[ Isaac's Dilema ]

Diana drove the bus to a reserved parking space in the airport parking lot, that they made payments for whenever they came home.

Then all 9 of the Hanson family hopped into the large white suburban that would take them home.

"Its definately good to be home." Taylor stated as he looked out of the tinted window at the beautiful scenery that he recognized and associated with home.

"Yeah. It is." Isaac agreed.

Zac had already conked out on the back seat with Mackie sitting in his lap napping as well.

"I'm kind of surprised that we didn't get mobbed with all those crazy girls chasing over you guys. I still don't understand that. You're just my brothers. You're not even half as cute as 'N Sync or the Backstreet Boys. Girls are definately weird." Jessie observed.

Everyone in the car just laughed.

"I swear Jessie. You are definately something different." Isaac laughed.

"Well, I would hope so. I definately wouldn't want to be like your psycho fans. They scare me sometimes. To imagine freaks chasing after my brothers is just TOO weird." Jessie said.

Everyone started laughing even harder.

"What?" Jessica asked innocently.

Even Avery was laughing, even though she couldn't understand what she was laughing about.

After a while, the van got real quiet and just looked outside at the familiar sights of Tulsa.

10 minutes later, the van pulled into the Hanson home.

Everyone climbed out, leaving their luggage in the car. No one was in the mood to even fiddle with that.

"Ahhh... Home sweet Home." Zac announced as he went in through the front door.

Everything was as they had left it. Comics were lying open on the table and Mackie's little toy cars were still in the floor where anyone could step on them. There was still a giant red spot that was now faded in the corner of the room now under a coffee table where Zac had performed a volcano experiment and put in too much baking soda.

Avery's Spice Girls CD was still in its case on top of the master stereo system. Jessie's 'N Sync CD was still in the stereo. The royal blue CD with the white flame could be seen through the dark translucent plastic covering the CD player.

The three brothers trooped upstairs while everyone else went to a different part of the house.

Isaac opened their bedroom door and breathed in deeply.

"AUGH! What the hell is that smell??"

"Watch your mouth, young man!" Diana yelled from downstairs.

Taylor stepped in the room behind his older brother.

"P.U.! Zac! Did you leave something in here?"

"Huh?" Zac peeked in behind Taylor. He couldn't see anything so he gave a strong push and sent the two in front of him tumbling to the floor into a mass of clothes and doc martens.

"Ow!" Taylor almost yelled. He pulled out a little red lego from under his stomache.

"Sorry." Zac tried the innocent look again.

Finally he noticed the rancid smell radiating in the room.

"Oh yuck! Could somebody not make it down the hall to the bathroom or what??"

"We thought you had left old food in here or something." Isaac said.

"Nope. Every food item I bring in with me gets devoured." Zac beamed proudly.

"So we noticed." Taylor pointed to his gut.

"Actually, I think I am doing pretty well." Zac raised his shirt a little to show the beginnings of a 6 pack. 4 were clearly defined and 2 were there, just not as well defined.

"Okay, Okay. You've made your point." Taylor rolled his eyes.

"Now, back to the stench. What is it?" Isaac brought them back to the "important" issue at hand.

"Well, first lets find it so we can see it and try to appoint it a name." Taylor suggested.

"Okay. Zac, follow your nose." Isaac commanded.

Zac followed his nose straight to the closet. The smell coming from there was so strong that Zac ran away from the wood door screaming.

"SHHH!! Zoe is trying to nap here!" Diana reprimanded.

Isaac walked slowly towards the door with his fingers plugging his nose. Taylor stood right behind him doing the same thing.

Isaac cautiously and slowly used his other hand to twist the door knob.

The door came flying open with a massive mound of old dirty socks that must have been in there for half a year.

"Oh yuck!" Zac almost gagged on the other side of the room.

The smell was so strong now that even Zac couldn't take it.

Taylor ran from the room and came back with a huge laundry basket and 3 pairs of latex dish washing gloves. He tossed his brothers a pair keeping one for himself.

All three drew in a large breath and held it before diving in and trying to get all the nasty socks in the basket as quickly as possible.

They soon had a mountain high pile.

