**********(Tash's point of view)**********

~*"I can see my blindeness and I can hear the deafness, but I can't feel the loneliness with which I was left. I can cry the tears of salt and I can scream your name, but these things mean nothing to me, isn' that a shame?"*~Tasha

"Jesus, Mary, And Joseph! My head is imploding!" I tried to situp but decided that first I would have to force my eyelids open.

"Note to self; alcohol bad. Coffee good." I said aloud, finally raising my arms enough to rub the sides of my head.

"Ya know, I never took you for the drinking type."

I probably would have jumped 10 miles high from the sudden voice beside me but first you have to be able to sit up. I hadn't accomplished that so I suppose that jumping was completely out of the question. I was able to force my eyes open and looked over and smiled at Taylor.

"Spank you, Greenwald. Spank you very much." The plus side of a hangover was that I was oddly unsarcastic. Oh wait. That's a negative side. Either way, it makes people smile.

He grinned at me before standing up.

I took it upon myself to get out of bed. And there was only one way. I rolled off the bed and straight onto the floor.

"Are you okay?" Taylor asked concernedly.

"I will be when I get my ass on my feet." I announced.

He reached down and pulled me up by my arms.

I tried to stand on my own but my knees simply refused to cooperate. I immediatly fell forward...and smack into Taylor's arms. I laughed nervously before pushing the hair out of my eyes. Finally my knees took themselves off of strike and allowed me to walk over to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth immediatly and then struggled over to the fridge. I opened it and thanked the lord that I had bought groceries the other day. I quickly scanned the contents and grabbed me an Ensure.

"Uh Tash?" Taylor asked cautiously.

"Hmm?" I turned to him as I swallowed the French Vanilla flavored liquid.

"You aren't dieting are you? Cuz I mean...you just..."he struggled with his words.

"No Taylor I am not. I just need something in my system. I couldn't diet if I wanted to. But I am too lazy to eat real breakfast right now. I will probably eat something before class." I smiled at him, showing him my sincerity.

"Okay. Good." A wave of relief washed over his face.

"Ya know, I really hope I don't smell bad cuz I don't feel like taking a shower at the moment." I announced for no particular reason.

"Well, I dunno what to tell you. You smell like beer Tash." Taylor frowned at me.

"Listen, I am really sorry about that. I just, I dunno. I thought all those weeks of rehab would work. And they did, for a while. I just needed something to forget everything." I tried to explain and found myself crying as I realised how serious it could have been.

I finished the Ensure and threw the small flimsy can away before turning away from Taylor. I hated crying, and recently, I had done nothing BUT cry. I looked down at the floor and realised that I was wearing my clothes from yesterday.

"Eww yuck. I can't believe I am still wearing this!" I wiped my face off on my sleeve and headed towards the bathroom. "Hey Tay?" I called through the now shut and locked bathroom door.


"Could you pretty please go get Lindsay and Zac up? I want us all to go out to eat!" I asked.

"Okay." He agreed.

I heard him leave the room, shuting the door behind him. I sighed and thought about how badly I could have ruined my life. Then I realised how much these people actually cared for me even though they barely knew me. I smiled to myself and hurried and finished my shower before grabbing some old faded levis widelegs and a fitted black baby-tee with Tinkerbell on it. I changed into my clothes and grabbed my adidas. I sat on the bed trying to rip the brush through all the tangles in my thick dyed hair. I realised how badly I wanted my own red hair back.

"I'll color it back later." I decided to myself before racing to the bathroom and grabbing some tylenol from a sudden headache. I head a knock on the door and went to open it. There stood Lindsay looking like she had just walked out of the filming for Night Of The Living Dead.

"C'mon in. Where are the guys?" I asked, shutting the door behind her.

"Um...getting dressed. I think."She rubbed her eyes sleepily and watched me trying to brush my hair for a minute.

"You need to hurry up and get ready. We are going out to eat." I told her.

"K." She agreed and went into the bathroom to get ready.

She was ready in 15 minutes and we walked over to the guys room and knocked on the door. Zac answered the door with simply a towel around his waist.

"Oh Good God." I buried my head on Lindsay's shoulder waiting for Zac to have some decency.

