[ a rude awakening ]

     Meg stood up and stretched.

     It had been a long drive and she had gone a couple hours more than she was supposed to so that she could allow Sam more sleep.

     Ike had gone back to his bed at least an hour before and so Meg stumbled her way to the back of the bus in the dark so that she could wake up Sam.

     The McDonalds light beamed in dimly through the random windows.

     Meg found the star-glowing curtain and pulled it back.

     She gently shook Sam awake.


     Sam bolted straight up and hit her head on the bottom of the bunk above her.

     " head..." Sam rubbed her forehead and tried to peer into the dark to see what had woke her up.

      Soon her eyes bacame accustomed and Sam could see Meg standing in front of her.

     "My turn?" She asked.

     Megan nodded.

     "Alrighty. Hop in bed and get some sleep then." Sam whispered now, after she realised everyone was asleep.

      Sam jumped down softly and headed to the front.

     She stopped by the kitchen and reached in the fridge to grab her a coke or something when she heard Zac's voice behind her.

     "Here." He was handing her what appeared to be a mug.

     Despite her disliking of him, she had to admit to herself that it was really nice of him.

     She took the mug and with a soft "thank you" headed towards the drivers seat.

     Zac walked behind her and sat in the front passengers seat.

     "Go back to bed, Zac." She ordered.

     "no." he replied.

     "Zac, I am not playing with you. GO back to bed or I will sit here and wait until dawn so that your parents can see that you are the reason that I didn't start." Sam threatened.

     Zac appeared to give in.

     He stood up and paddedback to the doorway of the next room.

     "You know Sam, you don't have to hate me. My dad made a slip up. You're a coward if you hate me for that."

     He was about to leave the room when Sam whirled around.

     "I am not a coward. But I am not going to sit here and conversate with a snob who thinks so much of himself that he has self portaits that are already signed in his bunk.

     Zac laughed condescindingly at her.

     "You are afraid, Sam. And you know it. You are scared to know me and let your guard down. And you are obviously stupid if you can't figure out the reasonings behind the pictures. But go ahead and put up your little wall of isolation if that is what makes you happy. You hate to talk with a snob and I hate to talk with a coward. That puts us at the same end of the broomstick. Good night, Sam." Zachary walked back to his bunk and layed down as Sam started the bus.

     Sam was shaken terribly that he had confronted her on everything.

     But she was too focused on driving to put too much attention to that.

     Her thoughts drifted elsewhere as she started humming an unfamiliar song to herself.

     She liked the song alot but had never figured out who performed it. It was too bad that she couldn't find it because she really liked that song.

     She turned onto the interstate as the songs chorus echoed in her ears.

     'When you have no light to guide you, and no one to walk beside you, i will come to you, Oh, I will come to you......'

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