"Now, who's taking it down to the laundry room?" Isaac asked.

"Taylor." Zac said. "Isaac." Taylor nominated.

"Zac." Isaac said.

"Okay. This presents a problem." Zac observed. "The only way to solve it is Rock-Scissors-Paper."

"Okay" Isaac and Taylor agreed.

The three brothers played, with Taylor being the loser who had to go take the laundry and wash the socks.

He grumbled under his breath and picked up the basket, heading out the door and towards the stairs.

Isaac sighed and sat down on Taylor's bed.

He looked at his watch and decided to go pay RaeAnn a visit. He reached in his closet and pulled his keys out of the sliding wood panel on the inside wall.

He went down the hall and stood in the doorway of the baby's room.

"Hey Mom." Hey whispered, trying to get her attention.

"Hmmm? Oh, hi Isaac. Is there something you need?"

"No m'am. I am just going to walk down to RaeAnn's and pay her a short visit. Is that okay?"

"Sure honey. Just don't be long and don't be obvious. You know how fans are."

"I know. I'll be careful."

Ike left the room and headed out the door.

RaeAnn's house was only 5 doors down.

He jogged down there and rung the doorbell.

RaeAnn's father, John, answered the door.

"Why hello Isaac. We haven't seen you in a while." RaeAnn's father stuck his hand out for Ike to shake.

"Hello Mr. Johnson. Is RaeAnn home?" Ike shoke hands with John.

"Please just call me John. How is your dad? RaeAnn is up in her room. Just head up the stairs and knock I suppose."

"My dad's great. Maybe he'll stop by. It depends on how busy he is. Thank you."

Ike headed up the stairs. He reached the third door and knocked.

RaeAnn answered with a surprised look on her face.

"Uh hi Ike!" Isaac could see past her into the room. Everything was as it had been, only Mark Kennedy was on her bed sitting up and looking at Ike with confusion.

"Can I talk to you?" Ike was angry but tried not to let it show in his voice.

"Um, okay." RaeAnn stepped out of her room and closed the door behind her. Isaac said two words before leaving with out looking back.

He left the house and headed back towards his house. But now the rage was gone. It was replaced with sorrow.

He had been dating RaeAnn for over 4 years now and had expected to come back and everything would be like it had been. Moonlight kisses, Summer afternoon picnics, and a lot of make out sessions. But with 2 words he had left and never looked back.

We're Through.

That was simply said but complicated to feel.

He got to his house and shut the door behind him, quickly climbing the stairs two at a time.

He reached his room and threw himself down on Zac's bottom bunk.

He suddenly heard a muffled "Geh uf meh"

"Huh?" he shifted over.

"I said, Get off Me." Zac stated, now quite clearly.

"Oh. Sorry." Isaac stood up and took one look at his dresser before grabbing the trash can near the side of it and sweeping all the RaeAnn stuff into the garbage.

He slowly ripped the pictures into shreds and watched as the glass bear she had given him with "RaeAnn & Isaac 4ever" engraved on the tummy fell into the trash can with a shattering crack.

"Ike? Whats wrong?"

"The bitch dumped me." Isaac said, as if that explained everything.

"Oh." Zac was surprisingly at a loss for words. "I'm sorry man. I really am. But shes not worth the time for your feelings. Just move on and find someone better."

"Yeah. You're right. I'm gonna move on. Thanx Zac." Isaac stood up and walked out the door.

"Hey! Where are you going?" Zac asked.

"The kitchen. I'm hungry. You want something?" Ike turned around and looked at him.

"Sure. I'll come with you. I'm famished. We might as well stop by the laundry room and get Taylor so that he can eat with us, cuz after I'm done there won't be anything left." Zac laughed.

"Yeah. Come on. We're leaving tomorrow morning. I need to eat a whole bunch so I can spend the rest of the day sleeping."

They stopped by the Landry Room and asked Taylor if he wanted to come. He agreed and they raided the refrigerator before Ike headed towards their room for a nap and Zac got on the computer to check out sites and update the official one. Taylor went and finished all the socks. Soon darkness came and all three brothers began to snooze.

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