**********(Lindsay's point of view)**********

I opened my eyes, being blinded by the light. I squinted, to stop the burning. I couldn't breath because my nose was clogged up and my throat was stinging in pain.

"Ughhhhhhhhhh I feel like crap......MOM!" I spoke, hurting my throat at yelling then caughing. I said Mom automatically, then realized that she was gone.

I closed my eyes tight, not wanting to remember it. I pulled the blanket up further to maintain warmth as I caughed and tried to blow the snot out of my nose. No such luck."Ugh, I hate colds!" I basically whispered.

If Mom were here, she'd be my side and rub on some vapor rub to clear my nose and give me the actual good tasting caugh drops. What I'd give to be a six year old again. But that's obviously impossible.

I caughed, wanting a drink. But I knew there wouldn't be anymore. I groaned, trembling and trying to breathe. I needed alchohol, I needed it to calm me down. I didn't wanna be alone.But I was.

**********(Zacpoint of view)**********

I heard her voice like an angels' singing even though she sounded king of clogged. I practically broke my leg on my flight down the stairs but nothing could stop me from seeing her awake.

I pulled her into my arms and rubbed her back soothingly. "You're awake. I'm so glad you're back Lindsay. I was so scared, so very scared." I whispered into her ear, rocking us back and forth, moreso for my own comforting than for her's. Slowly, she wrapped her arms around me and returned the embrace.

"I think I'm sick." She sniffled.

I smiled, glad that she could even talk.

"That's okay. I'll nurse you back to health. Fear not, princess." I cooed, kissing her forehead gently as she slipped into a peaceful sleep. We stayed together in front of the fire for hours, until both of us were asleep and the blizzard blew in full force.

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