"This is gonna be so cool!!" Lindsay tugged on her fleece jacket as Jen laced up her silver Docs and I waited by the door, recorder and passes in hand. Usually an interview would have had me clad in a suit like I wore to the office every day, but today the attire was as simple as faded and ripped jeans and an old Tommy sweater that I'd had for ages. My short hair was pinned back with barrettes and Lindsays red hair was just brushed and down. Jen had decided to do the whole Princess Leia bit with her hair. Lindsay and I had teased her the whole day with "Leia is gonna get laid..."

So at the same time, Taylor was deemed "Han Solo".

We climbed into Jen's black convertible Mercedes with me at the wheel, a rare event let me assure you, as we headed for the concert. Before we were even five miles within the venue, we began to see Hanson slogans on car windows in white shoe polish. Bumper stickers and homemade signs littered the sides and backs of cars. If you made the effort to peer in through one of the windows, you'd see a teenage girl with Hanson signs all over her in lipstick or eyeliner and a Hanson shirt on.

One girl had taken it upon herself to put on the back window of her car "I'm having Taylor's child!"

"That's nice and disturbing.." Jen observed from beside me in the front passenger seat. Okay, so I got to drive. But Jen was still keeping me under careful watch in her precious car.

"Isn't it though?" Lindsay commented as I just smiled.

After minutes and miles of traffic and security checks for our passes, we finally made it backstage which was, for lack of a better word, a disaster area. People were rushing around, props surrounded us, and all you could hear was the deafening roar of the audience out front, singing along to Hanson's warm up act, ' Generally Jaded' *AN: I am a member of this band, it DOES exist. Please don't copy.*

I scanned all the people around me, searching for the three brothers.

To my left was a little girl who aged at about eight, maybe nine on a good day. She looked up at me and solomnly informed, "Taylor is God."

I raised my eyebrows. Oh my G-..Oh My Taylor..

"See them?" I turned to Lindsay and Jen. Lindsay was staring straight at something and drooling like a starving child at a buffet table. Jen wasn't much different.

Turning and following their gazes, I discovered my article topics, heading straight for us.

"Hi." I greeted when they'd finally stopped in front of us.

"I'm Tasha. I work for the Chicago Daily Tribune. I'm here to interview you..." I blurted out in a rush, extending my hand for them to shake.

One by one, they shook my hand, Zac's gaze lingering on Lindsay more than on Jen or me.

"Well, I know you guys must be in a hurry, so I'll make this quick."

I gave out my few questions and they answered them efficiently. After promising them a copy of hte article to preview, they ran on stage and Lindsay, Jen, and I stood cheering at the sides.

When they came backstage I casually mentioned that if they had the time, I had a few more question's I'd like to ask, winking at Jen when Lindsay wasn't looking. Evil plan in action.

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