Chapter 4
Pranks & Punishment

"Shhhh. Quiet or they'll hear you!" Isaac tried to quiet the bunch up in the trees covering the opening of the woodsy area.

The other 3 did as they were instructed and watched as Ana beat a hasty path directly in their direction. Zac was closing in on her screaming something about ALbertane and people from Mars.

Ana turned and looked at Zac before heading straight in the direction of Madeline's tree. She ran around ot the other side fo the massive oak and attempted to hide. Madeline would have to resituate herself to be able to ooze the innocent victim. None of the other 3 were near enough to slime her with the mooshy blue shaving cream in their super Soakers.

Madeline tried to hold her gun in one hand while grasping the small branch next to her and switching her weight to the other foot so that she could move. Suddenly the branch snapped and Madeline went hurdling towards the sodden ground with the branch right below her and Ana.

A sickening thud was heard before Madeline even hit the ground. A scream peirced the air as Madeline's body landed on the fallen tree piece and a portion of the branch punctured her leg.

Alana quickly scrambeled from her position in the tree and I saac and Taylor did the same. Zac stood there with a look of greif on his face and a greenish color overecoming his tan skin as the blood gooped out of the hole in Madeline's leg.

" ohmigosh! Don't just stand there! Help me!!" Alana screamed as she immediatly reflexed to help her two friends.

Zac immediatly ran to Ana's sideand flipped her over, gently shaking her to try and make her eyes open.

"Huh? what just happened? Zac? Zac Hanson? Ohhh, what a painful dream! My arm hurts really bad." Ana moaned as her eyes flickered open. She looked down at her arm, horribly twisted in an unnatural way. She immediatly grimaced as a wave of pain washed over her when she tried to move.

She turned her head to see her best friend on the ground surrounded by two of the Hanson Bro.s and Alana with a pool of red liquid covering the ground around her.

She imediatly sat up, ignoring the shooting pain up and down her spine. She stumbled over to Madeline and started sobbing when she realised that er friend was out cold.

"Zac! Run and get mom now!!! We need help!! Fast! SHe's losing alot of blood!!" I saac screamed as he took off his shirt and ripped a large portion of it and wrapped it around the massive blood leak on her leg. The Dark Green material of the shirt immediately turned a brownish color as it absorbed the free flowing blood.

"This isn't a dream is it?" Ana asked, still dazed as Zac jetted off towards the large house.

Everyone looked at her and shook their heads.

"I'm going to fallow him. my injury isn't serious and I can manage. Tell Madeline to pull through for me." Ana said as the tears began to roll down her cheeks. She slowly turned and began to limp to the house, so as not to disturb the fragile condition of her arm.

Everyone with Madeline watched her walk out of the area before turning back to the injured girl in Taylor's arms.

In the mean time, Zac arrived at the house to find no one home. A message was on the counter explaining that both parents had gone to the super market and would be back before 5. He paced the floor for a few seconds before picking up the phone and dialingthe number that would affect the very existence of poor Madeline.

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