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Scraping all of her change together, Naomi hopped out of her small black Honda and stepped into the cool refines of the quickie-mart. The man at the counter didn't look like he spoke very much english but Naomi decided to risk it anyway.

"Sir?" She attempted for his attention.

"Yes?" Quite unlike what Naomi had expected, his accent was American, clear cut and plain, despite the Oriental-ness of his features and the solid black of his irises.

"A pack of Virginia Slims please." The man nodded and got down a pack before requesting her I.D.

She pulled out her license and showed him that she was legal age. He nodded and she gave him the money before accepting the pack.

Naomi pushed the glass door open and walked over to her car, leaning against it long enough to get her cigarette lit.

She watched as a long marroon and navy blue bus pulled into the lot and parked in front of the shop.

A huge man stepped out first, obviously a security guard, and was followed by a young boy that she guessed to be 14 to 15. After him came another security guard and then another blonde boy that looked a bit like the first one, him looking 16 or 17. Then, as before, another security guard came out and was followed by a boy. This one was old enough to be called a man with his dark brownish blonde hair, short and cropped above the ears.

Two of the blonde boys went in along with their security guards while the last guy to exit the bus just looked around and stretched, obviously cramped from riding on that bus.

His eyes drifted over Naomi and he smiled at her invitingly. She smiled back faintly before taking a long drag of her cigarette.

Saying something to the bodyguard and getting a nod in response, the man covered the short distance between them and stopped in front of her.

"Hi. I'm Ike." He said, extending his hand.

She blew her smoke out to the side and accepted his hand in a firm shake.

"I'm Naomi. Nice...bus you have there, Ike." She gestured towards the large transportation vehicle.

"I guess. It's all right I mean. Nothing special about it." He shrugged.

She nodded. "I see."

Inhaling one last time from the nicotine provider, she stomped it out on the cement beneath her. Isaac watched her with a silent disapproval.

"Do you want one?" She offered, noticing his gaze at the ground up cigarette.

"No, I don't smoke. Not good for me and I like my teeth white." He said, studying her face. She was definitely pretty and couldn't be more than 20, if that.

"My teeth are white." Naomi stated, smiling shortly so that he could see the whiteness of her teeth.

"They are now. They won't be for long." Ike told her.

She shrugged.

"Maybe not, but my hair wonít be blonde very long either. Everything loses itís original color." She returned.

"If you say so. Anyway, Iíve got to go. My little brothers and sisters would probably like to get out and stretch too. Later Naomi. It was nice talking to you." Ike turned and reboarded the bus.

Following suit, Naomi opened her car door and got in, looking one last time at the bus before starting her car and driving off. Looking at her cigarettes in her hand, she clenched her hand into a fist, crushing the cigarettes and throwing them in a dumpster as she drove by it on the way out of the parking lot.

"Make me different, Ike. You just had to make me different." She smirked, knowing she would see him again.

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