"What are you smiling about?" Janine raised her eyebrows at me from over the copy machine as I hummed merrily.

"Absolutely nothing." Okay, well even that was realtively sing-song. Who the hell was I trying to fool?

"No, I know you better than that. EVERYONE knows you here better than that. Tasha the Tyrant does not sing, smile, or otherwise give any pretense of being happy."

"Tasha the tyrant? Do you guys really call me that?"

"Have you not looked at your name plate on your desk?"

"Not particularly, I don't suppose. Should I?"

"It says Tasha The Tyrant. Look at your own risk."

"Ah-ha. So that's why all the people who come here for job applications never stick around. Oops. How tragic." I faked dissappointment before actually going so far as to laugh.

"Why don't you want new people on the staff?"

"Because, my dear, I am perfectly content with those we have. Happy you might say. Everyone here is fully capable of lugging their own weight around and getting everything done on time, maybe even more than that should the need arise. THere is no need to tamper with a good thing." I winked at her before leaving the room, three copies of the newspaper in my hand as I was too cheap to go buy one for the guys.

I stopped by the post office and sent all three to the address they had given me, each with a different sticky note attached giving my side comments on other things they may be interested in looking at.

When I reached the house, my jaw dropped and my eyes widened. Balloons were tied to the mailbox and I was not liking the look of the house at all.

"Oh God...they didn't..."

I took notice of the sign hanging off the railing of the front porch and banged my head on the steering wheel. They did.

'Happy Birthday, Tasha' was hanging on the banner, larger than life for the world to see.

"Someone is going to be made VERY miserable for this." I fumed as I walked into the house, completely angered and afriad at whatever was abuot to happen.

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