**********(Lindsay’s POV)**********

I was just driving along the road, focusing my attetion on the road. Zac was in depth with the radio, and Dr. Evil and Mr Bigglesworth were making out in the backseat. Hehehe, no, I was lying, they were just talking about useless facts or something.

I wasn't too intune to the radio until I noticed that they started playing All Saints 'Bootie Call'. I turned up the volume and sang along. My foot bounced up and down in rythem to the beat and my voice blended in well with the girls vocals.

"Never stop givin good love coz that's what I call you for. Never stop baby give it up, I know where it came from you got more. I like palyin games and if it's all the same; you can bring it on with the ruff stuff, and gimme your love, I don't wanna be tame. I need a man to be a real man, you know of what I got in store. Always finish what you start baby and always having you beg for more. You know I wanna be diggy down boy, but I don't get around. Jimmy has to ride in your pocket, I like em in your wallet, it's just a bootie call. Bring it on, bring it bring it onah," I sang along.

I kept singing along with the vocals and I noticed Zac staring at me with awe and sexy looks. I blushed and smiled at him, then continued to sing and focus on the road. I noticed Taylor stand up and lean over into the front area of my car where Zac and I were sitting.

"You have a nice voice Linz," Taylor complimented.

"Thanks," I returned.

He looked like he was going to say something else but then decided against it and sat back down next to Tasha. I came to a Tom Hortons and asked if that was preferable. They all agreed and I pulled into the parking lot. We went in, got food, and got seperate tables so Tahsa and Taylor could be alone with each other. Besides, if Zac and I were sitting with them, they'd have to claim that they didn't know us coz we were so hyper. He made me so happy when I was with him, I loved him so much. After we finished eating, we all agreed to go to the mall together for a while. So the four of us piled up in my car again and I drove off. We passed the strip club and I kept my mouth shut. Zac, on the other hand, was a different story.

"Hey Taylor! Remember when we went there? Opps," he blurted.

"WHAT?" Tasha yelled.

I gave Zac a look that could freeze Hell. He returned the look with a sad puppy face. I gave him a look of forgiveness and he rested his hand on mine.

Well, first Taylor explained about the club, then Tahsa got pissed that he lied to her, then Taylor apologized, then Tahsa wouldn't accept and started arguing. Taylor got mad for her not understanding and argued back. Soon, my car was filled with yelling and certin 4 letter words. I was loosing my patience with those. If there's anything I absolutely cannot stand, is people arguing and yelling at each other. I was surronded by it too much as a child (neighbors, relatives, sometimes Mom and Dad), and I sure as hell wasn't going to allow myself to be surrended by it when I was in college. They hadn't stopped yet, in fact, it was getting worse. I completely lost my patientce and pulled over in a rough way. I turned around at them, presenting a VERY angry look.

"Get out of my car." I demanded.

"Why?" they chourused, suprised.

"Get out," I repeated myself.

"But-" Tahsa began.

"I said, get out of my car NOW!!!" I screamed.

They saw that now was not the time to try my patience, so they did as told and shut the doors behind them. As soon as they did, I started the car up and drove away. Zac looked behind him at Tay and Tash and then at me.

"You're just gonna leave them there?" he asked.

"If they're macho enough to use four letter words at each other, then they're macho enough to get their own way back to the dorm. Besides, it's called calling a cab." I returned.

"Yeah. They were annoying me too. Hey, this aslo means that we're alone," Zac mentioned, lifting up his eyebrows suggestively.

I smiled and he held my hand as I drove.

**********(Tasha’s POV)**********

"Now look what you've done!!" I screamed at him.

"Me?? You are the one that made a big deal out of it after I apologized!! If you would have let me explain..." He started.

"JUST SHUT THE HELL UP!!" I screamed.

"Now here is a NEW 4 letter word for you Tash, I hate you!! I do. I hate you."He screamed, looking me straight in the eyes so that I would know he wasn't lying.

Suddenly something in me immediatly softened. And something else in me broke. My heart. I couldn't help it. I thought he knew that I hadn't meant a single word of what I had said. I am just a jealous person. I never meant any harm. But I never thought it would come to this. Tears immediatly filled my eyes and started streaming down my cheeks.

I turned and started walking away, barely able to see where I was going with the tears crowding my eyes. I knew that I wasn't gonna get hit by a car cuz I kept the guardrail on my close left to ensure that. I turned to Taylor one last time. He hadn't softened. I could still see the hate in his face.

Finally I got a good distance away and called a cab. I had been smart enough to bring a cellphone in my backpack. The woman asked me for my location and I told her that it was to pick up a friend of mine and then gave her Taylor's location.

