I woke up at about 10 in a bed that wasn't mine. I practically screamed bloody murder. I'm just weird like that. I hate being somewhere when I don't know where I am because I had been kidnapped once as a child. And that was one of the major factors that led to alcholism.

Someone else woke up in the room screaming "WHat the hell?!"

I finally realised where I was and BOY did I feel like a dumbass!!

"Oops. Sorry. I forgot where I was for a moment there." My cheeks felt like they were ABLAZE!!

"God Tasha, you scared the crap out of me!" Taylor sat up and rubbed his eyes sleepily.

"Sorry. My bad. There's a long story behind it. You don't wanna hear."

Taylor nodded as if he understood.

"I'm hungry. You want something to eat? I'm about to go back to my room and change." I mentioned.

"Um, yeah. That would be nice. I'll be over in a few. I have to change and stuff."

"Okay, whatever." I walked out of the room and padded down the hall.

People were looking at me funny as they passed down the hall and headed their own way. I raised my eyebrow in confusion and then looked down. Shit!! I was still in my pajamas. I ran down the rest of the hallway and banged on our door. Then I realised that Lindsay was probably in class and just barged on in. It took a moment for my eyes to get adjusted to the dim light. I closed the door behind me and locked it. Then I went over to my dresser and pulled out my Zana-di blue jean shorts with stars and moons on the back pockets and my white tank-top along with the other undergarments and crap.

I raced in the bathroom and took a 25 minute shower and then stepped out. I was dressed in about 3 minutes.

Just as I finished, someone knocked on the door. I ran over and opened it. There stood Taylor looking hotter than ever. He had left his hair down over a Tommy red Sports Shirt and was wearing khaki pants with his brown doc Martens. I stood there for a moment mesmarized. Then I realised that I was just kinda standing there staring at him. "Oh..come in. I'll be done in a second." I let the door open for him to come in and walked back into the bathroom.

He shut the dor behind him and sat down on the edge of my unmade bed. I brushed my teeth and watched in the mirror to see behind me. I could see that he was looking at all the Star Wars pictures.

I finished and left my hair wet and hanging on my shoulders. I walked over to my closet and pulled out a red plaid button up shirt and slid it on.

"So, all these pictures are Lindsay's?" He finally asked.

"Yep. Everything but the Chewbacca poster over my bed." I admitted.

"Yeah, I didn't figure you were much of a Star Wars fan."

I reached down and grabbed my yellow docs.

"Well, I am, just not obsessed. The movie is good and Chewbacca kicks ass." I stated simply as I pulled on my socks.

"Mmm-hmm." Taylor agreed.

I sat down on the edge of my bed next to him and bent over to lace up my boots. "Here." I stuck one of my feet on his lap.

He looked at me surprised.

"If you will get that one laced and tied, it will go faster." I explained.

He just laughed and laced them up quickly before tying it.

I stood up and went over to my caboodle. I personally didn't like makeup. It made my face feel dirty. I just grabbed my Peach Zinger Jane Lipstick and put it on before picking up my wallet and heading towards the door.

"C'mon." I motioned for Taylor to follow.

He followed and we were just about to go out the door when he said, "Hold up!"

I gave him a weird look and watched as he raced back into my room and grabbed something off my desk.

"You almost forgot your bank statement. You have to have it to get your money out of the bank." He explained.

"Oops. Your right." I grinned sheepishly and we closed the door.

He stood there waiting as I locked it.

"Okay. Let's go." We walked down the hallway and out into the bright sun.

"Owie!" I put my hands up to my temples.

"That sunlight gives me a headache."

Taylor nodded and we walked through the parking lot until we reached what I figured was his truck. He unlocked the doors to the Red Chevy.

"Climb in." He instructed.

I pulled the door open and hopped in. He pulled out of the parking lot as I pulled on my seatbelt and we headed towards the bank.

When we got there, an elderly lady plopped down a stack of papers in front of me so that they could verify that it was me.

"Ugh!" I sighed. Signing a mountain of papers was definately the last thing on my list of things that I wanted to do at the moment. I finished it in about an hour with Taylor fidgeting the whole time.

She came back and I gave her the forms and told her that I wanted to withdraw all the money. She gave me an ODD look before explaining that It would be at least 6 hours before they could have all those papers filed.

I sank back in my chair and counted to 10 slowly so that I could refrain from jumping up and killing that woman.

Taylor saw the look on my face and placed a reassuring hand on my shoulder.

