Chapter 10
[The End]

"Ohmigosh!" Alana looked at the scene in front of her in surprise.

The first thing that Alana's eyes crossed was Ana, slumped in a heap against the side of the building. She rushed to Ana's side, searching for bruises or any serious injuries.

Short of a few large bruises and minor bleeding, nothing was badly battered. Which was unusual. Alex was none to leave trademark scars.

She looked behind her and saw Alex himself beaten on the ground, blood rushing from cuts on his head and back and arms.

"Who could have possibly done this? Certainly not Ana!" Alana questioned outloud.

"Me." She turned around and saw Zac, leaning against the building with hardly a scratch on him.

Alana nodded her head in understanding and gestured for Zac to help her carry Ana indoors.

They had made it around by the front doors when Taylor had just reached them, about to go outside.

He looked questioningly at the two but said nothing.

They would surely explain after a while.

Ana was placed on one of the waiting chairs and Alana ran and got a doctor to go outside and have a look at Alex.

She didn't dare touch him for fear of all the blood and cuts. She could easily mess something up. And as much as she wanted to kill the little b@$+@**, she couldn't dare live with the guilt of killing a boy.

After 30 minutes when everything had been sorted out, the three Hanson brothers and Alana and Ana sat in the chairs all swinging their feet in unison.

Forty-five minutes later, everything had been relayed to the boys and Ana had awoken.

Soon a doctor came towards the group and asked that they all go home.

Alana only lived about 4 blocks down and so she walked towards her house as Ike gave Ana a ride home towards her own place.

Alana was just crossing the street to her house when she looked up and saw headlights coming right at her.

She screamed and braced herself for the contact.

Instead, she found herself lying on a mattress in her own room at home with her younger sister shaking her shoulders to wake her.

"Wha-what is going on?" Alana asked sitting up.

"I think you just had a nightmare." her younger sister, Alena explained.

"Oh." Alana fell back on her bed and stared up at her Hanson covered ceiling as her sister padded softly back to her room.

Soon, she was asleep again.

The next morning, she prepared for a nice relaxing Saturday.

She lounged around the house and watched MTV.

Soon she got bored and reached over and grabbed the phone, dialing Ana's number to tell her about the strange dream.

Ana agreed that it was odd and then said she had to go because her mother needed her to wash dishes.

Alana agreed and hung up.

After watching Armageddon she glanced at her watch.

It was late in the afternoon.

Alana grabbed her car keys and headed out to do something.

She pulled into the parking lot of a local teen hangout and payed the entrance fee.

10 minutes later, she found herself wiped out on the floor after racing to get a bowling lane.

She stood up and extended her hand to the person she had knocked down so that she could pull them to their feet. She cautiously looked around to see if anyone was watching her. The last thing she wanted to do was make a scene.

She turned to see the person she had knocked down.

Madeline stood up and dusted herself off. "Man am I on a roll."

Alana looked at her puzzled.

"What are you talking about?"

"I just bumbed into Ta..."

**********THE END**********

(AN: If what just happened confuses you, e-mail me and I will explain.)

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