"I am sooo glad we finally got all that furniture moved." Jen heaved a sign and flung herself backwards onto her bed, now totally repositioned across the room from where it had previously been.

"Uh oh..." Lindsay looked down at the magazine in her hands, her hair sweeping down into her eyes from the loose ponytail she'd tried to put it back in.

"What?" I looked up, narrowing my eyes, not liking at all the 'uh oh' Lindsay had just spoken. She is not a perfectionist at all. If she finds something wrong enough to be declared worthy of an oopsy statement, then we are in DEEP $hi#.

"Well, according to this article, the way we just arranged it was for if the door was in the CENTER of the wall. But it's not, its to the left. So the bed has to go over here.." Lindsay pointed to the wall behind her and started dictating where everything else should go.

Slowly, I turned to Jen. "Jen, hon, as much as I love you like a sister and cherish our friendship, I am not moving another grain of wood."

"And I second that notion, Jen. I'd sooner move that doorway than move all this crap again." Lindsay spoke, closing the magazine.

"Tell ya what, doesn't it say you can hang a crystal in place if something doesn't go right?" I asked both of them, snatching the magazine and flipping through the waxy pages before finding the one I was looking for and scanning.

"Yeah, it does."

"Then let's just hang crystals all over the damn place." I closed the magazine and threw it on the bed before walking to the shower to soothe my aching muscles, flinching as I walked past our Sailor Moon living room.


The doorbell rang and I quickly pulled on my UCLA sweatshirt over my faded old jeans and raced to the door, flinging it open. There stood Ike, looking slightly bemused.

"We've been interviewed for your newspaper. My brothers and I." Taylor and Zac stepped into my vision. I nodded.

"Have you now?"

"You assigned us Jon. He hit on Taylor." Zac spoke up.

"He what??" I held my sides as I started laughing despite the very serious looks they were giving me.

"Whoo..Umm..sorry. So you came over here to tell me that?" I stood up straight and tugged downwards on my sweater to get it unrolled from over my waistband.

"No, I came to tell you that we're going to let you interview us. Because Taylor stormed out of there too fast for Jon to get a worthwhile article out of us." Ike glanced over his shoulder at his younger brother, who was turning a bit red in the face as Zac smirked.

"Well, come on in then guys." I held the door open wider and let the three brothers waltz on in.

"Tasha? Who's there?" Jen hollered from her room.

"THe guys!!"

"What guys?" Came the response.

"These guys!" Isaac bellowed.

Both Lindsay and Jen poked their heads out of the room before walking over to where we stood.

"What? No hug?" Taylor acted appalled.

"Hey you!" Lindsay hugged him followed be Jen.

He turned to me slowly, arms still open. "Not on your life."

"Tasha doesn't like to be touched. She thoroughly resents it." Lindsay explained on my behalf.

"Thank you, Captain Obvious." I raised an eyebrow at her before widening my eyes in horror as Taylor and Isaac started advancing towards me.

"Now certainly that can't be so.." He began laughing evilly before making a lunge and wrapping his arms around me tightly, squeezing me close as Taylor grabbed me from the other side.


"You wait til I get in there." Zac started at a run for us and enveloped the whole group into his giant arms, squishing us tightly.

"EEEE!!!" I screamed. "Jen! Lindsay! GET your lazy asses over here and help me!!"

"Well not if you're going to call us lazy."

"Taylor, do you really want me to tell Jon that you have a date with him at 4 tomorrow?"

"Oh no! Let her go guys." He directed his brothers, fearful of my threat.

"I knew you'd see it my way." I smiled, before sitting down on the peach couch and beckoning for them to do the same. I pulled out a notepad and pen and called Lindsay and Jen over to come up with some questions with me to interview the guys as they surveyed the room.

"Sailor Moon?" Taylor was looking at one of the chalk drawings Jen had done on canvas and framed, putting up on the peach wall with sailor Moon wallpaper covering the bottom half of the wall.

"Sailor Goon." I corrected.

Lindsay gave me a sharp elbow to the side.

"Owwie! Yes yes. Sailor Moon." I spoke. "Oh how I hate them.." i uttered to myself.

"What was that?" She raised an eyebrow at me.

"Absolutely nothing."

"You got the questions yet?" Ike asked, leaning over my shoulder.

Protectively, I flipped the pad over, hiding the questions from him.

"Yes, sit down. All of you. On the floor." I instructed as they followed.

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