Well well well. What is this we have here?" He asked, sitting down and looking at my arm.

"Henna." I answered.

"Ahh. And I will assume that our dear old Taybear has one similar?" He questioned.

"But of course." Taylor decided to enter the conversation.

I smiled at him and watched as he grabbed some clothes and headed back into the bathroom. Zac just rolled his eyes and stood up to grab a shirt.

"Ya know, I think I may let Lindsay use this on you...." I thought outloud.

"Good idea." Zac confirmed as he pulled out a dark blue and hunter green "House Of Blues" shirt. He pulled it over his head and walked over to his dresser to get some socks.

I stood up and went to the stereo to look at his collection. I flipped through Aerosmith and Jamiriqua and found a Johnny Lang CD.

"Well, well. I think this will be my listening selection." I mused. I stuck it into the CD player and pressed play, immediatly listening to the strains of "Lie To Me".

Zac sung along softly and soon I could hear Tay's sweet voice harmonizing. I turned to see what he was wearing. Black fitted jeans and a maroon tight shirt. I resisted the urge to pass out. Instead I walked up and kissed him, putting my arms up around his neck and pulling him closer. Soon his hands were resting on my waist, relaxed.

Zac broke us apart after about a minute by saying "Kissy kissy!"

I flashed him a look of death and he just grinned at me, feigning innocence. I rolled my eyes and turned back to Taylor. "You ready?" I asked.

"Yep. Just a second." He walked over to the sink and ran a brush quickly through his hair.

"Okay. Let's go."

He grabbed his keys and we headed out, leaving Zac and Lindsay in the dorms. We had hardly even gotten out of the dorm hall when I heard my cell phone ring. I reached into my backpack and pulled it out. I pressed the talk button and held it up to my ear.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Hey Sweetie!! How is everything?" my dad greeted.

Tay gave me a questioning look, clearly asking who it was.

"My Dad." I mouthed before returning to the call.

"Everything is great Daddy. I bought the car and Taylor and I were just about go out." I explained.

"Taylor? Is she your roommate?" My dad asked.

I had to laugh.

"No Dad. HE is my boyfriend." I explained.

Taylor and I walked outside, with me still talking to my dad. The sun beat down warmly.

"Well, you know the rules Tash. Don't do anything you will regret." He advised.

"I know dad. I am responsible." I reminded.

"I know sweetie. You are just growing up so fast. Anyway, your mother wants to talk to you."

I could hear him handing the phone over to my mom.

"Tasha? how are you hun?" She asked.

"I'm doing well Mom. how are you?" I asked.

"We're fine. What is this I hear about this Taylor guy?" She asked.

I laughed again, shaking my head.

"He's my boyfriend mom." I explained again.

"Oh. Well I wanted to let you know that we are coming to town to visit in a couple days." She announced.

"Okay. That's great. I gotta let ya go. Taylor and I are about to go out. Bye Mom!" I hung up the phone before putting it back in my backpack.

Taylor looked at me and smiled.

"Parents." I shrugged.

We were about to go to the car and leave when I heard Lindasy and Zac coming outside.

"Let's wait for them. We can all go out." I suggested.

Taylor gave me a puppy face. "But Tash, I want us to be alone, just you and me."

I rolled my eyes. "C'mon Tay. They'll be busy making out anyway. You will never even know they are there." I kidded.

He sighed. "Fine fine. We'll go out alone tonight then." He replied.

"Okay." I nodded and kissed his nose before calling over to Lindsay and Zac.

We all got into Lindsay's mustang and pulled the hood down. Zac sat up front with Lindsay and I sat in back with Taylor.

I had a feeling today was gonna be a good day.

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