"This was the THIRD bus driver in a MONTH!! How could you boys go through that many? Your mother and I are very dissapointed. You better hope we can find another replacement. If you lose this one, the tour is cancelled and trips for you three will be STRONGLY considered before you even set foot in a van or bus." Walker paced the floor in front of three teenage boys who had their heads down in disgrace of their actions.

"I really thought you would be more responsible than this, Isaac."

Zac flashed Isaac a "ha ha, I'm not gonna get blamed" look.

"But I am not saying it is entirely your fault." Walker looked pointedly at Zac.

"And Taylor is partially responsible as well. You boys are going to have to learn to calm down and act reasonably. Now I have to go find a new bus driver. You boys stay here and think about your actions and how to improve them."

With that, Walker left the TV room of the bus and headed towards Diana (who was driving) with a look of despair.

"Well honey, what do we do now? That was the third one. I don't think we'll be able to find another one with the reputation we are getting. Who would take this job and still be in their right mind?"

Walker picked baby Rachel up out of her carseat and began playing with her hands.

"Have patience, Walker. You have to have patience. I am sure we can find someone. Boys will be boys. You can't be too hard on them. You would probably get just as antsy being on the road for months at a time. I'm not saying what they did was right, but don't act like it's the end of the world." Diana kept her eyes on the road, sometimes looking up in her rearview mirror at Walker playing with their youngest daughter.

"I know, I know. But who can I possibly call to replace Bob?"

Walker was looking at his cell phone with disgust, as if it was responsible for Walker not knowing what number to call.

" How about that chauffer company down in Tulsa? We'll be down there in a week and I am sure if you call now that maybe they could find someone. Besides, I don't think they've heard of our "reputation" yet." Diana suggested as she laughed.

"Well, I'll give it a try. Just don't say anything to the boys. I don't want them to get excited or start plotting." Walker said as he picked up the Tulsa phone book.

"Honestly Walker! You should have a LITTLE more faith in our boys with their behavior. They aren't THAT bad." Diana scolded.

All of a sudden a loud thump hit the floor from the back.

"What was that?" Walker and Diana asked at the same time.

Then Zac's impish face appeared in the doorway to the back room.

"Sorry. Taylor fell off his bunk bed when he was trying to fix his tv."

"What happened to the TV? It was just fine yesterday." Walker questioned.

"Well.....uh.. you see... Mackie got into Taylor's jellybeans and stuck some in the VCR. Then it hay wired and messed up some of the circuitry and now even the TV won't work." Zac said before he hurried off into the backroom.

"Now what was that you were saying about having faith in their behavior?" Walker asked as he headed towards the TV room to fix what they tried to blame on Mackie.

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