Chapter 2

"Mom? I'm home!" Ana announced as she walked into the foyer.

"Ana? Hey Honey! Is your brother with you?" Mrs. Everett called from the direction of the sewing room.

Ana walked into the sewing room and looked at her mother. She was 5'3" and was beginningg ot show signs of age with graying strands. She was in better shape than the average teen though and still held a straight posture and porcelain face with almost delicate features.

"No m'am. He was a no show. I had to have my friends give me a ride. He is probably out with some friends and got distracted. You know Kyle." Ana said, still a little more than irritated that she had been stranded momentarily.

"Well thanks. Go ahead and help yourself to the pizza in the kitchen."

Mrs. Everett put a smile on her face but Madeline and Ana could easily read the worry etched in her face.

"Don't worry Mrs. Everett. He's just being himself. I wouldn't think much of it. Lets just take advantage of the rest and peace and eat before he gets back to destroy it all." Madeline said in her best effort to cheer up Ana's mom.

"You're right Madeline. Thanks. Oh by the way, I am going out tomorrow and so you girls will have to fend for yourselves. Considering that Kyle is going to be here, I recommend that you go to a friends house. Leave the address on the counter when you go."

"Okay Mom. We probably will go somewhere. 'Nite."

"Good night girls."

Madeline and Ana turned down the hall and walked towards the kitchen.

"Actually, I'm not really that hungry." Madeeline said as she glanced at the pizza.

"Yeah me neither. Lets go to my room and watch the idiot box."

"Agreed." Madeline turned and headed towards the stairs.

She walked towards Ana's room and hesitated before twisting the knob and pushing the wooden panel open. Ana stood behind her and then made a mad dash for the stereo.

"What will our listening pleasure be apointed to this evening, Miss Moreano?" Ana mocked an English proper accent as she turned towards her vast CD collection. Madeline broke her trance from the 'N Sync poster long enough to say "Middle of Nowhere" before returning to Never-Never-Land again.

The first chords of "Thinking of You" broke through the silence and Madeline and Ana began to sing along absent-mindedly.

As the song ended Ana was overcome with a sudden boredom.

"This is boring. We need to find something to do, Maddy." Ana said as she played with the trim on the edge of one of the dozens of pillows that overpowered her bed.

"Your right. How Lemme think. I know. Lets play Truth. You can ask me any question or propose a situation and I have to answer the question or say how I would work my way out of the situation." Madeline suggested, knowing that Ana would never turn down a game even remotely similar to Truth-or-Dare.

"Okay. Kewl. You start." Ana conceded.

"Okay. um.... Do you like Zac?" She suddenly blurt out as the idea hit her. She knew the answer but she wanted to watch as Ana blushed and admitted. She got the results.

"Yeah." Ana admitted meakly as her face went through the many hues of red.

"Ha! I knew it. Your turn." Madeline victoriously cried.

" Alrighty. Lets see. Admit your true thoughts and feelings towards Taylor. I saw the way you looked at him." Ana took her swing at revenge.

Now Madeline started blushing.

"He's nice and cute. He is a major klutz thought": she laughed.

Ana joined her in laughter and was about to ask another question when the phone suddenly rang.

"Hello?" Ana asked the phone.

"Hello. Is this Ana?" a male voice questioned.

"Yes. Can I help you?" she said vaguely remembering the voice.

"Yeah. This is Zac."

"Zac?" Ana questioned, confused.

"You know, Zac Hanson. From the bowling alley." The voice to be known as Zac responded.

"Oh okay. How did you get my number?" she asked as she waved Madeline away from overpowering her and stealing the phone.

" Madeline dropped her address book and forgot to pick it up when her backpack spilled this afternoon. Tay forgot to give it back to her at the bowling alley and I found your number and decided to call. That is okay isn't it?"

"Yeah. Its fine. I'm just surprised to hear from you." She reassured him after overcoming her shock.

"Um.. Madeline's coming over tomorrow to hang out and I was wondering if you could come to."

"Yeah sure. That would be great!" Ana had to restrain herself from jumping up and down and making an imbesel of her self.

"Okay great. Oww! Ike wants you to invite Alana too." He said, audibly grimacing from Isaac's elbowing nudge. "I think he has the hots for her." He whispered before grimacing in pain again when Ike punched him.

"Okay. Well I'll be there. I got to let you go now so I can call Alana. Make sure you have your hand looked at. 'Nite." she stated.

" Okay. 'Nite." he responded.

Then there was a click and he was gone.

Ana quickly dialed Alana's number and prayed that she would answer it before her parents. Luck was with her.


"Hey Alana. This is Ana. Zac just called and Ike invited you to come with us to their house tomorrow. Can you make it?" Ana gushed.

"Sure. What time?" Alana said, her voice slightly rising a pitch as she was over come with eagerness.

"Come over to my house at about 9 and we will go from there."

"Okay. 9. gotcha."

"Alright. Bye."


"What was that all about?" Madeline asked as Ana finally hung up the phone.

"Huh? Oh that was Zac. He called me to say hi and to tell me that Ike wanted Alana to come with us. She is coming over at 9."

"Oh okay." (momentary silence)"What?!! 9?!! We need to get some sleep if we are going to be getting up that early!!" Madeline almost screamed as she ran to get ready for bed.

"Ohmigosh! You're right." Ana proclaimed as she followed Madeline and got ready for bed.

Soon the girls were laying down and with a quick "goodnight" settled into the land of slumber, with the alarm set for 8 in the AM.

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