"Miss, I would like to withdraw 2 thousand from my account please." He asked her politely.

"What?!" I shot up.

"WHat are you doing?" I asked.

He just smiled at me before telling the woman his name and waiting for her to bring him the money.

"Taylor, if you are doing what I think you are doing, I'll...."

The woman came and interrupted me. "Here you go Mr. Hanson. You two have a nice day."

Taylor smiled at her before pulling me away from the counter by my arm. We got in the truck and I strapped on my seat belt before looking out the window.

"You didn't have to do that , you know." I was looking out the window even though I was talking to him.

"I know. But I wanted to. And you definately need a car around here." He explained.

I rolled my eyes. "Are you hinting to me that you don't like driving me around everywhere?" I asked jokingly.

He gave me a crooked smile before laughing. "Gee Tasha, you catch on so fast!!"

I laughed and went back to watching the passing view as I wondered what Lindsay was doing at that moment.

(By the way Tahsa, did you know I actually own one of those huge Albertane posters? Well, now u know.)

~* Look at me now, I used to be a fool. Look at me now, I used to be your tool. I'm not gonna take your shit anymore, so stay away from me, I'm showing you the door *~ Lindsay

I finished my short story at last after 5 tries and not having it turn out the way I wanted it. I put down my pencil and put my homework in my folder. For the first time I noticed that Tahsa's bank staement had gone bye bye. 'She and Taylor must have gone car shopping and took it with them.' I thought.

I sighed and sat up from the desk chair. I wished that I had my drumset with me then, it was my sanctuary from bordem and lonliness. But instead of beating on my bed with my drumsticks, I sat down on the floor in a sit up position. I took off my hat and flannel and started stomach cruntching. I got tired after five minutes and fell back on the floor, breathing heavily. I hoped my vitamin didn't go up with my lunch. It probably did. Shit, I should've told Zac I really needed to get started on my homework. But if I did, I would have missed out on a lovely lunch with the angel. Crap. I hated making decisions on what I should've done.

I wiped away the sweat from my face and stood up. I got out a bottle of water and started to drink it, hoping it would cool me down. I set the closed bottle down on my bed and went into the bathroom. I lifted up my shirt to see my stomach. It looked much flatter now and my ribs were showing. I noticed my arms looked a slight more bonier also. I pulled my pants and noticed the same for me legs. I pulled them back up and turned to my side yes, even my butt looked smaller. I needed things to stay this way, I couldn't gain any more wait, and it wouldn't hurt to loose more. I had onlly been doing this for a day and was already seeing results. It was probably because I had been bulimic before. And maybe also becuase I had been skipping lunch a for a few weeks before I started college.

I walked out of the bathroom and put my hat and long sleeved shirt back on. Since I had nothing better to do, I grabbed all my keys, including the my mailbox key, and stepped outside, shutting and locking the door behind me. I walked out of the dorm and to the post office place. I opened the door and saw the last face I wanted to that day getting stamps at the stamp machine. Ewan. I was about to go back to my dorm and come back later when I thought, 'You have as much of a right to be here as Ewan does, so go for it. So what if he's there, make him feel like the shit he is by looking all sexy,'

I walked in and strutted my stuff past Ewan, not even giving the kid a single glance. But from the corner of my eye I could see that he was staring at me with awe. I got to my box and opened it, finding only one letter in it. I pulled it out and saw that the only thing written on the envelope was my name writne in gold stencil. I opened the letter only to find it being a pathetic 'please forgive me' letter from Ewan. I knew he'd still cheat on me, I knew how his mind worked. I ripped the letter in two and threw it in the trash. I slammed the box closed and stormed out of the building, flicking Ewan off as I walked out the door. He was about to say he was sorry bla bla bla, when I shut the door in his face.

I trotted to the dorm, so pissed off that I wasn't paying attention to where I was going. I ended up raming into another person who also seemed to be in a slow hurry.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to run into you," I apologized, not looking at the person out of embarressment.

"It's alright Lindsay, really," a familiar voice forgave.

I looked up and saw Zac. I blushed at runnung into him, he probably thought I was a complete dork.

"Um, hi Zac," I didn't know what to say, i was so embarressed.

"Hi Lindsay. Whatcha been up to?" he asked.

"Well, I just got done with my homework and I went to check my mail. I didn't get anything important," I answered.

