Part B


~* It's not right, but it's okay. I'm gonna make it anyway. Pack your bags up and leave, and don't you dare come runnin' back to me. It's not right, but it's okay. I'm gonna make it anyway. Close the door behind you, leave your key; I'd rather be alone than unhappy *~ Whitney Houston A few minutes after the food was eaten, Ewan stood up. I looked at him, puzzled.

"Nature calls and I need to talk to a friend of mine, be right back babe," he answered, then kissed me quickly.

I smiled and he was off. Well, after a half hour, Ewan still wasn't back. 'Okay, I don't know why he would think talking to his friend for 20 minutes is more important than our date, I'd better go check up on this guy,' I stood up and bent down by Tasha to talk to her.

"Tash, can you make sure that the waiter dudes still know we're here and not clean up the table and accuse us of stealing? I need to check on something," I asked her softly.

"Sure thing," she retured.

"Sweet, thanks," I replied, standing up.

If you must know, the outfit I'm wearing is a pale yellow twin set shirt, flare jeans, and black platfroms. I had tied my hair up in a bun, and yes, I also had my wallet in my back pocket.

Anyway, on my way to the phones I saw Ewan standing at the bar, with his 'friend'. Oh, and he wasn't making small talk, him and the Brittany Spears look a like were kissing. My first reaction was suprise, then depression, and then the strongest feeling out of the three, ANGER. I clenched my fists, grited my teeth, and stromed right up to the scrub.

"So Ewan, I take it that you and your friend are awefully close," I spoke with anger in my voice. Him and the blond broke apart and looked at me. The blond didn't have any emotion, but Ewan had the 'oh crap, I'm in trouble!' look. I crossed my arms and tapped my foot loudly on the floor. I was NOT patient for his lame excuses at the moment.

"Lindsay, baby, please, it's not what you think! You don't understan, lemme explain-" he begged, sweating.

"Oh, I understand. I understand that I just wasted four years of my life with a worthless, skum for balls, cold hearted bastard! No, I understand perfectly, and I don't need your damn excuses numb nuts! It's over!" I yelled in his face, then turned around to walk off.

"Lindsay please! It's seriously not what you think!" he protested, grabbing my arm to pull me back.

I turned and punched him with all my strength (and when you're a drummer your pretty damn strong), right in the nose. It caused him to fall down, and his nose was already bleeding.


I turned on my heel and stormed back to the table. Before I was able to sit down, the waitress asked if everything was alright. I got an idea.

"Hey, can I order more food?" I asked.

"Yeah, of course," she returned

"Alrighty, I'd like five orders of the spicy, refried bean buritos with extra `jalopionoes and gucimolie," I ordered. Ewan HATES what I just ordered, especially the pepers and gucimolie. And from the corner of my eye I could see him coming back to the table. Oh, was he in deep shit! The waitress jotted it all down and went into the kitchen, I sprinted to the front door. In a few minutes, I burst out in laughter at the look on Ewan's face when he got his order of 'his favorite food.' After my laughter calmed down, I got a gumball from the machine. I also noticed tht Zac and Taylor were here. I was about to go over and say hi, when I noticed Zac majorly flirting with some girl I hadn't seen before. I could feel my heart shatter and fall to the floor. I sighed and walked out of the front door. I was not having a good day.

I was walking to the campuss when I noticed the Blue Rose Cafe`. Good, I needed a drink. I walked inside. I'd only been to this place once, and was suprised at how clean of a place it was. Hell, if it wasn't a bar, you could take your kids to it! I sat down in a seat by the counter and rested my head on my crossed arms.

"Can I do somethin' for ya miss?" yet another familiar voice asked. I looked up to see what looked like Isaac Hanson cleaning a beer mug with a white cloth. His hair was pulled back in a low pony tail and he had a white apron on which had stains on it.

'Nah,' I thought. 'I don't think he'd be working at a bar,'

"A Bud Light please," I requested. The guy looked at me like I was nuts.

"Um, how old are you miss?" he asked/demanded.

I reached behind me and pulled out my wallet, showing him my id. "19. And here in the great state of Oklahoma, being 19 gives you the right to drink in a bar. Now, as I was saying, a Bud Light please," I insisted.

"I don't that's really what you want," he mentioned.

"Look, my boyfriend, who I had still loved even when I fell for the other guy, played me, I'm not gonna get the man of my dreams; I need alchohal to kill all the brain cells from this night, please!" I begged.

He sighed and went back to get my drink. I rested my head back on my arms and waited for my beer. I'm not alcholic, but I've had a few sips of beer before. It's nasty but I'm desperate. Soon, the bar tender returned with my drink. He set it down next to my head.

"Miss, you're drink," he mentioned.

I lifted my head up and replied a soft thank you. I was too depressed to see what he had given me. I took a sip and realized it wasn't what I was expecting.

"Herbal tea?" I questioned, looking at the glass.

"Yeah, perfect for helping stress; especialy on females. It's what you need, trust me. And if you think I'm gonna let a gorgeous 19 year old get a shot, you're nuts." he mentioned with a cocked eyebrow and crossed arms.

"I didn't ask for tea, I asked for-" I started.

"Yeah, I know what you ordered. But the beer is 8 bucks a bottle, and the tea is free," he interupted.

