They all boarded the bus. Diana was awake by this time and was trying to feed Rachel. (AN: Since this is in the future, about 4 years from now, I figured she would have had another child. This baby is a FICTIONAL character. Doesn't exist. sorry to confuse) Diana looked up and gave Walker a quizical look. Then she looked at the two girls.

She stood up and extended her hand.

"Hi! My name is Diana."

"Sam." Sam introduced herself.

"I assume that is short for Samantha?"

"Yes. I just don't like that name. Itz a little too girly for my taste." Sam clarified.

"I see. And you are?" She looked at Megan.

"Megan." She reached over and shook Diana's hand.

"Okay. Well, here is the map. You can study the route. We need to get started no later than 1:00 PM."

"Welcome to the Hanson tour bus. Make yourself at home. One of the boys will probably show you where you are sleeping and where to put your stuff. I would but well.." she gestured to baby Rachel, now banging the little plastic spoon on the small table attached to her feeding chair.

"Oh how cute!" Megan bent down and smiled at the baby.

"Yeah. She is adorable." Sam agreed.

Meg straightened up and looked around.

Ike suddenly spoke up from his position in the doorway.

"The bunks are in the back. Follow me. " He made his way to the back of the bus pointing out things like the kitchen, bathroom, TV Room, etc.

He pointed out the closets, where Meg and Sam promptly put their stuff. He went further back and they reached the bunk area.

They could hear Taylor talking but couldn't hear anyone else talking back.

Ike put his finger over his lips, signaling for them to be quiet before standing by his bunk to listen to his younger brother's conversation. Apparently, they had just caught the beginning of it.

"Swarna? Hey girl! Haven't heard from you in a's it going?...really?...its going great here too...we just got two new kinda left (AN: hes talking about the bus driver)...we didn't do anything this time!" Taylor laughed. "Okay..okay...maybe a FEW things, but it was nothing to get bent out of shape about.....Of course I'm goofy, but you still date me dontcha? what does that say about you??....Sane my @$$!......hahahaha.....the two drivers?..they're just two, neither one is my age and even if she was, I am staying faithful to you....I am not SAPPY!...HA!..whatever.....yeah, Ike and Zac have the hots for them.."

Ike was blushing likle crazy at this comment. Meg and Sam immediatly looked at the floor.

"Alright, well I gotta let ya go. I think buttmunch is about to bring the girls back here...alright...luv ya too... talk to you later." Taylor ended the conversation with his 6 month girlfriend.

Ike looked up fast. "Go! Go! Go!" he mouthed, hurriedly ushering them to the doorway before Taylor could open the curtain.

They made it just in time.

Taylor whipped open the curtain and stepped down from his bunk. He looked up and saw Ike and the two girls just entering the room. (AN: or so HE thought anyway, hehehehe)

"Hi Ike!" Taylor said as he walked out of that portion into the bus and headed towards the front.

"Hi Tay!" Ike continued walking.

Ike couldn't bear to look either of the girls in the eye after Taylor gave he and Zac away like that. He blushed at just the thought of it. He made a mental note to warn Zac.

"These are your bunks." He gestured towards the two dark blue curtained bunks.

"Um, Ike is it?" Sam tried to remember his name.

"Yeah, its Ike." Ike confirmed.

"Okay, Ike. Will your parents mind too much if I put my own curtain up?"

"Of course not. Go right ahead. I mean, look at Zac's." He pointed out the youngest band members bunk bed. It was what used to be a plain white bed sheet but it had little hand drawn muscle men and aliens on it.

"Kewl." Sam stepped forward to look at it.

Megan sighed and started arranging her bunk.

"Well, I'll leave you two ladies to get your stuff ready." Isaac left the bunk room and headed towards to the TV room to locate Zac.

"You know what Sam?" Meg asked as she pulled her homemade quilt out of her back pack and started spreading it on her bed.

"Hmm?" Sam was putting up her curtain. It had a baby blue background and tiny little orange stars all over it that glowed in the dark.

"Didn't Taylor say Swarna was the name of his girlfriend?" Meg climbed up onto her bunk and sat indian style with her bag in her lap.

"Ummm, yeah I think so." Sam was still struggling with the curtain.

"Doesn't that name sound familiar?" Meg poked her head out of her bunk long enough to look at Sam before searching through her bag for her highlighter and map.

"A little, but I can't place a face with the name." Sam knitted her eyebrows together as she tried to think.

"Me neither. Oh well. Taylor will probably talk about her soon. Maybe we can figure out who she is then." Meg resolved.