I watched a couple of minutes later as the taxi went straight by me and towards Taylor as I continued making the trek home. As the yellow car passed in the opposite lane, he never looked at me even once.

I just cried harder and continued walking. After 2 hours, I reached the University. I was PISSED at Lindsay. She KNEW I didn't know my way around Tulsa yet. And she KNEW that I wouldn't have been able to walk. But I couldn't blame her. I would have kicked myself out too. I was angry at myself.

After I got to the Univerity I walked to my car in the parking lot and drove to the lake, hoping to find Taylor there. He wasn't there. I got upset again and then looked at my arm where he had drawn the henna tattoo.

"Yeah right." I said to myself before staring at the water. I

reached up and took out the silver cone and the pony tail holder underneath and let my hair blow softly in the wind, whipping around my face and singing in my ears.

What had I done?!

**********(Zac’s POV)**********

We drove around for a little while. I still didn't think it was right to let them walk back. Especially knowing Taylor's temper. I couldn't trust him not to throw her into oncoming traffic. I looked at Lindsay. Her red hair was blowing softly around her face in the light breeze. I had pulled my own hair into a low ponytail to prevent it from doing that. I cleared my throat.

"Ya know Linz, maybe letting them walk back wasn't a good idea." I suggested mildly.

Lindsay just shook her head, meaning that she didn't want to talk about it. I let it go.

The music of the qind blowing by my ears took off my concentration on that and just let my mind drift.

**********(Taylor’s POV)**********

I sat in my papisan, still mad. I couldn't believe Tasha! Sure, I DID lie to her, but it wasn't a big deal anyway! Why the hell couldn't she understand?! It was a DARE and I didn't do anything anyway! Well, Tasha wasn't the girl I thought she was. She wasn't an angel, she was a bitch!

A bitch who wasn't worth my time or stress at all! I looked on my arm and saw the Henna she had written last night. I growled at it and was about to go wash it off.

"Well mister, if it's not a big deal, then why'd you lie to her in the first place?" I heard Lindsay's voice.

I jumped up in shock and looked around, I was alone.

"What the Hell?!" I said aloud.

"That's right Taylor, you are hearing Lindsay. I'm telepathic." she explained.

"What?! That crap is just bull!" I argued.

"Oh, well, if it's all just a bunch of BS, then you care to explain the reason I'm able to talk to you now?" she asked like a wise ass.

"You're not! It's just my imagination!" I reasoned pathetically.

"Whatever. As I was saying, if it's not a big deal, then why'd you lie to Tasha in the first place?"

"I was embarressed,"

"Well, truth comes before embarressment. And believe it or not, Tasha would be more understanding than you give her credit for. Sure, it was wrong for her to have a complete heart attack earlier, but YOU DID lie to her so she had a right to,"

"Says you,"

"Yeah coz I'm the only one with more than a tenth of a brain here,"


"TAYLOR, SHUT IT! Just take a look at yourself, you'd agree with me that you're being a complete ass!"

I was quiet for a while. She was right. I shouldn't have lied to Tash, I knew that but I was just so mad that it didn't enter my mind. And now I regreted what I told her (hating her) with all my heart.

"Good, glad your full brain is back! Now get off your skiny ass and go talk to her, she's at the pond, lake place. And if you refuse to, just let me say I can do MORE than talk to you telpathically, example: you DON'T want a fresh slap mark on your face now do you?" she mentioned.

"I'm going Lindsay, I'm going," I announced getting my keys.

"YOU'RE WELCOME!" Lindsay sassed.

I sighed and said, "Thank you Goddess Lindsay ever so much for knocking some sense into my head,"

"No problem. Just remember this, you don't have a really close relationship until you've had your first fight/argument/disagrement. NOW GET!" she spoke.

"I'm going, I'm going," I returned, walking out the door.

I hopped in my truck and drove to the lake where Ms. Telepathic said Tasha was.

**********(Lindsay’s POV)**********

My ear to ear grin turned into laughter. Oh yes, I am GOOD! I loved being telepathic. It's very useful. Just before I 'paiged' Taylor, I talked to Mom since I wasn't able to visit her today. I told her about Zac and she laughed and said to stay out of trouble. Ahh, Mom, gotta love her. She was getting better, which was good.

"What's so funny?" Zac asked.

"Oh, nothing," I returned, still laughing softly.

"Okieday, whatver," Zac spoke, looking back out the window, I used my left hand to steer and used my right to hold Zac's hand. He looked over at me and smiled, then picked up my had and started to kiss it. We talked the rest of the to the mall, holding hands.

**********(Tasha’s POV)**********

I finally cleared my thoughts.

