Meg stared out at the road for a bit.

This was what she had wanted. This was what she needed. This was who she wanted.

So all she had to do was say yes...right? Wrong. What would Sam say?? Oh the horror. What would Mr. and Mrs. Hanson say? What would his siblings say?

As if reading her mind Ike added "No one has to know. Just you and me. Secret style." He wiggled his eyebrows at her and Megan couldn't help but laugh. Oh yeah, that was James Bond.

"Alright. But I better get flowers mister. Pretty blue carnations.." Megan teasingly demanded.

"You will. You'll have them all!" He kissed her quickly on the cheek before anyone could see and then resumed his seating up front.

*sweet isn't it?*


Taylor stared at his phone on the base, at the small red flash on their that glowed in the semi-dark confines of his bunk.

He stared at the curtain and hoped she would get there soon. He didn't know how much more he could take. Zac talked in his sleep about Sam every time he closed his eyes and Ike was practically tripping over himself when he thought about Megan. And his parents kept confiding to him what they thought about Ike dating Meg or Zac dating Sam and expecting Taylor to do something about it.

Without having any problems at all, the stress of the invisible problems were weighing down on him. He sure hoped that Swarna could help him relax. Boy did he need it.


I know this was a short chapter. i apologize.

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Green Eggs And Hanson

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