Chapter 1

"Hey! Watch where you are going!" Madeline screamed at the guy who was streaming past her, long blonde hair streaming in the wind.

The boy turned around on his rollerblades and then glided over towards her.

"Sorry. Are you okay?" He asked looking at her sincerely with deep blue eyes.

" Well lets see. I just got knocked on my butt by a boy who appears to have a phobia of both scissors and ever going below 90 miles an hour." Madeline said while picking up her bookbag off the pavement. In her hurry, she failed to notice that the bookbag was both upside down and unzipped.

As soon as the bag lost touch with the pavement, all the contents were scattered across the lawn and sidewalk.

"Here. Let me help you." he said stooping over to gather the loose papers and pens. He handed them to her and finally got a good look at the stranger. She was short but looked like she could definitely knock the MMMBop out of him if she chose to. She had deep emerald green eyes that were brought out by her fiery straight red hair. Her peaches and cream complexion complimented both her hair and eyes.

"Thanx" she said, breaking his trance. "Um, I didn't catch a name."

"Huh? Oh. Its Taylor. Taylor Hanson." He stuttered while his cheeks went through multiple shades of red.

"Hi Taylor. My names Madeline. Nice bumping into you." She said extending her hand while laughing at her own little joke.

Taylor laughed while he shook her hand, still a little cautious and ready to run if she should chance to recognize him.

She didn't however.

"All right. Well I better get going. My friend Ana is waiting for me. Maybe I'll see you around." she said as she headed on her way down the street. "Hold up! Um, let me give you my address." He said skating up to her.

She looked at him a little funny before going, "Okay. This is odd, but okay."

He handed her a piece of paper and casually mentioned that he would be home most of tomorrow and that he had nothing to do.

She smiled at him before continuing down the sidewalk and pocketing the paper.


"Its about time you got here! The troll was starting to get impatient. He has a date and is only giving us a ride because he lost a bet!" Ana said, gesturing towards her older brother, Kyle.

He was tall and built with dark brown hair and brown eyes making his already tanned skin seem darker. Madeline seriously thought that he was born with a defect that didn't allow him to ever smile.

"Come on butt-wipe! Dragging you and your little teeny-bopper friend around is not my idea of fun." The troll (aka Kyle) said making his "grande" entrance into the livingroom. He walked ahead of the girls towards his car.

"Hello to you too." Madeline muttered under her breath before following the siblings toward the black Pontiac Firebird in the driveway.

The girls climbed in the back seat and fastened their seat belts just in time to avoid hitting the seats in front of them from Kyle's sudden reverse.

" To the Bowling Alley, Holt!" Ana screamed from the back seat over the loud music of Silverchair's "Anthem for the year 2000".

"Yes Mrs. Daisy!" He bellowed with a sneer before screeching his tires against the asphalt and burning a trail towards the local Bowl-a-rama.


Madeline pushed the glass doors of the massive building open before bracing herself against the cold gush of wind that poured out from inside. She quickly stepped in, followed by Ana.

Picking her path among the many locals in the lobby, Madeline made a path towards the front desk.

" Um excuse me? I need 2 games and 2 pairs of shoes. Both shoe sizes 8." Ana said while reaching in her pocket for her money.

"Yeah, that totals to $13.50." The women said while chewing her gum like a cow chewing its cud.

Ana quickly passed the cash over the counter before Madeline had time to protest.

Madeline finally found the time to protest on the way over to a table to put her shoes on.

"Ana, you shouldn't have paid for me. You know I hate that!" she said as she bent over to untie her Adidas.

"Its all right!" Ana said, flashing her a grin. " You're paying for the snacks!"

"Oh crap! I'll end up paying double what you did for the game." Madeline announced with mock despair.

"Thats all right. I ate dinner before coming." Ana said flashing her a cheezy grin.

"I was wrong" Madeline moaned. "It'll be triple."

Both girls laughed before making their way over to the snack bar to pick out their dining selection of the night.

They finally settled on 3 things of Nachoes, a large container of fries and 2 Humungous things of Vanilla flavored Dr. Pepper.

When they set there stuff down on the table, they began to search the lanes for an empty one. Ana was praying for a lane with bumpers because she wasn't very good at the sport.

