**********(L POV)**********

I kissed Mom goodbye on her cheek and headed out of the hospital. My heart was in pain for her since she was going through all the weird side affects of kemo therapy. Yes, she WAS loosing her hair. I asked the doctors how the treatment was going, and they replied that it was too early too tell. But the outcomes were postitive so far. That was good. Hopefully it would stay that way.

I hopped in my car and drove back to the campus, heading to the Drama class. I parked the car and walked in. The class was being held in a large room that was located backstage, and was PACKED with people. One of them including that guy who looked like Scott Moffatt. I decided to talk to this guy, since he was completely adorable and looked like a nice person as well.

"Um, hi, I belive you're in my journalism class," I mentioned.

He looked up at me and flashed a heart warming smile. I could've melted right there.

"Yeah I am. Nice to see you again..." he returned, hinting that he wanted to know my name.

"Lindsay, Lindsay Miller," I introduced shaking his hand.

"Nice to meet you Lindsay. I'm Scott Moffatt." he replied, giving another gorgeous smile which made those hazel eyes sparkle.

My eyes went wide and my mouth dropped open.

"Oh my God you're SCOTT MOFFATT?! I LOVE YOU!! Erm...I, um, I mean...um," I squealed then chocked.

He laughed then reasured,"It's okay, I'm used to it. That was NOTHING compared to most of our Canidian fans at home,"

"Huh, really?"

"Oh God, yes! They are so crazy!"

I couldn't help but laugh then I asked, "Speaking of Canada, why are you here in good ol T-Town instead of way up there yander?"

"Well, i liked this college a lot and wanted to get my education here in the states."

I sat down next to him and we talked until class started. I was begining to really like this guy A LOT! He was really sweet and of course H-O-T-T!!!!! But then Zac entered my mind and my infatuation with Scott died down. Even though Scott was kewel, Zac was better. Awe yes, Zac is the supreme being.

Anyway, the teacher dude just explained how class was going to be like and what our first production was going to be. My favorite story, DUN DA DA DA! ROBIN HOOD! Auditions were being held and OF COURSE I was going to audition for Marian. And what was even better was that Scott was auditioning for Robin.(Coz I know how excited Tasha will get when she sees him in tights)

Hehehehehehe, evil thoughts. Too bad Zac wasn't in drama, he'd be such a fine Robin. :oP

Well, after class was over, Scott asked if I could do something with him (not as a date).

"I can't, I gotta do homework. I'm sorry Scott," I apologized.

"It's okay, we can do something some other time," he reasured.

"Yeah, we'll have to get together sometime," I mentioned.

"Yeah. Well, see ya Lindsay," he said as he started to turn.

"Bye," I returned.

He smiled then walked out of site. I hopped in my car and drove to the dorm, fantazing about Zac and I being Robin and Marian in those famous love scenes...

**********(Taylor's POV)**********

I looked at Zac out of the corner of my eye.

"Zac this is REALLY not a good idea." I spoke.

"ANd why is that?" He demanded.

"2 things dumbass, both pretaining to me. One, I am missing a VERY important class. Two, Tasha is gonna beat my ass!"

I immediatly started to worry about what Tasha was gonna say. I forced myself to think of something else hurriedly. An angry Tasha was not high on my list of priorities. I looked back out at the road.

"I still don't get it. Why the hell are we doing this?" I asked.

"BECAUSE!" Zac was losing his temper.

I resisted the urge to ask what crawled up his ass and died.

If Tasha or Lindsay for that matter ever found out, we would be dead men. VERY dead men.

I looked at my hands and the notes and reminders I had written on them. One was the reminder to call Chris Sabec about getting a talent scout from Mercury down to hear Tasha and Lindsay perform.

I picked up my backpack out of the floorboard and took out the picture that I had gotten developed last night for homework. The light was reflecting onto Tasha's face from the water, dancing playfully in her eyes. I leaned back and sighed inwardly. I sure hoped she never found out. I would hate to lose her. I really would.


I got out of the cold building and gasped at the frigid air outside. I don't think I would EVER get used to Oklahoma's weird weather. I crossed my arms, gritted my teeth and started heading towards my car. I was almost there when someone ran up behind me and tugged on my shoulder.

I smiled thinking it was Taylor. I turned around and the smiled immediatly vanished. Jared was the last person I wanted to see at the moment. And yet there he was before me.

"What do you want, dipshit?" I demanded icily.

He flinched at the coldness of my tone but still remained there.

"We need to talk." He said, placinghis hand on my shoulder.

I jerked away from him.

"We are SO through, asshole. Don't you EVER come near me. EVER." I commanded.

Suddenly Jared got VERY angry. He reached up and slapped me.

I stood there for a minute, shocked, before my senses came back and I kicked him where he would feel it for the next week.

