**********(Lindsay's point of view)**********

I woke up to my alarm again, in Zac arms. I reached over and turned the annoying sound off and cuddled my warm, fuzzy teddy bear. I did feel funny about what we did last night, but it did feel good. At first I wondered if he was just using me for sex, but having my powers I read all through his mind and found out that he really loved me. I've been able to dump a lot of pimps in the past thanks to being telepathic. Zac loved me, and I loved him. And what we did last night was out of love, not force or hormoneal cravings, love.

"Hey, wake up sleepy head," I said loud enough to wake him up while shaking him.

He opened his eyes and then yawned. Zac's eyes turned to me and and he smiled, me smiling back. He looked regretful of something then sat up. "Lindsay, about last night, I'm really sorry. I looked like the only thing I want you for is sex and that's not true. I love you, everything about you and-" he apologized.

"Zac, it's okay, really. I know how your mind works so don't worry. Ijust don't wanna have sex before we're married okay?" I returned.

"Okay. Me too, it's not right before mariage," he agreed.

"Yep. By the way, you were damn good last night," I complimented.

He smiled then replied, "Thanks, you too,"

"Thanks. Now I gotta get ready for class. We have instant breakfast in a can in there, k?'


We kissed befrore getting up and getting ready. We both agreed on showering later since neither of us smelled bad or anything. After we were all ready and all that, I had to tell Zac something.

"Zac, I don't know if we should like, do what we did coz I feel like a slut and-" I started. Zac put his hands on my shoulders, looked me in the eyes and said, "You're NOT a slut, you don't act or doing anything like a slut, so son't worry about it. Okay?" he reasured.

I looked into his eyes and read through his mind, then nodded my head and pulled him into a hug. We stayed in each others arms for a while then went off to class.

After class, we came back to my dorm for lunch and to do our homework. Zac really respected me coz he treated me like a person, niot a sex toy. He treated me like he would his best friend, and I did the same. In fact, we spent a half hour chasing each other around the room with squirt guns. He made me so happy, he was my angel. I loved him and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.

**********(Tasha's point of view)**********

I shot up from Taylor's arms screaming. I had broken out into a cold sweat and the vivid images kept pouring through my mind.

"Tasha? What's wrong?" Taylor sat up and asked, rubbing my shoulder lightly to comfort me.

I relaxed at the sound of his voice. "Just a nightmare." I whispered as I layed back down. It had definately seemed real though.

"You wanna talk about?" he asked as he propped his head up on his elbow.

"I guess. Maybe you can tell me something. I just dreamed that I was like walking in the woods and then I could hear footsteps like running behind me and I just started running and then I got to the edge of the woods and there were animals all around and the guy was trying to kill me with this knife or something and then right before he killed me I pulled off the mask and it was you." I revealed, remembering the vivid scenes as if it had really happened yesterday or something.

He pulled me into his arms and just held me there, comforting me and whipering into my ear softly. "Shhh...its okay. I would never do that. You know that." He squeezed my arms comfortingly and reassuringly.

"I know. I know you wouldn't babe." I kissed him on the forehead before standing up and stretching. I yawned before plodding over to the door.

"Where ya going Tash?" he asked, sitting up.

"To my room. Why?" I asked, turning to look at him. He grinned at me.

"I think that a shirt would help ya get down the hallway with less stares." he informed me as he threw me my shirt.

"Oops. Guess I forgot to put it back on." I blushed.

He laughed and stood up before walking over to me. "I'll be over in a bit." He told me before kissing me quickly and then walking over to his closet to pick clothes.

I turned and opened the door and shut it behind me. I walked to my room and knocked to make sure Lindsay wasn't in there. No one answered. I opened the door and stepped in. I immediatly spied my pillow on her messy bed.

"I don't even want to know." I announced to the empty room as I walked over and snatched my pillow up off her bed and threw it back onto mine. That was probably gonna have to be washed mouie pronto. I laughed before walking over to my dresser and getting my underwear and bra and then grabbing some jeans and a baggy blue sweatshirt.