"It's about damn time" I thought to myself.

Too bad I didn't have that ESP thing.

The only thing I could do that was even slightly paranormal was hold my breath for 5 minutes. But I didn't see how that would be helpful. I continued staring at the water, letting the waves calm me and watching as the wind played games with the surface of the cool liquid. Unfortunately I picked that time of all times to fall asleep. Damn those waves.

**********(Zac’s POV)**********

The mall was definately tiring. Usually I would have walked around, dragged by my sister or someone of the female race.

This time, I spent my time walking with Lindsay, laughing as she made funny faces at me through the clothes racks and when she lost badly at the arcade games.

It was pitiful how deep I was in it. Love. That word used to make me cringe. Now I associated it with Lindsay and seemed to float above everyone in a toga on a white cloud. Which kinda made me wonder what Lindsay would look like in a toga. I immediatly wiped the thoughts out of my head and looked over at her and smiled for no good reason.

She gave me a weird look before smiling back. If this was torture, chain me to the wall!!

Soon we had to go back to the dorm so that Lindsay could go to class. Damn classes. Always getting in the way.

After I dropped her off at class I went back to the dorm and called the restuarant to make sure my reservations were secured.

Then I searched madly through my room for something decent to wear. Finally I found it and set it aside as I lounged in front of the TV, waiting for Lindsay's class to finish.

**********(Tasha’s POV)**********

I hate dreams. Better yet I hate nightmares. I shot up off the bench in a cold sweat, screaming. Jesus. Had I really fallen asleep out there? I could have slapped myself. Actually, I did. But thats not the point, I had dreamed that I was walking backwards towards the edge of the cliff and Taylor was in front of me smiling evilly and forcing my back. I ended up going over backwards and he stood on the edge, laughing like Dr. Evil and not trying to help. It was horrible.

I quickly looked around to see if anyone had seen me. Just my luck. There stood Taylor by his truck with a troubled look on his face. Well if this wasn't just peachy, nothing was.

I stood up quickly and looked at him for a second before trying to make a mad dash to my car.

Unfortunately, Taylor was faster and probably had anticipated that attempted flee.

He quickly caught up to me and grabbed my arm. I found myself whirled around and facing him. At first I was a tad bit scared. Jared had gotten violent that one time.

I immediatly held up my hands and bent down, protecting my face or stomache from any blows.

Taylor just stood there for a minute, puzzled I think. Then he got this sad look on his face. "Tasha, I'm not gonna hit you." His voice was soft and I couldn't hear any anger in it.

I raised my face a bit to look athim. He didn't look like he was gonna hit me. And if he did, I could easily kick him and reduce him to SITTING on the toilet.

I nodded and stood up.

He immediatly hugged me. It kinda took me by surprise. I didn't really hug him back.

"You don't hug someone that you hate." I reminded.

He stepped back. "You hate me?"

"No. Never. I could Never in my life hate you and I apologize for every negative thing I have ever done, but you hate me. I distinctly remember you saying that and showing that." I reminded.

I tried to turn and get to my car but once again, he grabbed me softly by the arm and turned me back around.

"Would somebody that hates you do this?" With that he kissed me. Long and soft.

All my resolve just kinda vanished there.

"Well probably not." I admitted after he stopped kissing me.

"PROBABLY not?" He asked incredulously.

"Okay okay. No. They wouldn't. But someone who loves you wouldn't tell you that they hate you." I continued. I may have softened, but I sure as hell wasn't giving up.

Immediatly I heard a voice commanding me to stop being so damn stubborn. "Shutup Lindsay." I addressed her outloud.

Taylor gave me a look.

"She's doing that to you too?" He asked.

"Yes. And it's GETTING ON MY NERVES." I said that last part exceptionally loud to ensure that she heard me.

"I hear you. I hear you." She confirmed.

"Lindsay, you have a class to pay attention to. Stick with that." I reminded her.

"Oops. Your right!" She agreed and then stopped that little telepathic thing of hers.

I tuned back to Taylor. "Sorry about that."

"Anyway, Tash, I really wanted to apologize about that fight. I never meant a word of it. And I can understand if you never want to talk to me again cuz I lied to you and was just an ass. I love you. Never forget that." He said, his eyes filling with tears.

I started crying myself.

I couldn't think of anything to say. Finally I just hugged him as tight as I could, feeling his own arms wrap around me.

"I love you too Taylor." I finally got out.

Taylor just nodded and kissed the top of my head as we stood there in each other's arms.

I am sure that Lindsay was just beaming in her classroom since she was probably reading our brain waves or whatever the hell it is she does.

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