Chapter 3
The Hanson household

The alarm went off and Madeline shot straight up at the noisy beeping of the digital morning call. She reached over and shook Ana awake before standing up and heading towards the bathroom with her bag. She was out of the shower in 10 minutes and ready to go in 10 more. She settled on wearing her khaki drawstring cargo pants and her gray fitted tank accompanied with her black docs.

Ana quickly ran into the shower as soon as Madeline emerged and got ready while Madeline went to get something to eat.

Ana finally came down wearing her blue camouflage tank with sliver glittered black jeans and her yellow docs.

She got down a bowl and spoon and took out the milk and cereal as she sat down and made herself a mean bowl of Waffle Crisp.

"How can you eat that stuff?" Madeline questioned as she swallowed her pop tart.

" Eat what?" Ana inquired with her mouth full of mushed up Waffle Crisp.

"Yuck!! I swear you are going to be so hyper!! That stuff is nasty!!" Madeline said, nearly throwing up when she recalled the sight of Ana with her mouth full of the nasty cereal.

Ana just shrugged it off and finished her cereal before dumping the bowl in the sink. Then she walked over to the post-its pad and wrote the address to the Hanson house and set it on the counter just before the doorbell rang to symbolize Alana's arrival.

Madeline ran to the door and flung it open. There stood Alana with her hair in tiny braids wearing a T-shirt that stated "Don't underestimate the power of stupid people in Large numbers" with some blue jeans and black nike slides.

"Morning!" she said cheerfully as she walked through the door.

Ana came out of the kitchen and said "Let's go!" She ushered the three out the door and locked it before they began the walk over to the Hanson house.

They were half way down the street when Madeline burst into "Tearin' Up My Heart". The other two chorused in and they did some of the choreography as the bee-bopped their way down the road.

They had made it through 5 'N Sync songs before they reached the property of the brothers. They walked down the driveway across the two acres and made it up to the door.

Madeline had just raised her hand to knock when the door opened revealing Isaac standing there.

"Aahh! You scared me." Madeline almost screamed, more than a little shocked at the door opening before she was able to make contact with it.

"Yeah. He tends to have that effect on people." came a voice from behind him.

Taylor stepped out from behind him and ducked just fast enough to avoid a swift knock to the side of the head.

"Um.. As lovely as this is.... We kinda look like idiots just standing on the porch." Ana voiced, trying to see past Taylor and look for Zac.

Suddenly Ana felt a stream of water down her back. She turned fast enough to see Zac beating a hast retreat with a Super Soaker in hand.

"Get back here you twinkie-loving weirdo!!" Ana screamed before burning a trail towards the direction that Zac had exited, stage left.

Alana watched as Ana ran out of sight after the little drummer boy before turning back to the group.

"Okay. We can do one of two things. One, chase them. OR two trap them." Taylor announced as he formed an evil smile while the little wheels in his head began to turn.

"If we trap them we can get them both and far worse. If we chase them, we'll probably only catch one of them and even then we won't cream them that good." Madeline observed.

"Then its agreed. We trap them." Ike beckoned the two girls to come in as they began to gather supplies for their plan.


Ana was gaining ground on Zac when suddenly he turned and fired his super soaker straight at her. She turned and began to run towards the woods that outlined the Hanson property.

Little did she know who was waiting in the bushes to ambush her. If only it hadn't all gone horribly wrong things would have been okay. But it didn't and they weren't.

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Green Eggs And Hanson

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