Chapter 5
The Lost

“The ambulance is on its way.” Zac came out of his house as Ana limped her way up to the porch.

“Good.” Ana grited her teeth from the fiery bolts of pain shooting through her arm.

"We need to get you to the hospital to fix that." Zac touched her arm lightly.

"Owww. Don't touch it!" Ana instructed pulling away from his fingers.


"Can your mom or dad drive me?"

"They left a note saying she wouldn't be back until five tonight."

"Oh, well, I guess I'll call my mother, but... oh I forgot, she went out and I don't have a number to call her at." Ana got a look of desperation.

"Or I could drive you to the hospital." Zac questioned himself on if he could really drive or not.

"But you don't have a license."

"Desperate times call for desperate measures."

"All right." Ana agreed unsure.

"Okay, I'll be right back with the keys."

Zac jogged into his house and retrieved the spare set of Isaac's car keys.

"He won't miss his car." He spoke to himself as he hopped into Isaac's muscled up Beetle with Ana in the passenger seat.


“Oh my, oh my.” Taylor repeated for the hundredth time as he held Madeline’s head in his lap. He petted her forehead, gently moving her hair away from her eyes.

“Madeline! Come on Madeline, wake up.” Alana grabbed onto her hand, squeezing itand taking it into her own arms cradling it.

Isaac heard the ambulance coming. Their sirens became louder and louder signifying their rapid closeness.

The EMT's arrived soon after carrying a stretcher and bag of emergency equipment. One EMT pulled Taylor and Alana away while the other two bent down with Madeline.

"What's her name?"

"Uh, Madeline." Isaac spoke looking at Taylor and Alana who neglected the question.

Before they knew it Madeline was conscience laying on a stretcher. An I.V. stuck out of her wrist injecting her with it's rehabilitating liquids.

"One of you can come with us." One of the EMT's that was hurrying Madeline into the ambulance spoke.

"I'll go." Taylor ran with them.

"Wait, Taylor." Isaac and Alana ran after them.

"Alana should go." Isaac announced. "If they want to know anything Alana will know it. You don't know anything about her." Isaac cleared.

"You're right." Alana hopped in the ambulance.

"Come on Taylor, we'll drive."

Taylor and Isaac raced back to their house while the ambulance took off with their sirens hollering and flashing.


Madeline laid in the ambulance with EMT's and Alana surrounding her. She looked around at everything foreign to her. Her leg was throbbing with pain and her head felt as if it were going to explode.

"Is she going to be okay?" Alana looked for an answer from the woman that was checking Madeline’s dilated eyes.

"Yes miss, your friend is going to be just fine." The woman EMT calmly stated.


"Have you ever driven before?" Ana held on to the seat rest with her good hand.

"No, why am I good?" Zac looked at her.

"Ahh, just keep your eyes on the road, will ya." Ana watched him drive mindlessly.

Zac followed her directions and placed his eyes back on the road. "Actually, I've driven aound my church's parking lot.

"Oh." Ana said. You couldn't tell by the way your driving, she thought.

It was good the hospital was only about five minutes from the Hanson house. They arrived safely in the parking lot.


"Were the heck is my car?" Isaac asked breathlessly as he and Taylor reached their house.

"Aww, man." Taylor yelled as he sprinted off down the street. He wasn't going to sit around home and find out where it was.

"Wait up man." Isaac caught up to his younger brother.

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