"Okay..so what color do we want the living room? I'm opting for a marroon or soft green or.."

"Black." Lindsay muttered, crossing her arms and throwing herself onto the beaten up old couch that had been deemed my first object to remove.

"Linz, let's try to remember. We are decorating an apartment, not a funeral home." I suggested.

"Might as well be one." Came the response.

Jen and I exchanged glances before Jen decided to console. I was never really good at that kind of thing.

"Listen, Lindsay, I don't know what's gotten you so down.."

Lindsay sat up and glared at Jen, giving her the 'you-know-damn-well' look.

"Okay, so yeah i do. But what I mean is, is it really worth getting all that upset over? If I recall correctly, you didn't want to go in the first place so I don't know why you are griping or whining or whatever the hell you think it is that you're doing. Quit feeling sorry for yourself. Help us decorate and then we'll go out and spend the day together. Just us girls."

There was silence for a few moments before Lindsay whispered. "Green. I want the room to be soft green. And if it's grass green or that throw-up seventies green, I'll hunt you down, Tash. So help me goodness, I will."

"Damn. There goes the astroturf that I was using to border the wall sides. That way, people won't be so insistant uponleaning against the wall and knocking pictures off with their huge head.." I paused and looked pointedly at Lindsay who had developed a horrible wall-leaning habit, as mentioned.

"The sarcasm will be chosen to go unnoticed. You may not use astroturf. You will use a nice, respectable, key-lime paint with cordinating white and key-lime furniture, matched to the very pixel. Understood?"

"Yes m'am, seargent, m'am." I saluted her and rolled my eyes before looking back down at my notepad.




Lindsay stormed into my now maroon and magenta room, furious as a cat caught in the drying machine.

"Didn't what?" I lifted 'Jane Eyre', my recent novel of the week, from over my eyes and put my glasses back on, peering at her through the thin frames.

"The. Living. Room. is. Green. You know? Green as in yellow plus blue equals.."

"I know what green is. You don't have to talk to me like I'm a toddler." I snapped.

"Then am I the only one that finds a problem with grass green walls and baby yellow couches?"

"Apparently. Jen helped me pick it out. Which leaves..hmm..let's see. Out of the three of us, Jen and I like it which makes two, and you don't which makes one. So yeah. You are most defiantely the only one with problems."

"Ugh! I swear, Tash. You've done some really STUPID things in the past but this is the worst one so far!! Why can't you just be a decent, sane, roommate with no issues whatsoever? I'm a decent human being! Why, of all people, must I be stuck with a colorblind, conniving, evil roomate who has taken it upon herself to mutilate the living room and made a botched attempt at setting me up with the youngest brother of a band in an effort to get an ARTICLE??!! I HATE IT HERE!!"

I closed the book calmly and sat up, glancing around the room for a few seconds before finally stopping to look at her.

"Thanks Lindsay. All consideration for my feelings aside, you really are a charmer." I spat icily, grabbing my bookbag. A million things to say stormed through my mind. I even thought of telling her it was no wonder Zac didn't suggest a second date, but I wasn't that cruel, and I knew it wasn't true.

All I need is some time to cool off. And a good mocachino.

Slinging the bag into the passenger seat, I started the car and drove halfway across town to situate myself at a good distnace from Linsday and within a pleasant distance from a cappucion machine. Apparently, my espresso machine from years back was an inconvenience to the movers so they left it. Leastaways, that was the reason I was given by the moving company. In my mind, I was willing to bet my front teeth that somewhere a moving man was thoroughly enjoying a nice hot cup of black coffee with my machine that he had accidentally 'misplaced'.

Woe be the world. I opened up my spiral notebook and started on the next chapter to my wannabe novel. At this moment amongst the blue lined pages, Kayla was learning of a sister she never knew she had from a father she had never known.

"Oh Regency Romance Novels are gonna love me for this one." I glanced at my psuedonym on the cover, one that had gained fame amongst the trashy novel readers. Fortunately, no one knew. Oh if only. That would really light up their day, I'm sure.

As it was, I would stay 'Roberta Van Der Belt' until the need arose to come forward as me, myself.

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