Chapter Three

      The early morning, winter sun peeked through the windows and greeted me as I dragged myself from the bed, covered in tangled sheets and disarranged pillows.

      My alarm clock read "10:00". What was I doing up this early? I just shrugged to myself and looked at the beds, realising that LDB and the Masterful Guitarist weren't in yet. Either that, or Mom and Dad had given them QUITE the lecture that night, leaving them to fall asleep on the couch.

      I headed downstairs and walked through the living room to reach the kitchen. They weren't there. I raised my eyebrows in puzzlement but kept walking. I was hungry.

      I walked into the kitchen, pausing at the door frame before realising something that I was seeing wasn't quite right. Soon I realised what it was.

      Zac and Isaac were on their knees on the floor wearing latex gloves and had sponges in hand with a large soapy bucket next to them. Why weren't they using the mops?

      Zac looked upat me and gave me the look of DEATH before returning to scrubbing. I realised that I was laughing out loud.

      I held on to the door frame for support and continued laughing. This was a sight you didn't see every day.

      Finally I got over my initial reaction and stepped over them to get my bowl and cereal.

      "Taylor, we just cleaned that spot on the floor and you're already dirtying it!!" Zac protested.

      I turned to look at him. His hot-pink, rubber gloved hands were on his hips and he had a scolding look on his face. He was actually serious! Isaac was much the same.

      I tried not to laugh again.

      I proceeded to step over them.

      "Nice gloves Zac. Ike, nice apron." I falsely admired the floral print on his clothes-protector.

      The gloved hands that Zac tried to strangle me with smelled strongly of Pinesol.

      "Ack! MOM!! SAVE ME!!" I hollered.

      She came down the stairs presently and observed her third child trying to strangle me.

      "Taylor, did you tease the gloves and apron?"

      I didn't have a chance to answer.

      "YES!" Ike and Zac chorused, tattling. I really thought they were SO past that. Even Jessie and Avie weren't this bad.

      "Have fun." She answered, tossing me a blue apron and green gloves.

      "But.." I started.

      "But nothing. You don't tease your brothers. Besides, pink is really flattering to Zac's complexion. Don't knock it!" She kidded before leaving the room.

      Zac just rolled his eyes while Ike and I laughed, despite my resentment that I had to clean the floor Cinderella-style.

      A light tap on the glass sliding door that led from our off-white and peach kitchen to the backyard made me look up to see Sorain standing there with a comical look on her face and a camera.


      "SORAIN!!" All three of us hollered, jumping up to chase after her.

      Instead of gaining ground quickly, we found ourselves in a huge mess on the floor, all of us having slipped on the slickness of the suds.

      Finally, we got our footing and chased after her through the yards and down the streets, forgetting our attire until Kenny, one of Ike's friends, honked his car horn and yelled out the window, "Nice fashion statement, boys!!"

      We looked down and blushed simeataneously before running back to the house speedily, leaving Sorain standing there laughing.

      We whipped them off and ran back outside to pursue her, forgetting our kitchen duties.

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