"Zac, listen. Taylor was talking to Swarna on the phone and Meg, Sam, and I were listening cuz we just happened to be in the area."

"Ohh. what would good old Tay-bear say if he knew?" Zac hinted at a blackmail scheme.

"Shutup and listen. Sam and Meg know that we think they are fine."

Zac's jaw dropped.

"What??!! I am gonna KILL Taylor!" Zac jumped and was about to go take off through the bus to beat the MMMBop out of his brother.

"Whoa. Wait." Ike pulled him back down by his arm.

"You can't say anything to Taylor. It's not his fault. We were over-listening. I just thought you would want to know that they know." Ike explained.

"Ike, you don't understand. They HATE us! Sam does anyway. Didn't you see that look on her face when dad introduced us?" Zac was angry and upset and all at the same time. He couldn't make up his mind on what to do. He couldn't confront Sam without probably getting the $hi+ knocked out of him and even though Meg seemed nice, she was driving. Now wouldn't be a good time to talk to her about this.

"Zac, I'm not in a good place to rationalize on what to do. I am gonna go sit up front. I need some air. You look kind of tired. Maybe you should go take a nap." Ike advised.

"Alright Chewy. Good idea. I'll see you later." Zac headed off in the direction of the bunks.

Ike went up front and sat in the chair by the drivers seat.

"Hi." Meg looked over at him for a second before looking back at the road.

"Hello." Ike greeted, blushing slightly when he realized that she knew he had the hots for her.

He continued looking out the window and avoided her quick gazes.

"Listen Ike, about what Taylor said.." Meg started.

"Um, Taylor was a bit confused on that one. Sorry. We straightened it out." Ike hurried to cover up his younger brothers slip.

"Oh." Meg bit her lip.

"What were you going to say about it?" Ike asked.

"Nothing. Nevermind. I'm glad you guys got that settled." She went back to watching the road.

"So, what happened to your other drivers?" Meg asked cautiously.

"Um, well. Honestly? They didn't have a good tolerance level for our rare antics." Ike admitted sheepishly.

"Rare?" Megan raised her eyebrow, doubtful at the honesty on that one.

"Okay. Maybe a litle more often than that implies..."

"A little?" Meg's eyebrow went up even higher.

"Okay okay. Frequent. I'm not going any higher than that and I don't think your eyebrow can either so lets just leave it at frequent." Both 22 year olds laughed.

"Well, I think my eyebrow could and SHOULD go up a bit higher, but because I am a nice person, I will leave you SOME dignity." Meg turned onto the interstate.

"Thank you, oh-kind-and-generous one." Ike mocked.

"Boy, you better be glad I am in this drivers seat or I would have knocked you through the window." Meg playfully threatened.

"Ohhh...Fiesty woman.... I'm scared now.... maybe I better watch my back now huh?" Ike joked.

"No. I wouldn't worry about that. You have to sleep SOMETIME. I'll get you then." Meg laughed evily and then started laughing normally when she realized how ridiculous they sounded.

"Then I'll just sleep with my eyes open." Ike challenged.

"I wouldn't recommend that. When I shave your eyebrows off, I don't want the little tiny hairs getting in your eyes." Meg advised.

"Alrighty then." Ike agreed and went back to watching the road.

********************************** (I just LOVE these little astericks, don't you?? hahaha)

Zac walked back into the bunk room and noticed the kewl new curtain up.

"Awesome..." He voiced as he stepped towards it. He was about to reach up and feel the material when a voice came from behind it.

"Touch the curtain and lose an arm. I have only seen one man ever drum one handed and he was actually talented. That leaves you out in the cold, Zac. So take my warning and back away. " Sam voiced from behind her curtain.

Zac made a face at the curtain and walked over to his bunk where he promptly threw hisself on it and started thinking.

Sam, on the other hand, found that she could not sleep. Her surroundings were too new for her to sleep. She reached above her and found her small boom box alarm clock sitting in the cubby hole. She pressed play and listened as Garth Brooks came out softly over the speakers.

She was sang gently to sleep by "If Tommorrow Never Comes".

'Sometimes late at night/ I lay awake and watch her sleeping./ She's lost in peaceful dreams/ so I turn out the lights/ and lay there in the dark./ And a thought crosses my mind/ if I never wake up in the morning/ would she ever doubt/ the way I feel about her/ in my heart?/ If tommorrow never comes/ will she know how much I love her?/ Did I try in every way/ to show her every day/ that she's my only one?/ And if my time on Earth were through/ and she must face this world without me/ is the love I gave her in the past/ gonna be enough to last/ if tommorrow never comes?/ Cause I've lost loved ones in my life/ who never knew how much I loved them./ Now I live with the regret that my true feelings for them never were revealed./ so I made a promise to myself/ to say each day how much she means to me/ and avoid that circumstance where there is no second chance/ to tell her how I feel./ 'Cause if tommorrow never comes/ will she know how much I loved her?/ Did I try in every way/ to show her every day/ that she's my only one?/ And if my time on Earht were through/ and she must face this world with out me/ is the love I gave her in the past/ gonna be enough to last/ if tommorrow never comes?/ So tell that someone that you love/ just what you're thinking of./ If tommorrow never comes.'

-If Tommorrow never comes, Garth Brooks

Zac layed there and listened along as Sam drifted off into never-never land.

Soon, he too, fell asleep.

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