Lindsay pulled me in as I kept my eyes tightly shut. I heard Taylor walk in the room.

"Zac do you know where the---Jesus Christ!!" I heard him run back in the bathroom as Lindsay shielded her eyes with her free hand.

"You know what, I think we will wait outside." I announced as Lindsay and I made our way to the door. We stood outside and waited.

"You know Linz, I really want to thank you for helping me out last night, this morning, whatever time it was. I was a bitch and I am sorry. I never should have said those things to you." I apologized.

"Itz okay Tash. I deserved it. I was kinda a real witch then. We both deserved it!" She announced laughing.

"Probably." I agreed, cracking a smile.

It had been 5 minutes and the guys still weren't ready. I started humming no paticular song at the same time that Lindsay started singing it softly. I looked up at her and laughed.

"You know...I wonder if most of the sleeping people in this hall like the Righteous Brothers." Lindsay's smile was pure evil. I was proud.

"Let's find out." I smiled back.

We broke into Unchained Melody (AN: For those of you unkowing, this is that song from "Ghost", the movie with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze. Its old.) and soon heard Taylor and Zac chorusing behind us.

I met a good portion of the dorm hall peoples that day as they groggily chased us down the hall and outside before locking the door on us. I laughed and took a good look at what Dumb and Dumber were wearing. Taylor was clad in loose fitting jeans and a Greenday shirt with his hair tucked behind his ears. Zac was wearing some FUNKY black pants that had fiber-optics down the side and a tight maroon shirt. Both had on airwalks.

I made my way to my car and Lindsay said from behind me "Uh Tash? Where are you going?"

"My Car."

I pulled the keys out of my pocket and unlocked it.

"Oh cool!! I had forgotten to ask you what you got."

"Thanks. Is everyone taking one car or what?" I asked.

"Um, lets take two cuz I don't wanna have to have Zac and Lindsay in a car hyper with me in it at the same time. My sanity is not that strong." Taylor voiced.

"Uh huh. You just want to be alone with Tasha in the car." Lindsay and Zac chimed at the same time.

I gave them a funny look and said "Well personally, I have no problem with that. Whatever is fine." I shrugged.

Zac decided that he and Lindsay would take his beetle and meet us there. Gee. Wonder what made him decide to take Lindsay. COuld it be..*gasp* He likes her!! I mentioned this to Taylor and he smiled as we made our way to the Waffle House.

Poor Lindsay. In a small car with a hyper Zac at the wheel. Then again....poor Zac. (Gee, so glad u love me Tahsa)


~* You got me feeling emotions deeper than I've been done. Oh baby you got me feeling emotions higher than the heavens above! *~ Mariah Carey

Zac was driving recklessly once again coz he obviously drank that whole two liter of Mountain Dew that I saw empty in the trash can in their dorm. Even though Tahsa might not agree, I enjoyed seeing Zac in that towel earlier. hehehe, sick thoughts, I know.

Anyway, the radio was on, playing some annoying song from some recent pop chick or somebody. I looked out the window and admired the scenery. The annoying song ended and 'If You Had My Love' came on.

"Woah dude, sweet! I love this song!" I announced, turning the radio to a blasting level. Zac quickly turned his eyes to me and smiled.

"If you had my love and I gave you all my trust would you comfort me? And if somehow you knew that your love would be untrue would you lie to me? And call me baby? Now if I give you me, this is how it's got be. First of all, I won't take you cheating on me. Tell me who can I trust if I can't trust- yes?" I sang along then asked. Zac had been glancing at me weirdly.

"You have a pretty voice," Zac admitted a little shakily. I also noticed he was sweating. Must have a crush on Jennifer Lopez.

"Oh, um, thanks. I must get it from my sister, she's Whitney Houston's clone," I returned.


"Yep. She was the lead singer in my band,"

"You had a band?"



"I know. Speaking of bands, if you want to live a peaceful life, you're going to get off your butt and do some gigs with Tay and Ike."

"Is that a threat?"

"You bet your Mmmbopping butt!"

Zac and I both started cracking up. Soon after, we began to act like idiots the rest of the way to the resturaunt.

