I was lying on the cold tile floor, tears still coming out. 'This is pathetic,' I thought and stood up. 'I need a bath. Yes, a bath will help. God, why did this have to happen to Mom? Why did she have to be dying?'

I ran the bath water and pured in the perfumed bath crystals. Soon, the bubbles were spreading across the tub. I stripped then stopped the water and hopped in. I layed down in the warm water, letting it sooth my nerves. I put my hands together and spent the next two hours praying for Mom to be alright. Even though I was sad, I wasn't going to loose my faith. Never.

After I had all the relaxing I could stand, I got out, dried off, drained the water, and wrapped a towel around me.

I unlocked the bathroom door and went to my drawer, pulling out my night clothes. It was a long sleeve and long pant pj's, white background with smile faces all over it. The designer was Joe Boxer. I put on my Tuesday underware along with my pj's. I walked back to the drawr and pulled out my Bugs Bunny slippers. Yes, I have bunny slippers. Another thing that Tahsa and I have in common that scares me. I was relived that Shelly had left my acustic guitar. I'm a guitarist along with being a drummer. I picked up my instrument and started playing a melody.

I decided that I wouldn't think about Mom dying. Sure, she'd still be on my mind, but in a positive way. Like, I had strong faith in her. Mom was strong, she'd make it. I knew it. I was going to visit her everyday after class. I could do my homework while I sat with her. Surely the others would understand, as soon as I got the nerve to explain things to them. It wouldn't be any time soon, I was into sharing such deep things with people outside people. It's not that I didn't trust them, the event was just too personal for me to share.

Anyway, I began to play 'Who Will Save Your Souls?' I lost myself in the music and sang the song with such passion and emotion that I think I was scaring some people outside my door. I didn't understand why Tahsa was so freaked about me being alone, Hell, I'm older than her! Besides, in times like thses I hated being around people. I'm a person who likes to keep to herself a lot of the time. I guess a strong writer is mellow like that, they need time to themselves to be in peace and think.

It had been a long time and Tahsa still wasn't back. I wasn't too worried because Taylor was there to make sure she didn't get run over by a bus or something. And I wasn't concerned about them being alone, I knew Tahsa wasn't a slut so they wouldn't do something stupid.

I had finished a song I just wrote and broke into 'Amen'. In about thirty seconds, the door opened and there stood Tahsa, holding her camerea and looking warm.

'Yup, they were making out,' I thought.


*~"I love the way you love, but I hate the way, I'm supposed to love you back. It's just a fad. Part of the, teen, teenage angst brigade. And I'm not, not sure. Not too sure how it feels to handle every day, like the one that just passed in the crowds of all the people." Miss You Love,Silverchair~*

I smiled at Lindsay, glad to see that she was out of the bathroom before sitting down on my bed.

Taylor followed me and sat down on the floor. I grinned at him before putting my camera in my backpack. I would have to go get the film developed tomorrow. I didn't feel like doing it now.

I looked over at Lindsay and noticed that she had her guitar out.

"Hey, hold on just a jiffy!" I instructed.

I ran over to the closet and pulled my bass guitar off of the top shelf. I pulled out the case and practiced for about 30 seconds, sliding from a C to an F chord and decided that I was warmed up.

"Whatcha playing?" I asked.

"Um...Amen. But we can play something else if you want." She shrugged.

I nodded, cuz I didn't know Amen.

"Uhh..how about...Miss You Love, by Silverchair. DO you know it?" I asked.

She nodded and practiced a bit with the chords before we started the song. I happened to sing the lyrics. It was odd how well it sounded with only us. We switched off parts. It was like we had ESP or had done this and planned it out before or something.

I smiled at her as we harmonised on the chorus.

I looked out of the corner of my eye at Taylor who was sitting there kinda in awe.

We finished the song and kinda laughed.

Taylor was still sitting there with his head tilted to the left and a weird look on his face.

"Uh..Taylor? Why are you giving us that look?" Lindsay questioned.

"Hmm? Oh nothing. You just sounded good. That's all." He shook his head and stood up.

"Listen, I gotta go get back to my room. I'll see you two tomorrow. Bye Tash." He kissed me on the top of my head and waved at the two of us before stepping out of our room and heading down the hallway.

I looked back at Lindsay.

"Ya know, he is right. That sounded really good." I observed.

"Yeah. It did." Lindsay nodded.

We sat there quiet for a couple of minutes before I started strumming nothing in particular. Just a song I had written about 5 years back. It was simply instrumental and titled "Tomorrow Eve." Lindsay listened for a bit before putting her guitar up and sitting there indian-style and looking out the window. I looked at her and then put my guitar away.

"Listen, Lindsay. About today. What happened? Whats wrong?" I asked.

"Tash, I don't especially want to talk about it right now. As soon as I feel like it, you will be the first to know." She assured me.

I nodded and said "Okay." Then I got up and headed to the computer on her desk. I remembered my fan fic and went to my back pack and pulled out a red floppy.

"Hey Linz, you wanna see my fan fic?" I asked.

"Yeah sure!!" She jumped to her feet and came to sit down. I opened the file for her and let her read it.

"That's cool that your charater's name is Lindsay and stuff Cool coincidence huh?" She laughed.

"Yeah. She was one of the people that was hosted with me on the page." I mentioned.

"Really? You want to read mine? Its not very good in my opinion but, you can still read it."

I agreed and sat down to read hers. It took me 2 hours, but I finally read it. "Hey!! I'm in there!" I laughed.

"Ya know, I was thinking. Thats kind of a LOT of coincidences considering.

Were you hosted by Alana for Green Eggs And Hanson?" She asked.

"Yes. OHMIGOSH!! You're LINDSAY!!"

We both sat there reminiscing and laughing our asses off at how stupid we had been to not notice that.

Finally I noticed how late it was and shut down the computer before getting ready to go to bed.

I sat on the bed in my PJS and talked to Lindsay. We still found the coincidence funny.

Lindsay started telling me some tale from how she had done after that, web-wise. I sat there listening, with my knees up to my chest and my chin resting on my left knee.

Theres more to this chapter -- GO ON....