"I'm not going to do it. Get over it." Lindsay crossed her arms at the kitchen table. It was 9 o' clock in the morning and we were talking about the date plans for tonight.

"Lindsay, I know you want to go on a date with him. Here is your chance. Don't be such a pout baby." I took another swig of coffee from my purple ceramic mug and looked at her.

"Tasha, I absolutely detest you messing with my personal life. I am not going."

"Lindsay, I don't want to be repitious, but I know for a fact that you want to go with Zac on a date. here is your chance."

"No, i wanted to go on a date where he asked me himself. Not where my reporter friend did an experimental hook up."

"He didn't object!" I debated. "Lindsay, I'm stubborn. Don't argue with me. If nothing else, you can say that you've met him. Now you are going or I will shame you so help me cheesefluffs." I threatened.

"Fine. But don't say I didn't warn you." She stood up from the table and went into her room, closing the door behind her with a loud 'BANG!'

Jen opened her bedroom door and narrowed her eyes at me. "There better be a damn good reason I was just woken up from a really good dream."

"Lindsay is still pouting about the date."

"Ugh! Not again! I thought we went over this last NIGHT at 11." Jen slumped against the door frame.

"We did. She is beating the dead cow."

"Tash, I really wish you wouldn't use such maleviolent similies this early in the morning." She rubbed her eyes wearily.

"What was your dream about? The good one that Lindsay insisted upon waking you from."

"Oh..." She perked up a bit and came to sit next to me on the old soft couch, the seams starting to tear a bit from usage.

"Well, I had a dream about tonight that Taylor and I fell in love and went on to get married. It was so real...I felt like I could touch everything and smell and taste everything. It was just...astounding. You know?"

"Yeah. I've had dreams like that before..And maybe the dream will come true. Now go back to sleep before you get grumpy in the afternoon and put an unseasonable impression upon your little Taybear." I teased as she sluggishly went back to her room and back to sleep.

"Thank goodness I have the day off." I breathed to myself, relaxing against the sagging couch cushions and finished off the last of my morning caffiene.

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