**********(Zac's point of view)**********

"Lindsay? You okay in there?" I knocked on the door gently. Hearing no response, I pressed my ear against the door to see if maybe i could hear her breathing echoing off the white tiles. Still nothing. I slowly unlocked the door and looked around. It took a few moments for it to sink in but when it did, it hit me like a tsunami. Where the hell is she? Looking up, I immediatly saw an open window, snow blowing in with a cold cold breeze. I stood up on the rim of thebathtub and peered out.

There on the ground, almost completely covered with the newly fallen snow, was definately the mark of someone jumping down. 'She doesn't have anything to keep warm out there. She'll freeze!!' I thought to myself as I fled from the bathroom and down the stairs, my feet hardly even touching the wooden steps. I flung the door open and grabbed my heavy ski jacket as I raced out into the horrid weather.

I'd hardly ran that far at all before I saw it. Red hair contrasting sharply against the pale whitish graysnow.

"Oh no!! Lindsay!!!" I screamed, running to where she lay and picking her up as gently as I could. Her face was nearly blue and I wasn't sure if she was breathing or not. I couldn't hear it over the wind and couldn't see it over the blinding snow that kept sweeping its way into my eyes.

The snowflakes melted on my cheeks and mingled with my tears as they streamed down my face, taking step after step to get her indoors.

I plodded up the wooden steps and as soon as I was in the house, slammed the door shut behind me with my foot and screamed as loud as my voice would carry, "Tasha! Taylor!! Get down here!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!"

It took no longer than 10 seconds for Tasha to appear in the living room and gasp. "Oh my goodness..."

Taylor was right behind her and unlike Tasha, came to where I was standing and took her from my arms, wrapping her in a blanket and sitting her down infront of the fire.

"Zac! Go get hot soup, something warm. Do it now! Tasha, babe, go get the electric blanket and as many other quilts as you can find." I scuttled to get what he asked, fearing for Lindsay's health. I didn't want to lose her. Not now, not ever, not like this.

Faster than I'd ever made Campbells before, i came back, some of the hot liquid spilling over the edge of the bowl and burning my hands. I was beyond feeling pain right now though. All I was worried about was my baby, nearly frozen like a popsicle laying there in front of the fire in my brother's arms as he tried tokeep her warm.

Tasha came back with loads of blankets, nearly collapsing underneath all of them. When she neared him, she dropped them in a heap to the floor. He glared up at her like she was an idiot. "What good is that going to do? Ugh. Just grab one and hand it here so I can keep her warm." He commanded icily.

Tasha looked like someone had just slapped her in the face and i could see the tears building up. To the best of my knowledge, Taylor had never ever been that cold to her.

"Taylor..calm down.."

"Zac, come here and try and feed her soup." Well at least he was compassionate with me.

Tasha handed him a blanket and walked out of the room, muttering about calling the ambulance.

She came back seconds later, her face ashen. "The phone line is dead." She informed us calmly though I'm sure I was the only one listening coz Taylor didn't even acknowledge her presence.

"You guys got her taken care of? I think I'm going to go pray or take a nap or something.." She murmurred, the tears spilling over as she left the room.

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