[ Sam??!! ]

The bus pulled to a stop in the Tulsa Chaufferring parking lot.

The sun beat down harshly on the metal roof of the maroon bus.

Walker stood up from the driver's seat and went back to make sure Diana was still napping. She was sleeping peacefully with a serene expression on her face.

He headed back towards the front of the bus and grabbed Zac and Taylor by the back of the shirt collar, with Isaac following close behind.

"I was able to get another bus driver, but if you lose this one, there will be no more! Do you understand?" Walker took on the fatherly air.

All the boys nodded meekly and followed their dad into the small building.

The cold blast of air hit them in a rush when they opened the dark glass doors.

They 4 men quickly stepped inside and made their way to the front desk.

"Um... can I help you?" a young brunette sat at the desk. She was definately far from the business looking type. Her short brown hair was peppered with random little braids and her shirt was orange with red print saying "hookt on foniks workt 4 me" with some of the letters backwards and all of them crooked.

Zac's mouth nearly hit the floor.

Taylor whispered in his ear, "careful Zac.....your drooling."

Zac ran his hand under his mouth to check if that was true and then shot the laughing Taylor a glare for lying.

"Um..yeah.. I need to pick up Sam. He was hired to drive for us." Walker said.

"Well here I am. Are you ready to go? I am. And I am a SHE thank you." Sam stood up. Her orange leather pants shined in the office lights.

"There must be some misunderstanding. I requested Sam. The woman on the phone said Sam." Walker was deeply confused.

At that moment, Megan walked out of her office.

"Oh, hi! You must be Walker. I'm Meg. From the phone. This is Sam. She will be driving for you for the next few months."

Now it was Isaac's turn for his mouth to hit the floor. Zac reached over and raised Ike's jaw back to the closed-mouth position.

"She? But I thought it was a he." Walker was definately confused.

"Does it make a difference? I can find a male for you but it will be a week before he will be available." Megan picked up a book on the desk to look for a male driver.

"No. No. She's fine. I just thought Sam was a guy." Walker tried to not seem rude.

"That's okay. Most people think like that if they hear my name. Its actually short for Samantha."

"Oh well, nice to meet you Samantha. I'm sure you are familiar with my boys." Walker sook hands with Samantha.

"Well, I think I have seen them on MTV once or twice but I don't really listen to that kind of music. I prefer country." Sam stated.

"Oh. Well then this is probably the first time I will have to introduce them."

Samantha suddenly got an extreme disliking for the boys. Did they really think they were that good that everybody had heard of them? She certanly didn't think they looked any good. In fact, upon first viewing she thought they were girls.

Walker didn't notice the change in expresson upon her face, but Zac sure did. He made a mental note to talk to his father about that smooth move.

"This is Isaac, Taylor, and Zac. I am sure you will get along on the bus." He paused to shoot the three boys a warning look on not to blow it.

"Well anyway, lets get your stuff loaded. Is there a second driver? I don't expect that you could drive day and night. If there isn't I would be more than willing to hire one. I don't want you to be uncomfortable."

"Um...theres not one planned but I am sure we can find one. Let me check the books." Megan looked at her green scheduling book for the company.

"I'm sorry. There isn't one open for the next week."

Suddenly Sam got an idea.

"Actually Meg is free and is fully capable of driving."

"But..but.." Meg was at a loss for words.

"Could you?" Walker asked.

"Well I could because I have another secretary coming but.."

"Would you please come? You'll be paid handsomely." Ike intervened in the conversation. He definately wasn't letting this hazel eyed beauty slip out of his sight.

Walker gave Ike a weird look before looking back to Meg.

"Um... okay.. I have my stuff here. I was originally planning on going down to Houston to visit my sister but I might as well. Its no big deal."

She went into her office and grabbed two suitcases.

"Are we ready to go?"

"Yep." Came the response.

Zac took Sam's luggage and Ike took Megan's.

They made their way across the parking lot and boarded the bus.

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