Scottish Shakespeare
[The End]

Tasha raced after him through the woods with Lindsay and Taylor close on her heels. She reached a clearing and saw him standing there calmly, drawing a dagger from his cloak.
Lindsay had reached Tasha by this time and stood behind her.
When she saw what Zac was doing, she rushed forward and threw herself in front of Zac just as he was bringing the dagger down towards his heart. The sharp steel pierced Lindsay's heart and sent hre bleeding and crying out to the ground.
"NO!!" Zac screamed, as if anyone could hear him besides Taylor, Tasha, or Lindsay.
Tasha and Taylor stayed on the edge of the clearing.
Tasha stayed because she knew what Zac was going to do already and it would be of no use to interfere.
And Taylor because he knew that if he saw Lindsay dying, he would completely lose it.
Zac fell to his knees and pulled Lindsay into his arms.
" can't die.." He wept. "Lindsay...I love you...YOu weren't supposed to die...I know that I haven't known you very long...but I love can't leave me here."
Lindsay's eyes fluttered open breifly and she looked at Zac, tears streaming down his dirty face, leaving clean streaks.
"Zac...I love you too..." Lindsay gasped and then went still. The life drained out of her body slowly and soaked into the ground with the blood.
Zac sat there for several minutes just holding her and whispering sweet nothings in her non-hearing ears.
It was then that he knew what he had to do.
He looked at the dagger that he had thrown on to the ground and picked it up.
He could see Lindsay's blood still on the blade, shining red in the warm sun.
He looked at Lindsay and then up at Tasha.
"I'm sorry Tasha. I really am."
Then he looked at Taylor. "I forgive"
With that, he plunged the murderous weapon deep into his heart and withing seconds had died next to the young girl there in the clearing.
Tasha stood there crying at the loss. She had not known either of them for very long but felt that it was all somehow her fault.
Taylor just stood there comforting her.
She sighed and turned around.
Taylor looked back at her.
"Where are you going?" He asked.
"Home." She answered before walking back along the path that would lead her to the village road.
Soon she could hear Taylor's footsteps behind her.
She turned and looked at him.
"But you're already home." he whispered into her ear before pulling her into a hug.
Tasha nodded sleepily and walked with him back to town.
"So.." she started when they reached the village road. "how much money do you make per year?"
She started laughing and Taylor joined in.
"Enough to get me a place to stay." He returned.
"And me I hope." Tasha spoke.
"Yes. And You." Taylor agreed before they walked back into the small village of Shelton where they would spend many years to come.

**********The END**********

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