*~*~*~*~*~*~CHAPTER SIX~*~*~*~*~*~*

~*"Sittin on the side waiting for a sign, hoping that my luck will change. Reaching for a hand that'll understand, someone who feels the same. When you live in a cookie cutter world, if you're different you can't win. So you don't stand out and you don't fit in..."Wierd, Hanson~*

      Zac pulled his hair back into a low ponytail and inspected himself in the mirror. Taylor's fitted maroon shirt and baggy JNCO's with his black airwalks. He was ready to go. Grabbing his blades and helmet on the way out the door, he ran down the street, carrying them in his hand and hoping he wasn't late to the "Tulsa Skate Out".
      He made it in time, breathing hard and wiping the sweat off his face from the one mile run. Walking up to the sign in, he signed his name on the list of bladers in the blading competition.
      "Zac Hanson...." The woman mumbled toherself as she made him a nametag to verify that he was in the competition.
      He stuck it on his shirt and proceeded past the stand and towards the warm up ramp.
      He strapped on his helmet and took a minute to switch to his rollerblades, giving his airwalks to his friend Erik's mom.
      He gripped the rails firmly and made his way up the stairs to the top of the ramp.
      When it was his turn to warm up for a few minutes, he rolled to the edge of the ramp and immediatly pushed off, skating quickly down the wood with his knees bent and up the other side, using one hand to hold onto his ankle as he 180'd.
      After several miutes of tricks and simple skate throughs, Zac stepped off the ramp and pulled off his sweaty helmet, revealing his hair damp and matted to his head.
      He looked over to the skateboarding ramp to see what was going on and witnessed a girl standing on the edge before whooshing downt he wooden ramp, pulling stunts that he only wished he could do. And she didn't have a helmet. What was she trying to do up there? Kill herself?
      Her black hair streamed out like a flag behind her as she defied gravity with flips and sailings.
      For one second he caught her face. It was slick with moisture and her eyes were glacial blue. She was pretty in an exoctic way. With the exception of peach stuff that was running down her face with the sweat, revealing a multitude of bruises. Zac flinched as he realised the multiple way's she could have gotten those.
      Getting a quick glimpse at her name tag, he decided to do something about it.
      Hera. That was a pretty name. Greek mythology if he was correct in his guessing. He was about to go find out her last name from the woman at the booth when his name was called to blade.
      He quickly got up to the ramp and shoved off but his mind was elsewhere, not on the competition. His mind was on the beautiful girl and the ugly bruises that covered her. He had to hlep her. She needed to be helped.
      He finally realised he was done when he found himself back on the grass shaking hands with other people.
      "And the blading medal goes to....Zac Hanson. The skateboarding medal goes to...Hera Bradley!"
      So that was her last name. Zac quickly went up and recieved his medal, taking the picture of the prize for the newspape and then headed straight home. The day was still beautiful, clear skies and a light breeze. Zac had to get out of this weather quickly before it drove him insane. It was too...Brady Bunch.

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