*~*~*~*~*~*~CHAPTER FOUR~*~*~*~*~*~*

The cold rain surrounded Zac and left the pavement damp and the road slick. He shuffled along the sidewalk, his heads in the stormy clouds. It was as if he was a raindrop. Not to say that you see many bright yellow raindrops picking their way down the street, but in the sense that his mood was as mellow as a raindrops. The rain was like people. Your born, just like the raindrop when it begins it's fall from the clouds, and you live, like the drop's desent, and then you die, like when they hit the pavement. Zac's raindrop was one of the few that hit a car windshield and was taken on a long trip until it was wiped off by the windsheild wiper to hit the ground and die with the rest of them.

A car drove by him speedily, splashing water up on him from the road.

Zac wiped the water from his face and reached the end of the street.

He turned around and headed home. He had done enough thinking for the night. He wasn't use to this much time to himself. And if he had the chance to have it,he wouldn't want to go back to what he had to. Might as well be sensible about it. Besides, he was sure dinner was almost ready. Maybe he could find sanctuary in his Mom's mashed potatoes.

He reached the door of his house and pushed it open, taking off his poncho and setting it on a hook on the front porch to dry.

He had been right. Dinner was almost done.

He recognized the sound of Diana putting the cooking utensils like the spatula into the sink and the ping of glass as she got down the cups and plates.

He stepped into the kitchen and helped his mother with some of the dishes she was carrying so she wouldn't be burdened with all of them.

He sat them accordingly in front of each chair and then returned to the stove to get the food and set it on the table.

Just as Zac had set the last dish down, he heard his mother wistle shrilly, calling the family to dinner.

Everyone in the large Hanson household came in and sat down at the table, saying the blessnig before beginning to eat.

Zac ate slowly, listening to the conversation that circled around the table. Another Hanson family dinner.

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Green Eggs And Hanson

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