Chapter 9
[The Cause for a Bruise]

Ana was dragged outside of the huge building by her broken and bruised arm.

"Stop. Please. Just stop.." Ana begged through her tears and gritted teeth.

Alex turned and sneered at her.

"Never. You need to learn your lesson." They reached the windowless side of the hospital. Alex threw her on the ground before kicking her in the side and slapping her in the face.

"" Ana cried as she felt every inch of her skin and body screaming in pain.

"SHUTUP!" He ordered before dragging her up by her hair.

"OWW!" She managed to scream, trying to save herself and get attention despite the consequences.

"Damnit! I told you to be Quiet!!" Alex threw her up against the building.

As soon as her head made contact with the brick wall, everything went black.

She never heard Alex scream as Zac jumped him from behind and forced him to the ground, dealing blows to the face and back of the head.


Madeline awoke with a start from her light nap.

Her parents were gone and it was darker outside. She figured that 4 to 5 hours must have passed. She leaned her head to the side and just rested for a moment, gathering her thoughts together.

Suddenly she felt a hand in hers. She looked to the left and saw a person with long blonde hair resting their head on the edge of her bed.

"God, please let her be okay. I've never asked for something as important as this. Just let her be okay."

"Taylor?" Madeline asked the figure.

Taylor raised his tear streaked face and nodded.

"Are you okay? I mean, do you want any water or anything?" He noticed for the first time just how pale she was after the loss of all that blood.

"I'm fine." She smiled warmly at him and looked around her.

"How is everyone doing?" Madeline asked, referring to his brothers and her friends.

"They're fine, we're just all a little worried for you. The doctors said you were doing good though." Taylor told her, watching as her face displayed several emotions. First happiness, and then worry, and then relief.

"That's good. How long have you been here? You shouldn't have waited up for me. You heard the doctors. They said I was going to be fine. You need your rest." Madeline tried to dismiss him, even though she wanted him there more than anyone else.

" No. I want to be here. I want to make sure you get through this fine. Don't make me go. Please?" Taylor was determined not to leave her side for one instant.

"You can stay, Taylor. I just feel kind of guilty. I mean we hardly know you and you guys hve stuck by us anyway. I just.....thank you." Madeline smiled at him.

Taylor looked at her and realised that she should know what he had discovered just before.

"Madeline, I..uh....I...well, I was thinking in the waiting room. And I just thought that you should know that you are one of the sweetest girls I have ever met. And its weird, ya know? Cuz I mean, I hardly know you and yet when you got in that accident I thought my heart had stopped. I just....I don't know. I really care for you. And you are more than just "any girl" to me. You are my Madeline." Taylor was proud that he had finally gotten that off his chest.

"Thank you sooomuch Tay. You have no idea how much what you said means to me. I'll always be your Madeline." She had tears in her eyes from the importance of Taylor's statement.

"Madeline, I know that now is kind of a bad time to ask and all but, will you...I mean can you... I mean.." Taylor struggled to find a way to ask.

Madeline knew what he was trying to say.

"Yes Tay. Yes." Taylor looked up at her and his eyes danced with happiness.

He stood up and kissed her cheek.

"Thanks Maddy. You have no idea how much this means to me." Taylor seemed to shine, despite the pinkness of his cheeks.

"Now, I have to go so that you can rest. You better take care." Taylor hugged her as she nodded off to sleep.

He walked out of the room and into the waiting room to see Ike and Alana in the middle of a deep kiss.

"Whoa Ike!" Taylor laughed. Alana looked up and blushed and Ike smiled.

"So, how is she?" Alana asked.

"She's fine. Just chill. She's fine. And she's mine." Taylor beamed.

"Go Taylor, Go Taylor" Ike and Alana chanted.

Taylor just sat down and smiled.

"Hey! Where is Zac and Ana?" He looked over to his left.

"WHAT?! They are right there aren't they?" Alana stood up in a hurry.

"No. I thought you guys knew where they were." Taylor looked at them confusedly.

Alana bolted out the glass doors in search of Ana as Ike and and Taylor sat there looking confused.

"Whats the big deal with them gone for a few minutes?" Taylor asked Ike.

"How am I supposed to know? I have no idea."

They sat in quiet as Alana stumbled on the gruesome scene outside.

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