Madeline spied one with bumpers and began to run over there before it got snagged. Unfortunately, she wasn't looking for the other girl running straight for the same lane.

There was a mass collision\wipeout on the linoleum floor. Madeline laid there for a little while laughing before seeing a hand stuck immediately in her face.

She took the extended hand and pulled herself to her feet. She looked at her victim of inertia and immediately started laughing. There stood Alana, glancing around to make sure too many people didn't notice. At 5'5, Alana blended right in to the crowd. She was the same height as Madeline and had the same eyes but the similarities stopped there. She had long, long, long brown hair verses Madeline's just-beyond-shoulder-length red hair and had an olive complexion vs. Madeline's light skin.

"Man, am I on a roll." Madeline proclaimed while dusting the dirt from the floor off her.

"What are you talking about?" Alana questioned, still smiling and glancing around for onlookers.

"I bumped into Ta.." Madeline paused and then realized that this guy was from Hanson. She had run into what she thought to be the middle brother of the famous pop trio. Madeline had heard of them on the radio and thought the song was cool but she wasn't exactly beating people down to purchase the CD. Still, he was famous and of importance to people. Some girls prayed and dreamed and based their very existence on just bumping into him like she did.

"Hello?!! Obee 1 Kanobee, do you copy?"

Madeline was snapped inot reality by the sound of Alana demanding her presence back on Earth.

"Huh?" was all Madeline could manage to come up with in her dazed and confused state.

"I said who did you run into?" Alana asked or rather demanded. She stood there impatiently and Madeline halfway expected Alana to start tapping her foot with anxiety.

"Some kid on the street who really needed a haircut." Madeline spurt out before walking towards the computer to enter their names in.

"You wanna play a set with us?" Madeline inquired as she busied herself with the screen and entering their names.

" Sure. Back to the previous conversation. You said Ta and then stopped. You must know their name so just spit it out." Alana stated while trying to read Madeline's face to read any expressions that would give it away.

Madeline was about to tell her when she realized that Alana would just tell everyone and get hyper and demand to meet him. Still it was a once in a lifetime chance to meet Taylor for some and Alana would enjoy meeting Hanson.

"Okay, but you have to keep this absolutely hush-hush. Promise?" Madeline turned to Alana, the computer screen casting a blueish glow on Madeline's face.

"Well yeah, but aren't you going to tell Ana?" Alana questioned trying to keep everyone equal and open.

"Yeah, later. It just hasn't come up. I'll tell her when we get home. I'm staying the night, so we can just stay up and I'll tell her then. So you really want to know?"

Madeline teased, knowing full well what her response would be.

"Duh! Tell me please. I'll stay totally tight-lipped. Promise." Alana started to whine.

"Okay. Don't sound so nasaly. It annoys me. I ran into.." Madeline lowered her voice" Taylor Hanson."

"WHAT?!!" Alana shrieked, immediately quieting down when people started glaring at her. She continued quietly," Taylor Hanson? THE Taylor Hanson?! As in the guy who sings MMBop?! You must be kidding me. How?"

"SHHhh! He bumped into me when I was on my way to Ana's and helped me pick up my books. He seems really down-to-Earth and normal. Plus he is nice. I don't see what the big deal is. I hope there isn't a mob there when I go over." Madeline rambled, not even realizing she had said the last sentence out loud.

"WHAT?!!" Alana's voice rose again. Again the harsh glares quieted her. "You are going over there?! You gotta take me with you. I just HAVE to meet Ike."

"Chill Alana. You usually don't act like this. What's gotten into you? I'll call and ask if I can bring 2 friends. Calm down." Madeline said softly, urging Alana to bring it down a notch.

"Sorry. I've had caffeine. I just think it would be real cool and maybe they could help me get a record deal or at least get my demo out there. And I DO want to meet Isaac." She confided.

Madeline was about to comment when she saw Ana making her way over to the two.

"What's going on? I heard Alana raise her voice twice and you don't even have our names up there yet. Hi Alana." Ana said in one breath.

" I'll tell you later. Alana is going to bowl with us so lets get this thing set up." Madeline commented as she turned back to the computer screen and once again began focusing on the names.

Suddenly three guys appeared and one finally spoke up.

"Hey Madeline."

Startled, Madeline looked up after jumping 4 feet in the air to see none other than the previously discussed man himself.