While he was doubled over in pain, I ran to my car and started it hastily.

I drove over to the lake, 30 minutes away. Taylor said he went there to think. It would serve the same purpose for me.

**********(Zac's POV)**********

I parked the car in front of the strip club. Ike had dared us to do this, and I was not going to chicken out. Sure, it was wrong, but so is letting yourself be tormented as weak for the rest of your life by your brother. I got out of the car, Taylor reluctantly following me.

"Will you stop being such a baby and come on?" I nearly yelled at him. He was making me VERY angry.

"Zac, this is like cheating on Tahsa! What if she finds out?!" he freaked.

"Make sure she DOESN'T find out numb nuts! Now c'mon!" I returned, pulling him inside.

Both of our eyes widened at the site we saw dancing around on stage. Can't back out now. I walked forward, Taylor staying behind, looking at the floor. I got pissed at wussy boy and turned back around.

"TAYLOR-" I yelled.

"Look! I'm NOT doing this!" he refused heading to the door.

"Taylor! Ike will think you're such a wuss!" I encouraged.

"Ike can just go to hell then, I'm not sick enough to step near this place!" and with that, he left.

I thought for a second, then ran after him.

"WAIT FOR ME!" I yelled, then hopped in the passanger seat.

Taylor started the car and drove off away from the house of sin. I was actually glad I didn't stay there further. Guys whow wnet to things need help. I don't wanna be a person who needs help. Besides, none of the girls would compare to her...

"So, you took my advice for once?" he gave me a smirk.

"Yeah. I'm sorry Taylor, I was being a complete dumbass." I apologized.

"It's okay, I guess. You walked away from temptation which I'm proud of you for. Now I gotta go talk to Tahsa. What we did is between you and me, don't tell anyone, not even Lindsay when you two start going out,"

"Shut up!"

He smiled then said, "What I'm gonna tell Tahsa is that I slept in, realized I still needed to get film developed, you made me drag you along, you spent way too long in trying find something to give Lindsay since you're madly in love with her-"

"TAYLOR!" I Interupted angrily.

"It's payback buddy," he snapped.

I growled, crossing me arms and he just smiled and continued.

"As I was saying, but you couldn't find anything coz you said that nothing there could express your true feelings, and then we got stuck in traffic. Good excuse?" he asked.

"Yeah, that's believable. But I think you should tell her the truth," I mentioned.

"That'd be stupid since we didn't even see anything anyway. And she'll probably get pissed that I even came close to the place-"


"Okay, okay, whatever. Don't get your panties in a knot," he said then laughed.

I was about to kick him when he said, "Gee, it'd be a shame if we let Lindsay know the reason you were saying her name so loud in your dream last night," Taylor blackmailed.

"I wasn't even thinking about her last night pervert!" I denied.

"So you claim," Taylor returned, which would mean that he'd make it look like I was too embaressed to say my feelings and that he was telling the truth.

I muttered some innapropiate words under my breath, gave a scowl, and pouted with my arms crossed. Taylor just laughed and me and then chimmed, "Oh, I love being a big brother!"

I growled at him as we headed back to the campus.


I had finished my journalism and had just finished looking over Marian's lines. I think I had them down, but I needed someone to help me practice. I think you know who I had in mind, hehehehe. Anyway, I set the lines down on the desk and stood up to stretch. I listened to On The 6 on my stereo for about three minutes until there was a knock on the door. I got hopefull that it was Zac. I paused my stereo and opened the door. It was Shelly. Even though I was glad to see her, I was dissapointed that it wasn't Wonder Boy. We greeted each other with a hug.

"I have a college present for you," she smiled.

"Okay," I returned.

From behind her stood an adorable black lab puppy. When he saw me he had like this smile and wagged his tail. Right then, I fell in love. I squealed a thank you and he's so adorable while petting the dog and him giving me kisses all over my face.

"His name is Milo and YES he has been housetrained." Shelly informed. I picked Milo up and cuddled him, talking to my puppy in baby talk. He liked me and cuddled back in content.

"Thank you so much Shelly!" i exclaimed.

"Yeah, I know." she returnred, smiling.

Shelly dropped off all the puppy needs, then had to go beacuse she had a blind date or something. But she didn't seem to excited about it though since her total ditz on match making friend set it up. I felt sorry for her but then again, I was played so a blind date can't be THAT bad! I played with Milo for a half hour, then took him out for a walk. We had just entered the hall when someone going VERY fast ran into me. Fortunatley, they didn't knock me over but I did let out a schriek in shock.

"Oh God, I'm sorry Lindsay! Do you know where Tahsa is?" Taylor asked as soon as we got concious.

"I thought she was at class with you?!" I replied.