I walked into the bathroom and locked the door before taking a quick shower and stepping out into the comparitively frigid air. I changed fast and stepped out of the bathroom as I tried to towel dry my hair.

I walked over to the stereo and put in my Richard Marx CD. I listened as "Right Here Waiting" came out the speakers. Finally I stopped trying to dry my hair with the towel and just let it go damp. I didn't bother brushing it. That would be the last thing I was gonna do. It was a mess right now. I walked around barefoot as I brushed my teeth. The cool linoleum of the floor felt good against my feet. I finished brushing my teeth and rinsed my mouth out before drying my mouth on my towel.

As soon as I finished all that stuff I heard a knock on the door. I went over and opened it. A boy with flowers in his hands and a uniform shirt that said "Chris" handed me a clip board to sign for them after asking if I was Tasha Blake. I signed for them and took them from the guy. I looked for a card and finally found it.

As I opened it, I heard another knock on the door. "Just a minute!!" I hollered. I opened the door and quickly read it. I re-read it and then checked the back. No signature. Just the words, "These are pretty but not as pretty as you." I shrugged and figured it was Taylor.

I opened the door and saw Tay standing there in blue sweatpants and an old t-shirt, barefoot. I smiled and opened the door all the way to let him in.

"Who are these from?" He asked, gesturing to the flowers.

"Umm...I thought they were from you, I mean, there is no signature. Look." I gave him the card, looking at the flowers quizically.

"I never sent you these." he said, holding up the card.

"You didn't? Well, then there they go." I walked over and dumped them into the trash can before turning back to Taylor.

"So...barefoot I see." He observed.

I grinned and said, "Likewise."

He stepped forward and hugged me. I hugged him back and then he picked me up a little, turning around in circles so that my feet flew through the air as I clung to him for dear life.

"Ahhhh!!! Stop it!!!" I laughed.

He set me back down. The whole world was kinda spinning in front of my eyes. I put a hand up to my forehead and waited a bit for everything to stop whirling. Soon it stopped and I walked over to the fridge.

"You want anything?" I asked.

"umm...what do you have?" He asked, standing behind me and peering over my shoulder.

"Well, just stuff. I'm gonna have an Instant Breakfast. I'm too lazy." I laughed.

He nodded. "Same here."

I reached in and grabbed two, tossing him one and then opening the one that was in my hand before taking a small sip and setting it down on my desk. I stood there for a moment before realising that my CD had stopped. I walked over to it.

"Anything paticular that you want to hear?" I asked.

"Ummm...I dunno. Let me see." He looked through all my CD's and finally chose Billy Joel. "My mom loved his music." Taylor explained.

"Cool. So did mine." I laughed.

'For The Longest Time' came on and I started singing along as I picked up a brush off the sink and tried to get it through my hair.

"OWW!!"I yelled as I decided to just rip it through.

"Here. Let me help." He walked over and took the brush before walking over and sitting on my bed.

I sat down in front of him and let him brush my hair. He never pulled hard, he was always gentle.

"Geeze! Your hair is worse than Ike's in the morning!" He commented. I laughed and smacked him on the leg.


"Yes m'am!" He retorted sarcastically before continuing to brush my hair. I sighed in content and sat there enjoying every moment.

**********(Zac's point of view)**********

We walked into the dorm room to see Tasha and Taylor goofing around and being lazy. I smiled and then watched as Lindsay ordered them out. She turned and laughed with me as they walked out into the hallway. I smiled at her and then opened my bookbag, pulling out my notebook and a pen. Lindsay did the same thing and so we sat there and worked on our assignment. 'What is the reason you chose this profession and what is the driving force behind your life?'

I drummed my pencil on the paper for a little bit, trying to think. Lindsay was already scribbling down words on her notebook. I looked at her, watching as she tucked her red hair behind her ear and kept that concentrated look on her face. I smiled and then looked back at my notebook. Suddenly I got an inspiration. I quickly started writing, trying to make my hand write as fast as my mind was thinking.

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