"You know, this McDonalds is kind of crowded. Why don't we go to Taco Bell?" Lindsay suggested from the back.

"Agreed." Zac added.

I turned to look at Ike and rolled my eyes at Lindsay and Zac before giving him directions to the cheap fast food place.

We walked in and I immediatly felt over dressed for a place like that. We were surrounded by people in jeans and t-shirts, some of them dirty after a day of work outside. There we were, five teenagers and Isaac, dressed up in the middle of a sleazy greasy fast food place. Ignoring the questioning stares, we walked up to the counter and placed our orders.

"Lindsay, can we please eat somewhere else? I really don't like it here." I whispered to her after a boy with greased up hair came up to me and suggested I make myself comfortable in the back of his truck.

"No joke. There's no way I'm staying here."

We grabbed our food and left, Zac suggesting that we stop at a park to eat somewhere.

Ike glanced at his watch. "Man, it's 10. After we eat, it'll probably be about 10:30 to 10:45. What time do you girls need to be home?" "Whenever is fine, but I've got work tomorrow." Lindsay spoke up.

"Ditto." I seconded.

"And I've got an early class." Jen volunteered.

"Alright, after the park, we'll take you home."

We drove for 15 minutes before finally finding a secluded park and sitting down at the wooden tables, eating silently for a few minutes. Jen kicked my leg under the table and I glared at her before noticing that she was discreetly pointing in Lindsay's direction. She and Zac had gotten up a few minutes before. I looked over and saw the oldest of us three girls lip locked with Zac.

"Hmm...now that's a photographic moment."

Jen pulled a small camera out of her purse and snapped two shots before we resumed eating.

After a few more minutes, we walked back to the Suburban and climbed in, same seating arrangement as before.

"Well, we had a good time, and I'll send you guys a copy of the article." I said goodbye as I got out and walked to the door. I unlocked the door and looked back at the suburban still parked in our parkinglot. Jen was walking up towards the door and Lindsay was saying something to the passengers in the car before coming up too. We waved as the car backed out and then turned to go inside.

"Now was it really that bad?" I turned to Lindsay after shutting the door behind us.

I ducked just quickly enough to avoid being nailed with her shoe sent flying at my head.

"But you had a good time!!!" I hollered after her.

"And it had to end! Now I've done that whole loved and lost thing. They were wrong! It's better to have never loved at all!!"

Jen and I looked at each other and rolled our eyes as we went to get ready for bed.

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