[*ring, ring*]

Swarna picked the off white phone up off her deskand sat down on her bed to answer it.


"Hey babe!" Taylor greeted.

"Hey Tay! Wassup?" She asked him, twisting and untwisting the phone cord around her fingers.

"Not much. Missing you and wishing you were here." Swarna automatically swooned at the sincerity in his voice.

"I miss you too Tay. But I'll be there soon. What else is up?"

"Not much. It's kinda funny though. Zac is swooning over that Sam girl and Ike is so obviously head over heels for Meg and mom and dad are trying to make SURE that they don't date. It's funny. PLUS, Meg told Mom and Dad that SHE was the one that would be dropped when they reached the point where they only need one bus driver for us and Sam doesn't have a clue but from the looks of it, Sam REALLY wants to leave. Its almost like a soap opera! Or something one of those teenys would write a story about!" Tay was laughing as he said this.

Swarna blushed. He STILL didn't know she owned a web site. Especially one that was BASED on fiction. Tsk Tsk.

But she couldn't help but laugh at the interesting saga that was taking place on the bus. It definately DID sound like something she would have a story about on her page.

"Yeah. Sounds funny. I can't wait to get there. 5 more days. Hey, I have to let you go! My glorious presence is required on the net!" Swarna joked.

"Yeah, well. Don't let them talk too much to you. I need you more." Tay sweet talked.

"I know, I know. Bye!" Swarna ended the convo and hung up before looking at the messages in her inbox.

"Another day1 Another chapter!" She mumbled to ehrself before hastily typing a reply and starting on a new chapter for her story.


Zac listened quietly from his bunk below Taylor's and sighed. If everyone knew so freaking much about his love life, why was no one OFFERING TO HELP him?

He realised taht Sam was in the bunk across from his but decided not to even worry about it. If she knew, so what. Everyone else on the ubs already seemed to know AND Swarna too.

He leaned back against his soft white pillow and slipped into sleep as his thoughts imagined how he would tell Samantha and what their future wuold be like, holding hands by a pond, rollerblading side by side in a theme park, falling in love, going to the movies...

He started snoring ever so softly as his daydreams turned into daydreams in the night. Just dreams.


Ike moved from his previous position on the couch where he had been munching on an Egg McMuffin and sat up front next to Megan.

The rest of his family was hustling and bustling in the background, eating, reaching for food etc.

He knew no one would hear him.

"Meg? I know this is fast but will you go with me?" Ike blurted out. This was definately NOT how he planned to say it.

Meg slammed on the brakes from surprise.

Voices could be heard in the background from shock at the sudden sotp.

"What the --"

"Taylor watch your mouth!" Diana cut him off.

"Yes m'am!"

Ike returned his attention to Meg, who had apologized and started driving again.

"Well?" He pressed.

"Well what? You can't be serious! We just met! What would your parents say? Ike, this is just a tour. I won't be here forever." She kept her eyes on the road sot aht she wouldn't have to look in his warm brown eyes.

"I know that. I am serious. I've given it a lot of thought. I want you to be my girl. What do you say?"

*AN: Yes, its the infamous cliffhanger! Dunh Dunh dunh dunh!!*

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