The doorbell rang, echoing throughout the house.

I ran to the door, skidding to a stop in my hose and looking down to make sure I looked okay. Simple knee-length black sleveless dress. It would suffice. Turning, I checked to see if everyone else was ready. Lindsay was crossing her arms and pouting, her knee length emerald green dress shining in the light. Jen's ankle-length (she always had to be different) dress was blue, bringing out her eyes. She'd returned her hair to it's origianl brown color that it was, deciding that blonde made her look unhealthy.

I was the onl one that didn't ahve my shoes on. Never the less, I opened the door, and smiled my best smile.

"Come on in." I held the door open and let in the three Hanson brothers, making a personal mission to check out their rears on the way through. Can't blame me if you try.

"You ladies look nice." Ike crooned, all three of us blushing.

"Mmm-hmm..someone's a charmer." I laughed, resting my hand on his shoulder. "If you guys will wait just a minute, I'll go get my shoes. Jen, watch Lindsay carefully. Very carefully." I instructed, seeing Lindsay eyeing all possible exits.

"Alrighty. We can do that." Ike answered as I walked down the hallway and into my room, picking my black platform criss-cross sandals off the bed and sliding them on.

"Okay, ready to go." I held up my notepad and pen in my left hand.

The guys nodded and we all stepped out the door, Lindsay finally relenting and coming along good naturely, still quiet as ever. Okay, take that back. Quiet.

We all piled into the suburban that Ike had drove over, me sitting up front with him and Jen and Taylor in the middle, with Zac and Lindsay in the back.

"So, where did you come up with this idea? It's original. I mean, this has never happened to us before." Ike started a conversation.

"Overactive imagination. And Lindsay sleep-talking." I turned and grinned at her evilly as did Jen.

"Oh really?" Taylor laughed, speaking for the first time that evening.

"yes really." Jen answered and Lindsay finally uttered, "The moment we are home, you two will suffer great harm for what you've done."

"yeah yeah. We know. It's worth it." Jen and I chanted.

"So, where to?" I asked Ike.

"Well, since it's what Zac would do on a date with a fan, let's ask him." He suggested.

"Right-O. Zac? Where we going?"

"Lasertag. Hope you wore shorts under your dresses."

Lindsay, Jen, and I held up our windshorts. "Never leave home without a form of pants." I chanted my motto and they laughed.

"Lasertag it is." Ike headed in the direction of the nearest one we could find, ready to see what happened on the date.

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