"Not if I can help it." Sam was now spreading her Freakazoid blanket.

"What do you mean by that?" Meg asked.

"I meant exactly what I said. I don't plan on talking to them anylonger than I have to unless I'm telling them to kiss my Hanes covered ass." Sam frowned in displeasure at the thought of having to conversate with someone that snobby.

"Why? They seemed nice enough." Meg was tracing their route on her map, according to the instructions on the paper that DIana had given her.

"C'mon Meg. 'I've never had to introduce my boys before cuz everyone usually knows them'?" Sam mocked Walker. "These guys are so full of themselves that I wouldn't be surprised to find pictures of each one of them in their own bunks. In fact, watch."

Sam jumped down from her bunk and headed towards Zac's bunk.

"Sam don't. That is definately NOT a good idea. And you can't blame them for that. From the looks of this bus and how wigged out it is, I would guess they have had a lot of success. But Ike seemed down to earth. Maybe Walker was just proud of his boys. I'm sure they didn't mean it like that." Megan looked up and watched as her friend pulled back the curtain to Zac's bed, despite her warnings.

Sitting in a little white cubby hole was pictures of his family and fans. But in the other cubby hole was photos of Zac, already signed.

"See what I told you? I don't even have to look at his brothers' bunks to know that there are some in theirs too." Sam's distaste for the boys grew even more.

"Think what you want, Sam. But I am going to talk to them whether you like it or not." Meg got down from her bunk with the map and walked over to Sam.

"Now, we need to look this over together and work out a schedule for driving. You need to be sleeping while I am driving. Are you a sound sleeper?" Meg asked.

"Yes, why?" Sam looked at her weird. She had never driven with someone else before and had never been a driver for this long either.

"You need to sleep during the day then. I'll drive during the day and you drive during the night. You ready to get started?" Meg set down the plans.

"Yep. Is there a copy of the map so that I can study while you drive?" Sam asked.

"Yeah. Here." Meg tossed her the spare map and a highliter with Diana's directions.

"You are going to have to make a copy for yourself. I'm gonna go get started. Don't take too long. You are gonna need your sleep. We have to break a lot of ground." Meg advised as she left the room.

Meg headed through all the areas to get to the front. She had to pass through the game room to get there though. Zac was staring intently at the game screen as he made the little bony skeleton dude kill a girl with a bra on her head.

"Pause" she stated before she went in between Zac and the TV.

Zac did so accordingly.

"Thanks for warning me. Tay and Ike are too stupid to think of it." Zac smiled at her before unpausing the game and continued playing.

"Anytime. I have guy cousins too. I know how it works." Meg smiled before leaving the room.

She found Diana sitting with Rachel, still trying to get her to eat.

"Hi." Meg greeted.

"Oh, hello dear. Is everything satisfactory?" Diana looked up from trying to feed her youngest.

"Everything is great. In fact, I'm ready to start now. Is that okay?" Meg asked.

"Sure. Thats great! Do you need anything before you sit down, like a drink or something?" Diana offered.

"Um, no. I'm fine. Thanks." Meg was about to take her seat when Rachel started crying.

Diana gave an exasperated sigh.

Meg turned and walked back over to where Diana was sitting.

"May I?" She asked, referring to picking Rachel up.

"Go ahead. She's just a fussy baby today." Diana sat down and watched as Meg expertly picked up Rachel and started rubbing her back while she swayed.

Soon Rachel had stopped crying.

"There's a good girl." She handed Rachel back to Diana.

"Maybe she'll eat the food if you warm it a little. Here, let me do it." She said when Diana stood up to do that.

"Why thank you." Diana sat back down and watched her baby follow Megan's every move.

"Do you have good experience with babies?" Diana asked as Meg put some of the baby food in the microwave.

"Um, yeah. I have several nephews and neices. My sister must have 5 children by now. They are just so cute when they are little. I guess she can't help it." Meg explained as she waited for the food to warm up.

"I know what she's going through. This is my 8th child. Its defintaely my last though." She laughed.

"Yeah. My sister just had her tubes tied so I don't think there will be anymore little tykes running around and calling my Auntie after this one that she just had."

The microwave beeped and Meg took out the small jar.

She handed the warm food to Diana and watched as Diana picked up a small spoonful of the stuff and fed Rachel.

Diana smiled thankfully at Megan for her help and went back to feeding her daughter.

Megan walked up to her seat and sat down before starting the long journey that would end up being more than just a tour drive.

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Green Eggs And Hanson

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