Chapter 7
[And Found]

“I'm going to get a soda do you two want something?” Alana was board.

"I'll come with you." Isaac stood up holding his hand out for Alana to take and helped her up.

"I think I'll just stay here and wait to see Madeline." Taylor found interest in the television that was entertaining him with an old re-run of 'Who's the Boss'.

"Okay, whatever dude." Isaac and Alana walked from the emergency room following the arrows pointing to the cafeteria.

"Your brother seems to really like Madeline." Alana dropped a quarter into the soda machine.

"Yeah, he wouldn't stop talking about her when we got home yesterday and then he started right back up this morning."

"That's cute." Alana plucked her cola out of the machine and popped it open taking a gulp from it.

"Not really. You try living with him." Isac got his soda.

They laughed and decided to take a little jaunt around the hospital.

"This place is huge." Alana remarked peering over the top floor's bay window. "Look, you can see the whole city from here." She was mesmerized by the exelent view as Isaac looked over her shoulder.

"Awesome." He whispered just inches from her ear.

"You think we can see Madeline now?"

"Lets go see." Isaac and Alana took the elevator to the first floor.

"Hey you!" Someone shouted as they stepped out of the elevator. Isaac and Alana turned around recognizing the voice.

"Over here!" Zac shouted standing at a counter with Ana. Ana was facing a receptionist at the counter talking about her ways of payment for her arm. Isaac and Alana walked over to them.

"I told you I don't know where my mother is. She's on some business thing. She would already be here if I knew where she was.” Ana repeated to the busy receptionist.

"Well give me your address and I'll send a bill there."

Ana quickly told her her address and joined her friends. "How is Madeline?" She asked worried.

"The doctors said she would be fine. We were just going to see if we can see her." Alana nodded over to where she had sat before. "Come on."

All four of them headed to where Isaac and Alana left Taylor.

"Nice cast." Alana commented taping on Ana’s new cast with her finger.

"Thank you, thank you very much." Ana grabbed Alana's soda can from her gulping down the rest of its content.

"That was mine."

"Now it's mine."

Alana grunted as they tramped to their destination. Taylor wasn't there.

"Taylor must be in with her." Isaac insinuated.

Zac stepped up to a nurse station. "Can we visit Madeline now?" He asked.

"Yes, but someone is already in with her."

"That would be my brother."

"Oh, well it's room twenty-five on the right." The nurse pointed to the right side of the hall way of rooms. "Madeline is a little out of it. I think she's sleeping so let her rest."

"Thank you." Ana came behind Zac leading the way to room twenty-five. She slowly opened the door careful not to make a peep and tip toed in. She was followed by the others.

Madeline was laying in a bed with her eyes peacefully closed. The blankets pulled up to her chest so they couldn't see her bandaged leg. Her skin was pail and under her eyes was purple. She was still hooked up to an I.V.

Taylor sat beside her in a chair he had scooted closer to the bed. His hands were wrapped around her right hand and his head laid on the bed looking up at her face. He hadn't noticed anyone come in the room.

The four of them didn't want to ruin the peacefulness but Ana walked over to the other side of her best friends bed. She swiped a piece of Madeline's hair off of her face and ran her fingers through her hair.

Taylor saw Ana and lifted his head, thats when the rest formed a circle around Madeline's bed.

"They said to let her sleep." Taylor whispered.

"Yeah, we know."

"Her mom and dad are on their way." Taylor still held on to her hand.

"By the way where is mom and dad, Zac?" Isaac asked.

"I don't know. They left a note at home saying they wouldn't be back until five tonight." Zac relayed the message.

"Then how did you get here?" Isaac asked puzzled.

"I..uh..I." Zac stammered.

"He drove your car." Ana helped him out.

"What?" Isaac highered his voice a little above a whisper.

Madeline stured in her sleep.

"I drove your beetle. I didn't hurt it. Its perfectly fine out in the parking lot."

"You don't even have a license or for that matter driven before."

"I have too."


Madeline soon opened her eyes from all the ruckus. She looked around at all her friends.

"How are you feeling?" Taylor squeezed her hand.

"My head hurts, and my leg..oww." She tried to move it. "is throbbing."

"Want me to get the doctor?" Alana asked.

"No, I'm fine." Madeline stated. "And look what I did to you." Madeline smiled. "Another one on the same arm."

"It's no biggy. We all thought you were a goner."

"Me? No way." Madeline was a fighter.

The door was loudly shoved open hitting the wall. Madeline's parents flooded the room.

"Oh, my Madeline." Her mother gushed.

"Are you okay?" Her father badgered her with his many questions.

Taylor and the others found themselves standing in the corner of the room watching them.

"I'm okay." Madeline repeated to her parents.

"Why don't we go wait in the waiting room?" Isaac suggested.

"That is what a waiting room is for isn't it?" Zac was the first to flee the room.

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