"Oh. Hey, can you help me with our assigment? I'm having a lot of trouble with it and I figured out that you're probably much better at these things than I am," He admitted, blushing slightly.

"Sure. But I doubt I'm a better writer than you," I mentioned.

"That's debateable. Lemme drop this letter off and we can go over to my room," he said.

"Okieday," I replied.

He smiled and we walked into the post office and dropped off his letter. It was all I had in me to not crack up at the look of jelousy on Ewan's face. Shortly, the two of us were in his dorm room, brainstorming our idea's and finally turning them into the most kick ass story I've ever collabeated. We agreed to help each other when we needed, all a part of the strong relationship that was building between the two of us. After we had finished our assignment, we went for a drive around town in what Zac called my 'kick ass mobile'.


The truck pulled into the parking lot full of cars.

How the hell was I ever going to be able to decide??

"Taylor, I really want to thank you for borrowing that money for me." I smiled at him sincerely.

"Yeah well, you needed it." He was blushing.

I made a mental note to watch the compliments. When other people blushed, it made me feel uncomfortable.

I watched as Taylor pulled his truck into a parking place and we both got out to look around. I headed over to the jeep section. I had wanted a jeep all my life. Maybe now I could finally get one. Taylor was walking right beside me as I looked at the informative papers taped onto the windows. He pointed out to me which ones were good and which were ones were pieces of shit on wheels.

Soon we walked around a car and looked down another line of the automobiles. A familiar figure one row over caught my eye. I walked a little closer. Yep. It was definately Jared. But what the hell was he doing nibbling on some girl's ear.

"Oh my God." Taylor walked quickly to where I was standing to see what was wrong. I stormed up and confronted Jared.

"What the hell is this??!! I come to buy a car so that I can see you more often and you are cheating on my ass!! Ugh! You repulsive pimp-ass wannabe!! How dare you?!!" I slapped him so hard, the bitch he was with could feel it. And just to insure that she did, I smacked her too. "How dare you whore around with my boyfriend?!"

Then I looked at Jared. An evil smile crossed my face.

"I mean my EX-boyfriend. Never mind. You can have him. You two make a cute couple. I can see it now. Satan and his wife. Perfect." With a toss of my hair I turned around and headed back to where Taylor was standing. Jared and the 2 cent whore walked off.

As soon as they were gone, I collapsed into a fit of tears. "He cheated on me Taylor. He left me for her..." I started sobbing onto his shoulder as he pulled me into a hug.

"Shhh...its okay.."he comforted as he ran his hand comfortingly across my back in an effort to soothe me and calm me down. It worked.

Soon the tears had stopped flowing and I realised that he wasn't worth it.

"I'm sorry." I mumbled onto his shoulder.

"Don't be. C'mon. Let's go find you a car." He urged.

I raised my head and smiled at him. "Thank-you."

"No problem. Hell of a left hook you got there." He complimented. I started laughing.

After another hour of searching, I finally found the right car.

We walked into the office to sign the papers for the dark Emerald Green Ford Explorer that I was about to buy.

2 hours later, Taylor handed over the 2 thousand that he had taken out of his account so that I could make the first downpayment.

The man in the business suit handed me the key and prepared my car.

I drove to the university following Taylor. I pulled into the parking lot and ran over as soon as I got out to give Taylor a hug. "Thank you SOOO much!!" I exclaimed as I hugged him.

He hesitated a second before returning the hug.

"C'mon. Let's go for a ride." I encouraged.

He agreed and we spent the rest of the evening driving around town before pulling into McDonalds and grabbing a bite to eat.

After I finished the 6 piece chicken nuggets, we drove home.

I spent most of the ride wondering what Lindsay would think of the car.

When we got out, Taylor and I just walked straight into his room. I sat down on the papisan and then realised that I was supposed to get my papisan today. Oh well. Didn't have the money for it anyway.

I looked at the bed and remembered how I had fallen asleep here.

"Taylor, did I do anything embarassing for my own sake while I was sleeping? Ya know. Like talk or something?" I asked.

"Well, you did talk in your sleep." Taylor admitted.

"What did I say?" I was terribly nervous. I had a horrible habit of talking about the worries on my mind as soon as I went to sleep.

"Well, you said something about Linz being bulemic." He was looking at his hands, as if ashamed that he had been listening.

I bolted straight up and fell out of the chair. I quickly jumped to my feet. "I said WHAT??!!"

Oh shit! Lindsay was gonna KILL me!!

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