Suprisingly, Zac parked the car in the parking lot in one piece. We climbed out and started skipping towards Tay and Tasha who were waiting by the door, kissing.

"Oooooh, gettin' it on!" I whispered to Zac.

He laughed then whispered, "You set them up last night, didn't you?"

"Yep," I smiled evily.

"Go girl!" he complimented, giving me five.

"Spank you," I returned.

I turned to Romeo and Juliet, cocking my eyebrow. Dang, going out for not even one day and already making out. Shame shame.

"Ahem," I cleared my throat to get their attention.

Neither of them moved.

“HELLO! WAKE UP!" Zac and I both yelled.

"Wha, huh?" Tahsa asked after they broke apart.

Zac and I both had our arms crossed and eyebrows cocked.

"Oh, sorry. Let's go guys," Taylor said, leading us in the door while holding Tasha's hand.

I stared at their hands with jelousy. Why didn't I have that luck with someone else? Oh well.

Taylor got our seating and after two minutes of waiting, we got our booth. I sat next to Zac and Tahsa and Taylor were sitting next to each other across from us. The waitress came and took our drink orders. I was a bit suprised when Tahsa ordered coffee. Then the waitress walked off.

"You drink coffee?" I asked her.

"Um, yeah. Why?" she answered.

"Coffee makes me sick, I can't stand it." I returned.

"It makes you sick?" Zac asked.

"Yeah. I tried it one time and shortly after...well, you can figure out the rest." I explained.

"Huh, coffee makes me sick too," Zac admitted.

"Really?" I made sure.

"Yeah, I can't stand it either. It's nasty," he spoke.

"I know," I replied.

We both started laughing. Tasha gave a look that clearly said, "Ooooh, perfect couple!"

I kicked her leg from under the table and she just laughed softly at me. I glared at her then the waitress came with our drinks. The others took sips of theirs, while I picked up my larger milk and chuged it. Oh man, it felt good to have milk again! I set the drink down, empty. The others were looking at me weirdly.

"Thirsty?" Taylor remarked.

"Sorry, that's what happends when you don't eat," I explained, letting out a HUGE belch on eat. I was embarressed, I covered my mouth. "Excuse me," I apologized, my cheeks flushed.

Taylor and Tahsa looked a little disgusted but Zac just laughed. We ordered our food when the waitress came bac, not too exciting. During the meal, I just talked with Zac and Tay and Tash were whispering love secrets or something to each other. I don't know why, but when I was with Zac, my worries and troubles seemed to not exist. He made me happy, very happy. I knew it, love at fist site. But knowing Zac, he more than likely just wanted to be friends. So, that's how it was going to stay. I was going to ignore my feelings of love towards him and just act normal around him. He must never know how I feel, it would completely ruin the friendship because he'd be scared to death that I'd hit on him or something. Oh, well. I can control my emotions, hopefully.

Well, the bill came and Taylor was obviously paying for himself and Tahsa. I was going to pay for my own meal, ditto for Zac. I reached behind me to pull out my wallet, only to find it not being there.

"Shit! I left my wallet at the dorm dammit!" I exclaimed, stressed.

"Don't worry, I got you covered," Zac reasured.

"You don't have to do that you know," I disagreed, blushing.

"Well, you don't happen to have a credit card with you, do you?" he asked.

"No," I admitted.

"So you don't have any way to pay for it, and Taylor and Tahsa are way too cheap to help you out, so that leaves me unfortuantly." he explained.

"Hey! I resent that!" Tahsa took offense.

"Well, are you going to pay for Lindsay?" Zac inquired.

"No," Tasha admitted.

"Then shut your hole!" Zac snapped.

She stuck her tounge out him and Zac just rolled his eyes at her. The boys paid the bill and Tahsa and her knight in shing armor headed to class. Zac and I climbed into his beetle.

"Do you wanna go somewhere?" he asked.

"No, I gotta get back to the dorm, there's stuff I need to do," I answered.

"Alrighty then" he returned starting the car.

We had an unitellegent and humerous conversation as we headed back to the campus. I started to wonder if I could hold in my emotions any longer...

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