We pulled on the vests and picked up the lasertag plastic guns, waiting rather impatiently to start. Lindsay was slow with getting on the vest.

"Lindsay, do you need help?" I finally asked.

"A little assistance would be nice." She admitted.

"Alrighty." I clasped the clasp *an: that sounded a bit ridiculous..* and then turned to everyone else.

"Fend for yourself or teams?"

The guys exchanged glances before saying "Teams."

"Okay. I claim Tasha and Zac!!" Jen hollered, knowing full well she was the worst at lasertag out of all of us. I could more than hold my own and Lindsay was pretty good. Jen's best chance was to get me on her time and due to excessive studying of Hanson articles in the little teeny magazines, she had a pretty good indication that Zac would be the best of the brothers.

"No fair!"Lindsay pouted. "I want Tasha on MY team."

"No. Tasha is definately on mine. In fact, you take Zac. We'll take Taylor." She pushed Zac over to the other side and grabbed Taylor by the arm, pulling him to where we stood. Jen and I shared a good laugh over Lindsay's expression before starting the game.

While Ike, Zac, and Lindsay bounded off through the smokey maze, my group huddle together.

"Time to make a hasty plan. I know this maze like the back of my hand. All the dead ends are on the outter edges so get into the center fast. Stick close to the walls and put your free hand over the blinking light on your gun. Jen, Lindsay's got reflective tape on the back of her dress. Look for it." I commanded.

"And how did she get that there?" Taylor intervened.

"I was helping her with her vest. What do you think I am? Stupid?"

"No, I think you're a cheater." He glared at me through the darkness.

"Yeah yeah whatever. I'm also a nosy reporter. Scum of the earther, shame on me, I have no pride. Let's get going." I rolled my eyes at him and dashed off through the corridors towards the center. Jen was behind me for about five feet before making a right turn down one of the other corridors, knowing that Lindsay had a horrible tendency to go that way. Quite frankly, she did it every time.

Taylor was still behind me before going left on the last turn. I found myself in dead center, with no one there. I shrank back against the wall and waited. This was the most trafficed area out of all of them. Every single hallway led to her so it was just a matter of time before one of them came through.

Sure enough, Zac blasted through there, followed quickly by Taylor. I took a shot at Zac and his vest lit up like fireworks in a blackhole.

"Gotcha." I turned my head and saw Isaac, pointing his gun straight at me.

"Aww man. Please, don't fire that thing."

"And why not? You just massacred my younger brother."

"He deserved it!!"


"Those shoes are ugly. He had to be punished."

When Ike turned his head to see exactly what it was that Zac had on his feet, I ran for the way out of the center, turning only long enough to fire at his vest before I continued on my run.

I could hear the plodding of feet behind me and then Jen whispering in my ear as we ran, "I got Lindsay. Her and Zac have teamed up against both of us. He told her about the tape. Watch for her."

I nodded before taking a left turn and smacking straight into Taylor before falling back.

"Owwie.." I stood up and rubbed my forehead.

"Watch where you're going." He commanded icily.

"Ahh shut your fu-"

"Found you!" I heard Lindsay holler, cutting me off. Within seconds, my vest was glowing brightly, as was Taylor's.

"Damnit." I shot back at her and started running off to find Jen so that we could get her back.

On the way, I found Ike, smiling at me evilly.

"Hmm..now this is familiar." He laughed before firing his gun.

"Being evil just doesn't pay." I grumbled to myself.

We stayed in there a few more minutes before leaving and putting our shoes back on.

"So, where do you want to go now, Zac?"

"Food! Where do you want to eat, Lindsay?" He smiled at her invitingly and Jen and I winked at each other when she smiled back at him, showing civility for the first time that night.

"McDonalds. And you're paying." We laughed as Ike pulled into the parking lot after I gave him directions.

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