Chapter Eight

      Unfortunately, sleep didn’t come as easily for me as it had for Sorain. Shutting my eyes, I tried to drift into Never-Never Land. Unfortunately, when I shut my eyes, I became acutely aware of the hum and clacks of the rest of the house. My siblings, the remaining ones that were still awake, arguing over the TV show to watch. My doofus younger brother on the phone, chatting with his ‘girlfriend’. My parents talking quietly in where I guessed to be the kitchen. And Mackenzie’s distinct whining that he had to go to bed so early.

      For no particular reason, I wondered what Sorain was doing at that moment.

      Besides sleeping. She wasn’t usually one to immediately fall asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

      Fortunately, Zac saved me from the boring solitude of trying to fall asleep.

      “Hey Tay!” He greeted me cheerfully….too cheerfully.

      “So I take it your conversation with Lindsay went well.” I assumed.

      “It went MORE than well. We’re gonna go see a movie tomorrow.”

      I rolled my eyes at his patheticness.

      “O-kay Zac.”

      He ignored the teasing in my voice and sat down with a dreamy look on his face. He was definitely out for the count.

       So far, Christmas was becoming a huge surprise. Zac was growing up, liking girls, and changing completely. Isaac was becoming an adult but from what I saw, that didn’t mean he WANTED to. He wanted the privaleges without the responsibility. All of my siblings were growing up. I seemed to be the only one who hadn’t changed any. And I sure didn’t like it. With this in mind, I slipped into sleep, despite the light in the room as Zac daydreamed about that Lindsay chick.

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