WARNING: adult content!

**********(Lindsay's point of view)**********

I don't know why, but I think that Coke I drank at the theater was really getting to me coz when I started to change I got HYPER.


I could hear Zac cracking up and apluding as he changed outside.

"Spank you Greenwald, spank you very much!" I returned in my Jim Carrey voice.

"Alrighty Then!" he impersanated, in an even better voice than mine. I laughed hysterically and pulled my hose and bra off. I put on my pj's and hung up my clothes on the hook thingies on the back of the door. I flipped the bathroom light off as I stepped out of the the door.

Zac had on some blue and green flannel pj's and let me tell you he was H-O-T-T coz he was only wearing the bottoms. He was so built that it cauased my heart to pound madly inside my chest. I shook off my deep fantasies and walked closer to my boyfriend. He looked up and gave me a peace sign along with, "Peace, love, and happiness baby yeah!" He was impersonating Austin Powers while sitting on the edge of my bed just to let you know.

I lauged then sat behind him on my bed. I put my hands on his shoulders and began to give him a massauge. He took in a deep breath and leaned his head back in content.

"God Linz, that feels really good," he breahted which I must admit turned me on.

I smiled and kept massauging. After a half hour, my hands got tired and I had to quit. He replied a thank you and I kissed his cheek softly with my arms hanging down from the sides of his neck. Zac smiled and held my hands in his, caressing them gently. We stayed like that for twenty minutes, in a state of peace form being in each others prescence.

"We'd better get to sleep since we both have class tomorrow," I mentioned.

"Alright," he agreed.

I backed away from him and he scooted onto the bed. I reached over and retrieved Tasha's pillow and gave it to Zac. After which, we got under the covers and lyed down. I layed my head on his ches along with my left arm that went across his tummy. He put his arms around me and cuddled my body close to his. I soon fell asleep, being in peace form his warmth. But my dreams were far from happy, they dwelled on the movie, and what the witchess were doing to my dying mother...

**********(Taylor's point of view)**********

My erection was throbbing due to my male area being right on top of Tahsa feamle area. Her shirt was off, and my left hand was carressing her breast. We were frenching rougly, both of covered in sweat from the heat of the passion. I slipped my hand inside her bra, and felt myself loosing some new fluid as I 'explored new territory'. Tahsa broke apart from the kiss, brething heavily and moaning.

"Oh Taylor," she breathed in esctasy.

It turned me on, but I didn't let myself go any further. I pulled my hand away and some force made me grab Tahsa's and I put her hand on my bulging crotch. She kept in on there as we Frenched some more, making me cum. After a half hour, we wnded out fooling around and caught our breaths. I wisped in her ear hwo amazing she was, and she returned the favor by nibbling on my neck. I was in pure heaven. After twenty minutes, both of us got tired and we went to bed in each others arms. Figures, after I was asleep I had something I only thought Zac had during his building crush on Lindsay...

**********(Zac's point of view)**********

I raised my head a bit to look at the angel in my arms. She looked so innocent. Quite unlike my thoughts at the moment. For some "odd" reason, I had Monifah and Jordan Knight and Five swarming in my ears. Just thinking of her in the same bed as me made me want her. I could have taken her right then and there but I had too much respect for her to do that. But it was so hard when she turned me on like that....

Suddenly I caved and quickly scooted down and kissed her full on the mouth.

She immediatly woke up.

"Zac? What are you..."

"Shhh...." I gently quieted her by putting one finger over those soft red lips that should be on my own lips. Or better yet, me in general.

I kissed her again, this time more passionately, opening my mouth and feeling as she did the same. I slipped my tongue in her mouth and explored all the moist corners of her mouth and tasted the sweetness that was her. Our tongues battled as I rolled her over on top of me. She moved her hands over my abs and my arm, getting involuntary reactions out of me that could give someone a heartattack. I rolled her over and took my place on top of her.

"My turn." I whispered in my ear.

I trailed my kisses down her jaw and sucked gently on her neck as I rubbed her left nipple with my thumb softly, feeling as it became hard as a pebble.

I lowered my head and sucked on the other one through the thin cloth of her shirt. She moaned and arched her back.


I raised my head again and nibbled on her ear lightly before kissing her again, demandingly. Her hands wrapped around my neck and pulled me closer.

I was getting hard. Fast.

I reached behind my head and pulled one of her hands from resting on my back and led it down towards my boxers.

She hesitated a second before allowing me to wrap her hand around it and moving her hand up and down a couple times. Soon she got the hang of it and rubbed it harder, sending me into 7th heaven.

"ohh...Lindsay!" I couldn't help but call out before taking her mouth into my own and kissing her passionately, demandingly.

She responed by rubbing me even harder and giving me pleasures that I am sure no man has ever known. I cummed on her hands but I don't think she noticed. We were too sweaty and needy to notice something like that. I made myself stop though. It would be wrong to go all the way. But how could something so wrong be so right? I didn't know, but I wasn't gonna push my luck.

I held her in my arms again as we layed there, still sweating from the heat of the moment.

I whispered in her ear, "That was heaven Linz. Pure and simple heaven. And you are my angel."

I sucked on her neck softly and listened as her breathing slowed down to normal and then slowed down as she fell into a gentle slumber. I layed there, holding my angel. My beautiful red-haired angel.

My Lindsay.

**********(Tasha's point of view)**********

My eyes only saw darkness as I opened them. I turned and looked at Taylor. My Taylor. But then I started thinking. What the hell had I just almost done??!! Had I really almost given away what was to be a special gift to the whatever man I was going to marry? I shook my head as I sighed. It was good though. Damn good.

Taylor was still sleeping breathing deeply. I queitly and softly slipped out of his arms and stood up. As soon as I did, I felt his warm hand encircle my wrist.

"Tasha? Where ya going?" He asked groggily.

"I need to wash my face and get my makeup and stuff off." I explained.

He stood up behind me. "Okay. Let's go."

"Taylor, I am just going to clean my face. I can go by myself. I'm a big girl." I laughed at him.

"So I noticed." He said almost seductively as he kissed the top of my head.

I blushed in the dark and then opened the bathroom door. He sat on the small white toilet and watched as I ran water into the sink and started vigorously scrubbing my face.

"You shouldn't scrub it that hard. It's not necessary and it looks painful." Taylor observed from his can-sitting position.

"I have to so that I can get this glitter crap off." I explained.

"No you don't." He stood up next to me and dipped a dry rag hanging on the bathroom towel thingy in the water before gently wiping my face.

He kissed each inch of skin that he cleaned. Who would have known that something as simple as cleaning your face could be made this guilty?

After he finished he dropped the rag on the sink edge and pulled me close to him, kissing me roughly. I kissed him back and was soon against the wall.

"Taylor. We need to go to sleep." I reminded after a couple of minutes.

He nodded and took my hand, leading me back to bed before tucking me in beside him and holding me in his arms.

I snuggled close to him and fell asleep, listening to the beating of his heart and his light breathing as I rested my head on his chest.

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