"Just because I'm a college student doesn't mean I don't have money," I mentioned.

"I know. But when you drink under stress, you can't have just one. You gotta get another and another and another and another. And before you know it, your broke and drunk. And you have a hell of a hangover when you're 19. And I don't think you wanna be an alchohalic." he explained.

I just looked at him, seeing all the wisdem in his deep brown eyes. I let out a sigh and took another drink of my tea.

"You know what? You're too damn right." I spoke.

He smiled and said, "That's what happends when you're the oldest of seven kids."

"Wait a minute, you're the oldest kid in your family and there's seven kids?" I made sure.

"Yep." he replied, picking up another bottle and cleaning it.

"What's your name?"

"Isaac Hanson."

"Oh my god! You are?! You like, kick ass!"

He cocked his eyebrow at me and then yelled to the other workers at the bar, "Okay, who spiked the tea?"

"No Ike, really. I've been a fan of yours since I was 12. Seriously." He smiled then shook my hand.

"Well, I'm glad to know there's ONE fan left,"

"Oh, a bunch of my friends are still fans. You know, you didn't deserve to lose what you had. You're a hell of alot more talented than those queer boy bands and pop chicks, and you're the greatest thing since Aerosmith. And if you must know, you have the greatest I've heard in my life and the second Jimmy Hendrix,"

"Thanks, I appreciate that. Dumb and dumber and I still do gigs, and we're a popular band in the state, but Mercury just won't let us record, it's messed up."

"Tell me about it. The world's messed up Ike. But doesn't mean you're ugly and untalented. If people don't like your music, screw them. I love it, and keep trying,"

"Thanks for your support, I need to get outta this bar. I'll keep trying, trust me. I'll live in a tree before I give up. Hey, I didn't catch your name,"

"Lindsay," I shook his hand.

"That's a pretty name Lindsay, almost as pretty as you,"

I felt myself blushing. "Thanks,"

"Ike, are flirting again?" I heard a female voice behind me.

"Awe, hush up Alana. It's not like you don't flirt,"

"I may flirt, but not at every girl that comes into the bar," "Well, I would HOPE that you don't flirt with every GIRL that comes into the bar Alana,"

I couldn't help but snicker at that. Alana kicked his leg and snapped, "Just shut your pie hole butthead before I shove that beer glass down your throat,"

After which, she walked out of the bar.

"Is that your girlfriend?" I asked, mainly to tease him.

"No, she's just my friend. I don't think we're the type that would go out with each other Linz," he returned.

"Ya know, you're like the third person to call me that today, It's actually getting a little annoying," I announced.

"Well, that name looks like it fits you," he explained.

"Are you a phsycatrist or something?" I inquired, my eyebrow crossed. Ike started cracking up at that.

"God, you're hilirious Lindsay," he mused.

"Okay, who gave the bar tender the spiked coffee?" I yelled across the bar.

He started laughing more and I couldn't help but laugh some too. While I was enjoying my tea, I chatted with Ikey-poohs. He was really cool, and a really big flirt. But he's sweet none the less.

"Hey, how do you plan on getting back to your dorm Lindsay?" he asked.

"Well, it's actually not that hard to walk in platforms you know," I mentioned.

"You're going to WALK home?" he asked like I was mental.

"No, I'm gonna have my showfur drive me! Jeeze Ike, you're slow," I returned.

"Are you insane? You can't walk the streets at night alone, that's suicide!" he nearly yelled.

"Well, I don't exactly have any other way of transportation ya know," I spoke.

"Come with me," he took my hand after he had gotten to the other side of the bar.

"Okay, you're woried about me walking home but you have no problem with me taking a ride with a guy I just met?" I mentioned.

Ike stopped and looked at me seriously.

"Oh yeah, I so wanna sex you Lindsay, I'm sure," he returned.

I sighed and let him take me to his car, which was a Jeep.

"See, there's the backseat is pathetic, I couldn't shag you even if I wanted to," Ike mentioned.

"Gee Ike, you don't have to sugar coat it," I took offense, crossing my arms.

"Sorry, no offense, but I'm just making my point."

"I know, I'm kidding. Just get your butt in and drive will ya?"

"Okay, okay, pushy aren't we?"

I just rolled my eyes as he unlocked the car. We piled in and he drove me back to the dorm, the farthest him going with me was my front door. I thnked him and said I'd see him soon.

After I got in the room, the first thing I noticed was that Tasha wasn't there. But then again, she still had a boyfriend. But even if she didn't Taylor was still there. hheheheheh yeah i know I'm evil.

Anyway, I got in my pj's and blasted the Episode 2 soundtrack. ( just so u people know, the year is 2004. Yeah, time flies, I've noticed) I was about to make myself a snack with the ice cream I had just bought. I was about to open the fridge when I looked into the mirror near me. 'Ewe yuck! No wonder he was cheating on me, I'm a cow! Alright Lindsay, if you even touch this ice cream crap or any other food, it'll be suicide,' I thought.

I know what I was going to do was stupid, but it's the only way I know how to lose weight. Dieting never works, and I don't have the time or mony to work out. Say what you must, but I went into the bathroom and continued where I left off since I was 14. My sisters had made me quit when they found out. But you know what, my sisters aren't here. I lifeted the seat up and became bulimic again.

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