Chapter 6
[The Bandaged]

Taylor ran to the emergency room followed by Isaac. “How is she?” Taylor saw Alana seated in one of the waiting chairs. Her green eyes were fixed on television that was hanging from the ceiling in the corner of the room.

“They said she would be just fine.” Alana looked at the two boys. Their hair was slightly sticking to the side of their face and Isaac proped himself up with the wall. “What did you guys do, run here?” Alana watched as their facial exprestions twist.

“Yes, someone stole my car.” Isaac took a seat next to Alana.

“Oh.” Was Alana’s only answer.

“Can we go see her?” Taylor figited with his hair.

“No, not yet.” Alana returned her eyes to the telvision screen. “They said the blow to the ground knocked her out and she lost alot of blood. They were afraid she might have hurt her spinal cord or broke her neck but its all okey. Their in there now fixing up her leg.”

“Well thats good.” Isaac relaxed in his seat.

“Yeah.” Taylor sat down too. He thought about all the trouble and emotion he had just been put through. All for just one girl. His vision was glued to the floor of the sterile hospital floor. Was she just some girl?


Zac and Ana sat in an examination room. A nurse had already taken X-rays of her arm. It was offically broken and now they were now waiting for a doctor to put it back in place and cast it. Ana was perched up on the examination table while Zac sat on the doctors swivel chair.

“Zac if you don’t stop spinning in circles I’m going to smack you.” Every time the chair went around it made the most annoying squeeking sound. It was beginging to get on her nerves.

“Okey one more time.” Zac spun himself one last time and stopped.

“I wonder how Madeline is doing?” Ana kicked her feet back and forth. The table was high and her feet didn’t even come close to touching bottom.

“I’m sure she’s fine. The ambulance should have already shown up and taken care of her.” Zac comforted a little.

“Yeah.” A knock at the door finished their conversation for them.

“Well, how are we doing in here?” A young male doctor walked in. A stethescope around his neck and chart in hand.

“Not too good.” Ana responed looking up at the doctor and down at her arm.

“Lets see the arm.” The doctor carefully picked up her dangling arm. Ana looked at his name tag that was stuck to his white jacket. Dr. James June. “Okey, I’m going to tumb your arm up and set it. Why don’t you lie down and get comfortable I’ll be right back.” Dr. James walked out the door.

“Then you get to wear a cast.” Zac smiled.

“Oh what fun.” Ana responed. “I just got rid of my other cast and here we go again.” She wasn’t to happy about the idea.

“What did you break?” Zac sounded interested.

“Two fingers and dislocated another.” Ana layed down showing Zac her pinky and ring finger.


“Oh, it was stupid. I ran into the frame of my door.” Ana had explaind it so many times.

“Taylor broke his arm before falling face first off his bike.”


“Yeah, he wore that cast forever.”

The door to the examining room opened showing Dr. James’s bright face. “Okey, why don’t you look the other way. This might hurt a little.” Dr. James held a needle in his hand.

Ana turned her head closing her eyes tight. She was facing Zac but she didn’t care, she was in pain. Dr. James slipped on some gloves and took the cap off the needle. “All right I’m going to stick you a few times.” Dr. James streched her arm straight out. He poked her with the needle and she jumped a little. It hurt more than he said it would. He did it again and again. “Your doing wonderful, Ana.” The Doctor relaxed her a bit. He stuck her agian and a tear ran out of her eye. “Your better than all my other patients. Just two more.”

Zac watched as Dr. James continued to pierce her skin. He saw the look of pure suffering her face.

“Alright that was great, Ana.” Ana opened her eyes to see Zac staring at her. She quickly turned her head to the doctor. “I’ll be back when the novacain starts to work.” Dr. James once again left the two alone in the room.

Ana wipped at her eyes hopping Zac wouldn’t say anything.

“That hurt?”

“Could ya tell?” Ana looked down at her arm. It was starting to puff up. “Is it supposed to do that?” Ana asked her eyes widening in confusion and disbelief. It was getting puffier and puffier as the seconds went by.

Zac chucked at her fear. “Yeah thats normal. Thats what the novacain does to it. I would think you would be used to that since you broke your fingers.”

“I didn’t look last time.” Ana informed him still inspecting her arm.

A nurse carring in some wrap followed by Dr. James came back in.

“An here comes the fun part. Hot cast.” Zac looked at the boiling pan in the corner of the room.

“What? Hot?” Ana glanced at the doctor.

“Not hot, Ana. Just a little warm.”

Ana was told to sit up and pull her shirt sleave up higher. She did.

“What did you do here?” The nurse rubbed over the large bruise that took over Ana’s upper arm.

Ana had known where it came from but acted as if she didn’t. “I don’t know. Maybe from Madeline falling on me.” She lied. “When I broke my arm.” She clarified for the doctor and nurse who didn’t know what she was talking about.

“Thats a nasty bruise.” The doctor gave his opinion as he wrapped her arm up with the hot cast.

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