"Well, it's a long story, but I didn't go to class. So she's not there?"


"Shit, do you know where'd she'd be?"

"I have no idea. No, wait a minute. She said something about a lake last night, she might be there,"

"You are a saint, thank you!"

And with that, Taylor ran off. I wondered what the deal was. Oh, well, probably not my business anyway. Milo and I took a nice walk around the pretty campus, him being curios at nearly everything. We walked around for an hour, and went back to the dorm in mad rush it beagan to rain...or should as I STORMED! We got back and dried off. After about twenty minutes, there was a knock on the door. I stood up from my cozy bed, Milo following my every move. I opened the door to a miserable looking Zac.

"Hey Zac! What's wrong?" I greeted, concerned that he looked the least bit upset.

"Um, Can I talk to you about something?" he asked.

"Sure, c'mon in," I invited.

He smiled and I shut the door behind him.

"Thanks Lindsay. You're the only person I can tell this to, and it's to remain between you and me ONLY. So please, keep it a secret," he explained.

"Not a problem. You're secret's safe with me Batman," I promised. We both laughed. He explained the situation. After he finished, I yelled so loud that Japan could hear, "YOU DID WAHT?!"


The rain pelted down on me from the sky as I stared at the lake, uncaring of the dampness seeping through my skin. Jared's actions were just kinda mortifying. I am pretty sure that the rain was just sizzling right off me cuz I was so angry.

I stared at the lake, burning holes in the surface of the water. Suddenly my mind drifted to Taylor for no apparent reason.

I got peaceful..kinda. Then I got worried wondering where he had been.

As if on cue, I could see headlights behind me as the rays reflected in the water falling from heaven. Soon I heard the door shut as someone climbed out, leaving the car running.

I finally turned to see Taylor behind me, his hair wet and clinging to him and his plain white tight shirt turning see through. I could have melted right there. I noticed how stringy my own hair was getting and then thanked my guardian angel that I wasn't wearing a white shirt.

Taylor stood in front of the headlights and walked towards me. Geeze this sounded like a cheezy movie plot. I resisted the urge to walk into ihs now open and inviting arms. I stood my ground. I really didn't want to be touched by anyone at the moment.

He gave me a weird look before walking the rest of the way to me. He pulled me into his arms and I kind of hugged him back. Weakly and without much feeling to it.

He stepped back and looked at me.

"Tash? What's wrong?" He searched my face for any emotion that would give me away but I suppose he didn't find one.

"Jared. He slapped me." That was all I could say.

I was glad it was raining. No one sees you crying in the rain.

Taylor stepped forward again and hugged me. This time I hugged him back.

"I'm gonna hurt him. He will be sorry his parents ever heard of the birds and the bees." Taylor told me.

I smiled and enjoyed the warmth of his body and the strength of his arms around me.

Finally I looked up. (WAY up! LoL)

"Tay, where were you? I knocked on the door but you weren't there and you didn't come to class." This time I looked him in the face, searching for an expression that would explain. I didn't see one.

"Well, I slept in and then had to drag Zac along to get the photos for homework developed and got stuck in traffic after Zac was looking for something to give his little Lady Love Lindsay." Taylor explained. "I'm sorry." He added.

"That's okay." I nodded.

"Well, let's get back to the truck. We are gonna get sick out here!" He suggested.

I nodded and we both headed back to the truck. I shivered when I finally realised how cold I was and he flipped on the heater. Soon it was warm and I started to dry.

Taylor looked over at my shirt.

"Cute shirt." He laughed.

I grinned. I had forgotten that I was wearing my Hanson shirt that day. I watched the windows as the rain beat down mercilessly upon them. Then I flipped on the radio to a local rock station and listened as Sheryl Crow belted out "Sweet Child Of Mine".

I sang along very softly as we headed back to the dorms.

**********(Taylor's POV)**********

I felt guilty about lying to Tasha. Really guilty. But I never really did anything wrong so it wasn't too bad to lie. I mean, I HAD done most of that stuff. Only I had done that last night. But it didn't matter. Tasha would never know or need to know.

I looked over at her and smiled as she sang along. She looked over at me and smiled back. I looked back at the road and headed back to the University.

We got there and I grabbed a few towels from my room and tossed one to her. She smiled and said "thanks" before kissing me on the cheek and trying to dry herself off. I did likewise and found that it was utterly impossible.

I grabbed some clothes out of the drawers and headed to the bathroom to change. When I came back, Tasha was looking at the photos on my dresser and smiling. When I came over I noticed she was looking at the one with me and my brothers when we were recording Boomerang.

I smiled at her before speaking. "You gonna go change or what? You can get sick really easy in those wet clothes."

She nodded and went to her room to change.

I nodded and sat down on the papisan as I awaited her return.

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