"Um can we join you? There aren't any other clear lanes and we only have about 3 hours so we don't want to wait." Taylor said gesturing around to the packed building.

The three girls conferred and then Ana said " Sure, but uh.. we paid for this lane so how are you going to pay us for letting you play a game with us?"

"How about if we pay for you lovely ladies food?" the older one suggested, looking at Alana with a strong interest. He was under the opinion that the guys would have the easy way out. After all, how much can one girl eat?

Evil grins flashed across the girls' faces and they took him up on the offer before he had a chance to think twice.

"Great!" Taylor said as he picked out his bowling ball.

Madeline entered the 3 names into the computer and soon everyone was ready to play.

Then the 6 people divided in to 2 teams. Madeline, Ana, and Zac were on one team, Taylor, Alana, and Isaac were on the other.

Zac was better than them all in the first game. He bowled 4 strikes and the rest were spares with the exception of one where Alana ran up and tickled him right before he swung. He was short of a spare by 1 pin. He called the bowling ball he used "the black ball of death" (cheezy yes, but thats what my dad does and he always wins!).

Taylor and Madeline tied for second and Isaac, Alana, and Ana had no hope.

When the first game was over, the girls decided it was time for the guys to pay their fee, and they paid dearly.It cost the guys $40 to feed the girls, not counting their own food. Then all three Hanson brothers watched in amazement as the girls devoured all the food in 6 minutes.

"How do you all stay fit? You even beat Zac's timing!" Taylor gasped.

Alana shrugged and said "metabolism" as if that explained everything. Zac was still a little bit hurt that they had dared to beat his record of IOFS (inhalation of food substances) but he was immediatly back to normal (well as normal as Zac can get) when the girls were ready to play another game.

They lined up to play again but when Zac released the ball he didn't release it properly and something went wrong. He doubled over in pain, grasping his hand as his face contorted into agony and the ball rolled down the wooden planks towards the pins standing superior to all that dare pass.

Ana nearly flew to his side and the other 4 formed a barrier around the injured boy to prevent a scene. Suddenly they heard the sounds of pins falling.

"Damn Zac. You just can't go without making a strike can you?!" Taylor asked incredulously as the ball knocked down all of the standing objects. Everyone laughed except for Zac who was in a lot of pain.

When he finally did say something, it was that he hoped it wouldn't mess up his drumming. He looked so serious, they all had to laugh.

Ana had taken a course in first aid and examined Zac's hand carefully to check for broken bones or anything that could possibly go wrong with his hand. He had pulled a finger out of place and it could be fixed without difficulty but it would mean he couldn't play for 1 week. He was upset at first that he wouldn't be able to play for a week but was relieved at the same time that he would be able to play at all.

Zac had no intentions of playing any further into the game and Ana was kind of sick of the game so they both sat there watching the other 4 play.

Zac's hand still hurt, but he wasn't in the mood to complain and he didn't want to ruin everyone's fun so he sat there and bared through it.

Madeline was having a lot of fun. She was paired up with Taylor and they were leaving the other 2 in the dust. She had never enjoyed herself this much since elementary school.

When the game was finally over, Taylor and Madeline were the victors (surprise, surprise) and Isaac and Alana were surprisingly good sports about it. Alana had to leave shortly after the game was finished and then Ana realized that they had no ride home.

"Uh, Madeline? I need to talk to you." Ana said, pulling Madeline to the side.

"Huh? Whats up Ana?" she chirped, dropping her grin when she saw the serious expression on her friends face.

"Kyle was supposed to be here an hour ago and he isn't here." she explained.

"That obnoxious jerk!" Madeline spewed. There was no way she could possibly walk up to Taylor and bum a ride. It would make her look stupid.

"Um girls?" Isaac walked towards them. "Do you need a ride?"

"No, thats okay. We're covered but thanks." Madeline interrupted before Ana could say anything.

"You sure? I don't think you should stay too late. I have a cell phone. I could give you a ride and you can call your previous transportation suppliers and tell them that you don't need a ride anymore. Its not a problem." Ike said, frowning in disapproval on their stubbornness of the subject.

"Actually that would be good. Thanks." Ana blurted, this time out doing Madeline.

"Great. Come this way." Ana flagged.

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