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After I finished talking, Tahsa started being the chatterbox. I lyed down, listening to her. Then I rolled to my side and retireved my Bath And Bodyworks Country Apple lotion and squeazed some onto my hand. Tahsa finally finished her sentence.

"Hey, want some?" I asked.

"Sure," she replied. I tossed the bottle in the air and it landed in her hand.

"Thanks," she said as she started to put the stuff on.

"By the way, you and Tay make are cute together," I complimented.

"Thanks. You know what?"


"I think you and Zac would be a good match,"

I cocked my eyebrow and then started laughing. Tasha looked at me puzzled.

"Well, I don't think so." I stated.

"Why do you say that? I thought you liked him?" she asked softly.

"Just beacuse I like Wonder Boy doesn't mean he likes me," I explained. "That's debateable," Tahsa claimed.

"Oh c'mon Tash, it's so obvious! The way he treats me is the same way YOU treat me. If that doesn't say 'let's just be friends' I don't know what would. Therefor concluding it's NOT debatable," I denied.

"I bet I can prove you wrong," she challenged.

"Whatever. I got a morning class tomorrow so I need to get some sleep. G'night," she sighed and returned, "G'night Linz."

We turned the lights out and shortly went to sleep. Meanwhile...

**********(Taylor's POV)**********

I shut the door behind me and looked at my brother lying on the pull out bed.

"Hey Zac." I greeted casually.

"Hey Tay. Where were you? Out with Tasha? Better yet, I KNOW the answer to that question. But where were you?" He flipped on his side to face me and looked at me, raising an eyebrow.

"Had homework." I said, as if that explained ANYTHING.

"Taylor, I don't think that THOSE kind of photos will let you pass in class." Zac hinted pervertedly.

I jumped up and beat him with my pillow.

"TAKE IT BACK!!" I commanded.

"Never!!" He retorted form under the pillow.

"TAKE IT BACK, DAMNIT!" I yelled as I started beating him even harder.

"Fine fine. I take it back." He sat up and started gasping for breath as soon as I stopped smothering him.

"Jeeze. What's with you?" He asked.

"Just don't say those kind of things. You know tha ti would never do that and you know that she would never do that." I insisted.

"I know. I know." He shrugged it off.

I watched the TV for a second. Some sitcom. Frasier I think. Then I looked at my watch. It was getting kinda late. I kicked off my shoes and took off my jeans and then hopped into bed in just my t-shirt and boxers. I could already tell that tomorrow was gonna be a LONG day.


I leaned back on my bed after talking to Lindsay for a while. Soon I could feel myself dozing off. My last thoughts consisted of what a weird day it had been.

If only I would have known how much Weirder it was gonna get.

**********(Zac's POV)**********

I picked up the remote and turned the tv off. I threw it back on the ground and turned on my side to get comfortable.

"Hey Prozac!" Taylor got my attention.

"What?" I returned.

"You like Lindsay, don't you?" he challenged.

"She's my friend, that should let you know she's not my worst enemy's dog." I informed.

"I don't mean it that way numb nuts! Do you like her as a GIRLFRIEND?" he emphithised.

"Why do you ask? Are you planning to dump Tahsa for her or something and you need to know so you know if you have to beat me up?"

"No! Will you just answer the damn question?!"

"No, I don't like her as a girlfriend. Just because I have a friend that's a girl doesn't mean I wanna hit on her. Happy now?" I turned on my other side and closed my eyes, trying to fall asleep.

"Oh c'mon Zac! That is such a lie!" I opened my eyes and turned to him.

"It's not a lie, I told you the truth! She's just my friend, nothing else! Now will you shut up? I gotta a morning class tomorrow so I need sleep!" I put my pillow over my head, signaling that the conversation was over.

"You like her admit it."

"I don't like her Taylor, for the 15th time!"

"Yes you do,"

"No I don't,"

"YES you DO!"




"Then would you care to explain why you get a thrill out of just watching her breathe?!"

I laughed and asked, "Since when have I gotton a thrill of watching Lindsay breathe?"

"Well, you seemed mighty entertianed when she fell asleep here last night,"

"For your information, I was making sure she wasn't having an asmah attack since her breaths got heavier and I wanted to know if I needed to get a pillow ready for if she snored like you. Now shut up and lemme sleep!"

Taylor started cracking up and then said, "Zac, that's the biggest bunch of BS I've heard in my life! Ha ha ha ha!"

"Well, your FACE is the biggest bunch of BS I've seen in MY life! Now lemme sleep dick head!"

"I know you like her Zac, it's so obvious."

"Then that just goes to show how big of a moron you are,"

"Yeah whatever Liar,"

"I'm not a liar! Look, just end this whole argument and go to sleep. G'night,"

"Good night Lindsay Lover!"

"UGH!" I yelled then threw the remote at his head.

It obviously just hit the bed coz my aim is terrible when I'm tired. Taylor laughed then muttered Lindsay Lover again. I growled at him, then he actually shut up. It took me about five minutes until I fell alseep.


I couldn't sleep. Total insomnia. AGAIN!! This was just too damn frustrating. I looked over to the other bed and could see Lindsay sleeping peacefully. Damn her for that. I wondered what Taylor was doing then. 'Sleeping. Duh!!' I answered myself.

Feeling bored I got up and logged on to the internet, checking my e-mail and then my site. I was doing okay. I shut off the computer and sat back down on my bed. This was completely irritating. I tried to lay back down but everything seemed wrong at one point or another. At first, the blanket felt like it was suffocating me with its stifling heat. After I flung that to the floor, I realised how lumpy my pillow was. I discarded that too only to become aware that the matress was too hard.

"Augh!" I said to myself.

I went into the bathroom and sat down in the dry bathtub. It was an old habit of mine that I always used to do when I was younger. It let me think and reflect. Soon I fell asleep in the fiberglass confines of a white bathtub in a dorm bathroom.

College life. Gotta love it.

**********(Taylor's POV)**********

I rolled my eyes at Zac's insistent denial that he didn't like Lindsay. His dreams proved otherwise. And everytime he had one of those sick fantasies of his, he would be really cheerful in the morning. It was kinda scary. I laughed to myself and wondered when the poor old reject was gonna come around and admit it.

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