[ Finding a Bus Driver ]

"Hello?" Megan answered the phone.

"Hello. Is this the Tulsa Chauffering Company?"

"Yes, it is. How may I help you?" Megan flipped her long auburn hair over her shoulder and sat up.

"Well, I was wondering if you have bus drivers that will drive for long periods of time. Like for a tour."

"Well yes we do. Would you like to hire one?"

"Yes please. We will be stopping by next week. Can you have one ready by then?"

"Certainly. Sam is available for the next 5 months. How does that sound?"

"Very good. We'll stop by to pick him up at about 10 AM a week from now."

"Okay. Can I have a name for the form?"

"Oh certainly. I almost forgot. Hanson. Walker Hanson. Good day."

Megan slowly hung up the phone.

"Hanson? Why does that sound so familiar?" Megan asked herself as she wrote it on the form.

She pushed it to the back of her mind and picked up the phone.

Dialing Sam's number, she laughed at her new realization. Walker had said he. Boy was he going to get a surprise.

"Sam? Hi, its Meg. You have a job lined up for the next five months with a Walker Hanson.... I don't know if thats them or not... OKay.... be here next week at about 9 in the morning... okay.... later."


Isaac stared at the wood paneling above his bunk.

He hadn't heard from RaeAnn in over a month. It wasn't like her to lose contact that easily.

' oh well. I'll surprise her when we get to Tulsa.' Isaac thought to himself as he silently began preparing for the 2 day stay in his hometown.


Zac pressed the buttons on the controller pad of the nintendo and stared at the screen intently as the Mortal Combat characters battled. Taylor was losing badly, with his life force almost empty. Zac's was full force. With a swift kick to the side of Taylor's character's head, Zac's screen flashed with the eeiry glow of the "You WIN" sign, as Taylor's "Game Over" mirrored in his baby blue eyes.

"Do you NEVER lose?" He asked Zac.

"Well, actually, no. I don't." Zac gloated in his victory. A warm glow vibrated from his brown eyes as he danced around the small room.

" Good thing Dad fixed the TV huh?" Zac asked Taylor.

"Good for you maybe. I really thought that I had down a good job enough so that he couldn't fix it. Oh well. Maybe Isaac will play with you. I need to get some sleep." Taylor wearily rose from the floor and headed towards his small bunk.

"Wait! One more game... PLEASE?" Zac flashed him a begging look and made a puppy face.

"That may work on Mom, but it doesn't work on me. I can see that evil look and plan behind that puppy face." Taylor turned to walk away.

"Darn it. How do you ever resist this adorable face?" Zac made a monkey face as he steeped in front of Taylor."

"Easy. I'm your brother."

"So? It works on Ike."

"Yeah but I can do something that he can't."

"Oh really. And whats that?" Zac got curious at how he could be denied an easy victory.

"This." And with that Taylor put his hand over Zac's face and lightly pushed Zac away before hopping in his bunk.

"That was cheating!!"

"So was that move you pulled on me in the game when you intentionally pulled my hair with your free hand. Deal with it."

With that, Taylor forcefully pulled the blanket and pillow over his head before turning his back on Zac, signifying the end of the conversation.

"Well Fine then! Be that Way! And after I was nice enough to.... well Fine THEN!" Zac stormed off to try and find Isaac and sucker him into a round of Mortal Kombat.

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