Chapter Seven

      "So...whatz Lindsay's number?" I poked at Zac as he blushed a fiery red.

      "I dunno." He mumbled.

      "Zachary Walker Hanson! You lie like a rug!!" I accused him loudly, smiling at the knowledge that I was right.

      "So?" He was definately blushing now.

      I just rolled my eyes and laughed at him.

      "Okay Zac...whatever you say. Have you called her?"

      "No. We are NOT talking about this."

      "Oh yes we are!" Isaac intruded, sitting on his back to defy his moving.

      "No, we aren't."

      "Spill it or she mysteriously finds THE baby picture." I threatened.

      "No, not that one! I'll tell!" Zac quickly began to see things my way.

      "Taylor, do you have blackmail on EVERYONE?" Isaac raised an eyebrow at me.

      "No. Mackie and Zoe aren't in the running yet." I answered, crossing my arms.

      Isaac threw a pillow at me as Zac pushed him off his back and sat up again, swiping his hair out of his face.

      "No. I haven't called her."

      "Go do it fool!!" Isaac and said simultaneously.

      "Yeah, yeah. I'm going." Zac rolled his eyes and pulled himself to his feet before stalking out of the room.

      Isaac and I waited to hear Zac pick up the phone. As soon as we heard a far away click and Zac asking to speak to Lindsay, we raced towards our room phone, putting it on hold so that Zac wouldn't hear the click as we picked it up.

      We listened as Zac's sheepish voice wafted over the phone line, "Hey Lindsay. What's up?"

      Isaac and I tried not to laugh.

      Then we heard a "Hold on a second. Taylor and Isaac, get your queer monkey asses off the phone!!"

      Gee, that was nice.

      Then Mom hollered, "What did you say Zachary?"

      Zac gulped before answering, "Nothing mom!! We're playing around."

      "You better be." She answered as we hung up the phone.

      Zac was unmerciful with the pranks when we intruded on his personal life.

      We could hear his faint voice over the hum of the house but not enough to distinguish his words.

      Ike sighed and got up before stating simply, "I have better things to do. Later, Tay." Before walking out of the room with his keys in hand.

      As soon as the door shut behind him I heard Sorain.

      "Well that was lovely."

      "What the heck??!!" I jumped to my feet and whirled around, trying to find her.

      "Up here." She directed.

      I could barely see her concealed on Isaac's top bunk.

      I climbed up there and sat down beside her.

      "So Zac met a little girl, eh?" She wiggled her eyebrows.

      I had to laugh at her weird expressions.

      "Yeah." I answered, somewhat at a loss for words.

      "I bet you that poor boy is stuttering like a fool." She surmised.

      "Probably. Why is it that girls like to trip guys up to no end, testing them constantly to meet their standards?" I asked.

      "Taylor, you are a fool." She laughed at me.

      "What do ya mean?"

      "Girls don't KNOW the power they have over guys. And girls are as confused about you wastes of space as you are about girls. Face it. Guys can be pains in the asses like that too." She crossed her arms defiably.

      "I guess." Shrugging, I raised my knees and rested my hands on them. I leaned back against the wall, my head actually being comfortable against the hard white wall.


      She glanced at her watch.

      "Whoa dude! I gotta go! Tell me how his phone call went! Later!!" She dashed off the bed quickly and into her backyard. I watched in silence as she climbed through her own window and into her room, waving at me before shutting the blinds and turning off the light.

      "Good night Sorain." I whispered before climbing down and turning off my own light. I was tired anyway.

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