Truth Or Dare

A ring of teenagers covered the living room floor.

"Okay Zac. You go first. It was your idea." Isaac said as he pulled his legs under him to sit indian style.

"Man! C'Mon Ike. I've done enough thinking. My poor little brain can handle NO MORE!!! It was hard enough to find something that all of you pinheads would agree on!! I pick Tay to stand in for me." Zac complained as he gave Taylor the pupy face in an attempt to get the first question pressure off of him.

Taylor caved as usual, but gave Zac a you-owe-me look. Zac flashed him a gap toothed grin in return. Taylor looked around for his first victim. Not wishing to have Isaac hammer him into the ground, he decided this would be Zac's payback.

" My dearest obducted brother.." Taylor began, as Zac's smile vanished."Truth or Dare?" Taylor's face stretched into a wide grin.

"Uh.... I dunno. Give me a minute" Zac stalled, paralyzed at the thought of Taylor's capabilities. He compared past truths and past dares that his brother had tacked him to the wall of shame with. He picked dare. No game was worth risking one of Taylor's truth questions.

Taylor looked disappointed for a moment before regaining his smile.

Isaac nearly wet his pants with anticipation and the three girls leaned in to ensure that they didn't miss one word.

"Good choice Zac. I DARE you to tell me, correction, to tell US, the dream you had last night that made talk inm your sleep about how sweet whoever you were talking to was." Taylor said, sure that he had Zac nailed there.

"Zac then smiled and dashed Taylor's hopes of embarassment. "I was dreaming that I was floating in a pool of green jello. Alone." he added, making sure to cut off one of Ike's sure to come comments.

Surely enough, Isaac's mouth closed.

"Now. Let's see. Ahh. Aurora. Hehehe. Truth or Dare?" Zac asked Taylor's girlfriend of 2 months.

"Dare." she said, challenging Zac to do his worst.

Zac met the silent bet with a dare to moon her ex-boyfriend Marc.

"Done." she answered as she marchd towards the door with everyone following, dispite Taylor's voiced disapproval.

Aurora stood in front of Marc's door and the others stood out of door sight, just against the side of the garage.

Marc answered the door and Aurora immediatly mooned him.

Everyone could tell because Marc released a sudden outburst of "what the hell?".

The others stepped out from behind the garage and chorused "the moon shines bright....." and then burst into laughter.

Marc slammed the door and everyone ran back to the Hanson household before he had time to come back out or alert hius parents.

The 6 teens began laughing as they took their seats back on the floor.

"That was hilarious. Did you see the look on his face?" Ike exclaimed as he held his sides in pain from too much laughing.

" Yeah!" Zac spewed before bursting into another fit of laughter. "I am a genius!"

" Ha. You just keep talling yoursself that. If it helps you grow hair on your chest, then whatever you say!" Ike's girlfriend Britney said, gloating in the embarassed/shocked look that washed over Zac's face.

"Okay its my turn!!!" Aurora practically screamed. She looked around the circle and chose Zac's best friend Brenda.

"So. Bree. Truth or Dare?" she challenged.

Brenda looked around at all the anxious faces and said "Truth" with a sigh that admited defeat.

"Do you like Zac?" Aurora interrigated.

"Yeah. Sure he's my best friend." Brenda answered, glancing around curiously at the people who started laughing around her. Zac was red with embarassment.

"NO...NO..." Aurora breathed in between gasps of breath. "Do you like him as MORE than a friend?"

Brenda turned red and looked at Zac. He was redder than a cherry tomato. "yes." she meekly admitted.

Everyone started laughing harder as Zac turned even redder.

Brenda quickly stood up and ran from the room as the others continued to laugh.

Zac stood up and followed her out. He knew where she went to think. He made his way to one of the small creeks and found Brenda sitting on the bank with tears flowing freely down her cheeks.

He sat down by her and stared at the water passing by. He turned his head to look at her and found himself staring at her. He had never looked at her as anything other than a friend. Now she was a beautiful young girl who liked him. The sunlight shone through her light brown hair and the reflection of its light off the water glimmered in her baby blue eyes.

He couldn't think of what to say. "wait a minute, don't think Zac. just say what you feel" he told himself and looking at her he felt the words come freely to his mouth.

"Brenda, I like you too. I just never realised it until now. Please don't cry." he started, then stopped when she opened her mouth to speak.

"No you don't Zac. You are just saying that to make me feel better. Please don't lie to me." she said before drawing herself up to her feet and heading towards another area of the large property line.

He jumped up and followed her before grabbing her arm and turning her around to face him.

"I do. I really do. You have to believe me. Look, will you go with me?" he asked, as his stomache began to do the macarena in anticipation of his answer.

"well...." Brenda drew out.

Now Zac's stomache was break dancing.

"OF course!" She said before hugging him and then stepped back, blushing.

" Come on. Lets blow this popsicle stand" Zac said, before taking her hand and leading her back towards the house.

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