Turned out that the "hotel" they were staying at was Holiday Inn.

Somehow, Sam thought, I'm not at all surprised.

She had slept peacefully through the night, despite the knawing on the edge of her mind that she was missing something. Like something was sad that she wanted to know but she didn't hear.

Shrugging it off, she looked around the posh suite that had been set aside for the Hanson entourage.

Usually, bus drivers had to find their own means of stay. But with Sam at only 16 and Megan only a few years older, it wasn't a good idea to let the girls stay on their own.

A knock on the door sent Samantha scrambling to her feet. She flung the door open and saw Megan, her hair whipped wildly around her and her cheeks, nose, and ears a refreshing shade of pink.

"Cool wind?" Samantha guessed, holding the door wider to let her best friend in.

"You could say that." Came the reply.

With a nod, both girls sat down on the twin beds, propping themselves up on pillows and talking quietly about nothing in particular.

Megan desperately wanted to tell Samantha that she was 'dating' Ike, but she was scared to death of what Sam's reaction would be.

Sam wanted to tell Megan that she decided Zac and his brothers weren't so bad after all when in fact they were very good company, but she was scared that Megan would accuse her of going soft. It wasn't very often that Samantha Lorene Vaclavik let her guard down. Leastaways, not enough to be friendly.

So both of them remained mum, avoiding that subject completely.

When at last they finally ran out of topics of interest, the TV was turned on. ABC was the first channel to pop up on the screen. The boringness of summer insisted that ABC broadcast information on the summer tours. Hanson's happened to be one of them.

Both girls sat watching, laughing at random pictures that had been taken.

As soon as that went off, there was a knock on the door that connected theirs to the next one.

Isaac entered without waiting for a "come in" and he and Megan exchanged a meaningful glance that went unnoticed with Sam.

"Did you guys see that??" He asked, laughing.

They nodded as he sat down on a nearby chair.

Within 2 minutes, Zac and Taylor had entered the room, talking in a small group.

Taylor looked ready to explode with anticipation.

"Whatz up?" Sam finally asked.

"Swarna's coming in 3 days!!!" He explained, the happiness evident in his voice.

Ike and Zac laughed while Megan and Sam just smiled in understanding.

Ordering room service, the inevitable game of "Truth Or Dare" came into effect.

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Green Eggs And Hanson

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